AeroTherm Testimonials

Heat reflective coatings that incorporate the latest available technology are a relatively new concept to the UK. Aero-Therm Products Ltd strongly believes that they will revolutionise how we improve the energy efficiency of homes and buildings.

AeroTherm, which absorbs, reflects and emits radiant heat in a ultra-thin 1mm layer, has proven in test conditions to provide up to 35% energy savings. The simple application method and impressive performance is continuing to impress customers and demonstrate why it’s time for a change. 

Here are a selection of some of the testimonials that we have received.

timber clad barn conversion

Gordon Howes, Suffolk

A really great product which we are very pleased with.  The whole Barn has a much more even temperature and really "cosy" feel throughout.

Our Barn is built on a brick plinth and is about 300 years old.  It was converted to a 4 bed double bed domestic property in 1987 and internally is around 3500 sq feet.  At the time the renovation the insulating material used was basically a three ply foil bubble wrap which is about 1.5cm thick, then clad in timber.  Inside was rendered with 1.5" of concrete/cement between beams.

Two years ago we decided that we would be staying in the property for a considerable period and rather than spend the money on moving, so we decided to improve the Barn.

After extensive research into modern insulation products we elected to use AeroTherm as it appeared to meet all our needs thermally and in addition it allowed us to keep the relief between the beams for a similar if not greater value than if we used conventional Celotex type material.

The key to using AeroTherm is to find a good plasterer that "is on board" with the product and appreciates that it is not plaster. AeroTherm does have a different consistency and application rate over plaster.  Once the plasterer has acquired the skill of plastering to a depth of around 1mm, then his speed of use is a lot quicker, we applied AeroTherm to all the external walls and upstairs ceilings.  Our plasterer also had to apply the product between all the beams.  There were also two walls of smallish proportions which had plaster board on and these were finished to a very high standard very quickly.

After the final finish I myself lightly sanded down all the walls and ceilings to ensure a smooth finish for painting.

Rooms completed: Kitchen, dining room, inner hall, lounge, stairway, upstairs hall, one bathroom, 4 bedrooms.

The result:  Once the AeroTherm had dried and was performing well, you could notice the difference straight away. The temperature through out the whole Barn was much more even, with no noticeable cold spots.  As a result we have removed a 2500W storage heater from our Dining room and main Lounge and removed completely the heating from the main bedroom.

During the winter we were able to turn down the storage heaters that we used, to their minimum value.  Upstairs, we only ever used one 2500W storage heater again on its trickle setting.

In our main Lounge we also have a log burner, we did not need to use the storage heater as the log burner warmed up the room from cold after not using it for several weeks much more efficiently. Once up to temperature the log burner only needed around three 12" Ash logs per night, which is about half the amount it used to use.

Regarding savings, clearly they are significant but our bills have been distorted due to a flooding downstairs and three months of 5 de-humidifiers running 24hrs a day!

A really great product which we are very pleased with.  The whole Barn has a much more even temperature and really "cosy" feel throughout.

  old barn timber beam insulation    original oak beam aerotherm       converted barn insulation   



Bay Window AeroTherm testimonial

Colin Senior, Leeds

The walls are definitely warmer!

I had AeroTherm applied to my converted attic room, which is only occasionally used for guests to stay over. When we do turn the heating on up there, it certainly seems to heat up quicker and generally feel warmer and more comfortable. The walls are definitely warmer!

AeroTherm Container label

John Burdon, North London

It has made a difference to the speed at which the rooms warm up and cool down.

We moved in to a 1930’s solid brick property in North London last year and have since carried out various renovation works. Part of these works was to install AeroTherm, using a locally trained installer, to the front reception and the main bedroom above it. Both of these rooms had 3 external walls and a bay window. 

We have now enjoyed the benefits of AeroTherm over the past winter and we are very pleased with it. It has made a difference to the speed at which the rooms warm up and cool down.



Sally Greensitt, Northumberland

The results have been remarkable

Prior to having AeroTherm applied to my walls, my large North facing kitchen was always chilly. The results have been remarkable. I noticed an immediate difference, no longer having to use additional heaters and oil radiators. I would highly recommend AeroTherm to improve the comfort level of any home.



Paul and Sandra, North Leeds

The chill that you normally feel walking into the room has gone

AeroTherm was installed in my lounge last week. The chill that you normally feel walking into the room has gone, and this is even before I have put the radiator back on the wall.


claire aeroTherm

Claire De la Haye, Derbyshire

Cold eliminated!

