AeroTherm site survey

Installing AeroTherm

AeroTherm is a very effective wall and ceiling insulation, which is easily incorporated in to any redecoration works.

The installation process is often completed in 2 stages depending on the size of the area. Individual rooms will always take 2 separate days but larger works, such as a full building envelope, can easily be scaled up into a continuous programme, which can then be completed very efficiently. 

AeroTherm has been designed as a retrofit insulation which can be applied onto the existing surfaces in your home. The main requirement is that the walls are of a smooth solid substrate, such a painted plaster but a pre-installation site survey is often necessary to ensure the project conditions are suitable. Once any necessary wall and ceiling preparation works are completed, such as removing lining paper or smoothing over rough surfaces, then the AeroTherm application can proceed.


First stage

AeroTherm Installer-1

The first step is apply the AeroTherm Base Coat. This is a pre-mixed primer which has been specifically designed to incorporate the same binders as the AeroTherm paste to ensure a strong bond and a consistent drying process. The pre-mixed AeroTherm paste is then simply applied by a notched trowel and smoothed over to a consistent 1mm depth.

Second stage

AeroTherm Installer-2

In suitably warm, ventilated conditions the AeroTherm will be dry enough the following day for the surface to be lightly sanded. An element of fine filling will also usually be required to create the smooth white finish, which is comparable to any conventional plaster. The surface will now be warm to touch and once fully dry is ready for painting or wallpaper.

AeroTherm application process

The AeroTherm application process - A short demonstration:


AeroTherm Case Study: Rodley, West Yorkshire

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AeroTherm Installers

It is recommended that AeroTherm is installed by competent plasterers who understand how AeroTherm works and follow guidelines on how it should be applied. Aero-Therm Products can provide details of approved installers who have undertaken a recognised product and practical training course. The course provides the installer with all the key information to ensure that the product will be correctly applied with appropriate tools, meet the expected aesthetic requirements and allow the potential energy savings to be achieved. Once an installer has completed a training course and been quality checked by an AeroTherm supplier, then they will be registered with an approved status.

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