heat reflective coating

Infrared Heating and AeroTherm

Together, they form the most efficient method of heating for your home.

Infrared heating systems work by emitting certain wavelengths of radiant energy. These energy waves pass straight through the air until they hit an object. The waves then excite the molecules in the object and begin to warm it up. This process can also make you feel warm, even when the air around you may still be quite cold. As it is not having to warm the air up, then it can be the most efficient method of converting electricity into heat, for which we feel the benefit from.

AeroTherm is a new concept in insulation. It is applied as a 1mm thermo active coating to the interior surface of walls and ceilings. The hollow glass microspheres in AeroTherm have a high thermal reflectance and have been designed to focus on the particular wavelengths bands commonly found at room temperatures. It is therefore able to efficiently absorb, reflect and emit the radiant energy around the room.

When combined, there is great potential for maintaining a high thermal performance for your home, whilst using low amounts of energy.