Advantages No. 4

#AeroThermAdvantages No. 4 - AeroTherm’s ability to rapidly warm the surfaces of the walls in your room provides

the additional benefit of reducing condensation and mould growth. This is because the colder parts of your room, such as in the corners or around window reveals allow moisture from the air to condense together on the surface.

Without sufficient ventilation, this will often lead to mould growth, which then becomes an ever increasing problem until the spores are eradicated and the issue rectified. With Aero-Therm applied, the surfaces are rapidly heated and stay warm for longer.

This allows the whole room to have a more balanced warmer temperature.  Conditions for the moisture to settle on the surface are then practically eradicated in a lived-in environment, thus preventing the mould. Aero-Therm also has the advantage of pushing the dew point further back into the wall due to way it is able to absorb and then emit the heat, allowing a small proportion to penetrate the wall. This only helps to further prevent condensation on the surface.