AeroTherm Product Launch

The AeroTherm Product Launch is currently being rolled out across the U.K. and Ireland.

The Yorkshire based company AeroTherm Products Ltd have formed relationships with several key companies to help enable the implementation of a nationwide network of trained installers.

AeroTherm is a revolutionary, new alternative to conventional thermal insulation materials and is fast gathering pace in the European insulation industry. It is of particular interest in the UK for the ‘hard-to-treat’ older type buildings, which are usually solid wall construction.

AeroTherm has been officially tested and certified under the International Laboratory Accreditation scheme (ILAC), which itself is an approved partner of UKAS (UK Accreditation Service). These tests confirm the significant potential energy savings that AeroTherm can provide.

Traditional thermal insulating materials work by trapping air  to reduce convection and conductive heat or cold transfer, however these materials are not effective in reducing radiant heat transfer, which is often the primary mode of transferring thermal energy between the inside and outside of a building.

In addition, in older styles of buildings that are constructed with solid rather than cavity walls, the use of conventional insulation materials creates a number of problems, either changing the exterior appearance of a building or reducing internal space and are associated with major disruption to the occupiers and high installation costs.

AeroTherm works on a completely different principle to conventional insulators, by not only reducing thermal losses caused by convection and conductivity but by also instantaneously reflecting any radiant energy back on itself at the speed of light.

Manufactured from a combination of vacuum filled, reflective glass micro-spheres and “Aerogel”, currently  the most effective thermal insulant ever produced. The combination of reflection and insulation out-performs the traditional insulation methods and produces a more comfortable living space at lower heating thermostat settings.

A coating of AeroTherm is only 1 mm thick and is applied using similar techniques to conventional plastering.See our installation video

AeroTherm is applied to the inside surface of a buildings’ exterior walls, ceilings or dormers  minimising any loss of interior space and with strong adhesive properties and a dried weight of only 150g /m2, it can be applied over existing paint, plaster or even straight on to plasterboard.

After application, AeroTherm can be painted or papered over  to produce any desired decorative  final finish.

In addition to its unique energy saving properties, AeroTherm eliminates the conditions where condensation and possible subsequent mould growth occurs.

AeroTherm is only to be installed by trained and accredited installers. To find out how to be come a trained and accredited installer, Please contact us for further information and forthcoming Training opportunities.

Once applied by an accredited installer, AeroTherm has a manufacturers 15 year guarantee.