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AeroTherm UK certification and accreditation

AeroTherm is a new innovative product that can achieve up to 30% energy savings. A bold statement, as it is only 1mm thick but AeroTherm works in a completely different wayto conventional insulation materials and has internationally recognised accreditation to prove it.

The performance of AeroTherm has been tested by the Technical and Test Institute for Construction in Prague (TZUS), one of the leading construction test centres in Europe.  TZUS is a member of The International Laboratory Accreditation Corporation (ILAC). This organisation was founded to provide a network of independent assessment centres which are recognised globally. The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) recognises the ILAC organisation and is also an ILAC partner.

This provides AeroTherm with the accreditation needed for acceptance within the UK market place.

In addition Aero-Therm has CE approval.

Test Results

In a controlled test, two identical buildings were constructed, which were then monitored to ensure they had near identical heat loss characteristics. The walls were built to a 0.29 U-Value, with the ceiling built to 0.18 U-Value. One was then treated with AeroTherm to the internal walls and ceiling.  AeroTherm demonstrated a number of significant energy savings:-

• The AeroTherm treated building warmed up from 15oC to 23oC 27% faster than the untreated building. (30 minutes compared to 41 minutes)

• After turning the heating off, a 3oC drop took almost twice as long in the AeroTherm treated building (57 minutes, compared to 30 minutes)

• The AeroTherm treated building showed a more balanced temperature throughout, reducing the difference in the room temperature range by 30C.(100C to 70C differential) 

• Over the duration of the test, the building treated with AeroTherm achieved average daily energy savings of 18%, with a minimum 12.5% daily saving.

As a consequence in a typical home environment the heat source can be switched on later and switched off sooner. The thermostat can also be lowered by up to 30C, whilst maintaining the same thermal comfort level. This equates to more than 30% energy savings in the AeroTherm treated building.