AeroTherm Post Installation

Decorating AeroTherm

Once the installation is complete, the finished AeroTherm surface will be like a smooth white plaster.

AeroTherm is unique in the way it incorporates it's advanced reflective technology into a plaster coating for internal walls and ceilings. Decorative finishes such as paint or wallpaper can then be applied over the AeroTherm, without impacting on the performance. This opens up a whole new form of insulation to the domestic home owner, where high energy savings can be achieved in a simple application. As it is only 1mm thick, it will also not impact on existing fixtures and fittings.

We recommend waiting two weeks to allow the product to fully dry before applying paint, a lining paper or a wall paper. This process can be shortened in optimum drying conditions.

For greater surface protection, we recommend applying a lining or wallpaper over the product. 

Download our customer care and decorating guidelines document here.

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