mould problem

Mould Prevention Case Study

AeroTherm provides long term solution for mould problem property


Metropolitan are one of the UK’s leading providers of affordable housing with a large portfolio of 38,000 homes across London, the East of England and the East Midlands. They have over fifty years’ experience as a social landlord, working closely with their customers to ensure they manage their homes well and are committed to making long-term investments in the homes.

A recurring maintenance issue for Metropolitan is tenants that are being exposed to continued mould growth and the associated health risks that occur from it. The reasons are often complex but older properties, especially those with solid walls, are more prone to condensation problems, which may lead to mould growth. Beyond educating the tenants about best practice to heat and ventilate the property, it can be incredibly difficult to avoid mould recurring in these problem properties.

AeroTherm’s ability to rapidly absorb and emit radiant heat, allows it to continually balance the temperature differentials in the room, meaning that in a lived- in, heated property, it can provide warm surfaces with no cold spots and a more balanced wall to wall temperature. Therefore the conditions for mould spores to develop are all but eliminated.

Metropolitan therefore decided to apply AeroTherm to the internal building envelope of a 3 bed detached property in Derby, where health concerns had been raised for the family living there. The installation was completed within 2 weeks and as the works were completed room by room with minimal disruption, the tenants were able to remain within the property.

Post Installation

A site survey was carried out in January 2016 and the feedback received from the tenants and Metropolitan Housing was very positive, with the quality of the surface finish exceeding expectations.  Early indications show positive results in regard to AeroTherm’s ability to prevent mould growth, which will continue to be monitored by Metropolitan Housing. 

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