We opted for AeroTherm to help alleviate the searing cold penetrating our house walls and the resulting condensation and mould. We could instantly feel the difference, both to touch and when standing next to a wall: cold eliminated!


paul tolley, Aerotherm, Nottinghamshire

Paul Tolley, Nottinghamshire

I love the product, nothing can touch it!

   Having spent years searching at numerous Ecobuild Exhibitions, for an insulation product designed for solid wall homes, that didn’t ruin the appearance of a period property, I was fortunate to stumble upon AeroTherm.

To think that a product only 1mm thick, can perform at the level it does, for me really turns the rest of the traditional insulation market on its head.

I have to say unlike many products on the market that make bold claims, this product actually works!

Paul Blackwell  AeroTherm

Paul Blackwell, North Yorkshire

I'm almost looking forward to winter!

Living in a grade 2 listed property has it’s limitations when considering upgrading the thermal performance of the external walls – external insulation is out of the question, cavity fill of solid construction is not an option & internal dry-lining undesirable on account of disruption to skirtings/coving plus the inevitable loss of floor area. It was therefore with interest & anticipation that I decided to test the claims of AeroTherm insulation.

Having now had the external walls treated with a 1mm skim of AeroTherm & additional insulation/underfloor heating added to the concrete floor slab the comfort level has been noticeably improved. The heat-up time has been reduced considerably & the wall surfaces feel ‘warm’ to the touch – clearly reflecting the heat previously absorbed (& thus conducted to the outside) back into the room.

I’m almost looking forward to winter!


David Carmichael  AeroTherm

David Carmichael, Suffolk

The most appreciated effect was how noticeably warm the room was in the morning

   I needed to find a way of insulating the front aspect internal walls of my 1890’s Victorian Terrace House. Installing any form of dry-lining or cladding, to either the outside or inside was out of the question due to period features. I needed a product that was effective but also unobtrusive.

I discovered AeroTherm and was directed to the company’s website. After reading the very comprehensive information pages I decided Aero-Therm was the ideal product for my needs. I ordered a 12 litre tub which was delivered within 2 days.

Application was carried out by a plasterer. With a little practice an excellent finish was obtained. Full instructions are on the container and are well worth following. As soon as the Aero-Therm was dry an immediate effect could be felt. It was warm to touch, a vast difference to adjacent untreated walls. However, the most appreciated effect was how noticeably warm the room was in the morning, when no heating had been on since late the previous evening.

I would thoroughly recommend AeroTherm insulation and I intend to apply it to all the other walls in my home.

Richard Jefferies AeroTherm West Yorkshire

Richard Jefferies, West Yorkshire

The results were immediately apparent

We own an old farmhouse which we have fully renovated. The walls are solid stone and we have rendered these internally but experienced cold walls and heavy condensation, especially around the windows. In looking for a solution we came across AeroTherm and have initially trialled this around the windows. The results were immediately apparent in that the walls were much warmer to touch. We have now been through the winter and I am delighted to say that the condensation was eliminated, and we are now going to apply AeroTherm to the rest of the rooms as and when we decorate those rooms.

cat AeroTherm On tap

Cat Wiltshire, On Tap Communications

We've also noticed quite a reduction in noise and echo, which is very useful in a business context

   With offices located in a series of converted farm buildings on the Chatsworth Estate, we suffered with the inevitable cold of single-depth, stone walls. Our meeting room has three externally facing walls and a high ceiling, creating a constant chill-factor, so we decided to trial AeroTherm to make it more welcoming for our staff and clients. There is an obvious difference in terms of ambient warmth in the room and the feel of the walls.

We’ve also noticed quite a reduction in noise and echo, which is very useful in a business context.

Susan Barrow  AeroTherm

Susan Benson-Barrow, West Yorkshire

Updated Testimonial - "We have now spent the past two winters using the room and are still very pleased"

We had AeroTherm applied to a bedroom in September 2014. As it was a north facing room with 3 external sides, we were aware how cold it felt compared to other rooms in the house. We have now spent the past two winters using the room and are still very pleased, no longer thinking about the chilly conditions. Once you spend a little time in the room, it soon feels nice and warm. In fact, I often find myself leaving the bedroom door open.


Ice Energy logo

Andrew Sheldon, ICE Energy

AeroTherm was applied to a cold warehouse office at renewable technologies' company, ICE Energy

   We applied AeroTherm to our warehouse office that was always very cold in the winter. The room is now much easier to heat and has created a more comfortable working environment.