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smart energy systems

Smart Energy Management Systems

AeroTherm is a new concept in house insulation and its responsive heat reflective coating can help maximise the performance of smart energy management systems.

Normally in solid wall houses, the cold external walls soak up the initial heat when the central heating system is turned on. You particularly notice this is you have been away for a few days in winter – it feels like it takes ages to feel warm again.  

Conventional insulation slows down the rate at which heat conducts through the external walls to the exterior of the building. AeroTherm works differently by providing a 1mm internal coating to walls and ceilings that rapidly absorbs, reflects and emits radiant heat back into the room. This allows it to be very effective at quickly adjusting to changes in the room temperature and maintaining a comfortable thermal balance.

As Smart Energy Management Systems,such as Google’s Nest, British Gas' Hive, PassivSystems and tado° improve the ability to finally tune the heating to when you really need it, AeroTherm helps allow these thermostats to perform to their maximum potential.

Around 60% of the energy consumed in the home is for central heating, so it is easy to see the savings you can achieve by using AeroTherm today!