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House Insulation

AeroTherm for my home

AeroTherm is the easy way to warmer homes and smaller bills, with minimal space loss.

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AeroTherm Property improvements

AeroTherm for my property portfolio

The alternative to conventional insulation for social landlords and housing associations.

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AeroTherm Business Energy Saving Solution

AeroTherm for my business

The energy saving solution of choice for private business premises and public buildings.

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AeroTherm Industry

AeroTherm for industry

Talk to us about the various industrial applications and solutions that AeroTherm offers.

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A new innovative insulation product.

AeroTherm allows you to insulate a property with just a 1mm coating to your internal walls and ceilings. Unlike conventional insulation materials, AeroTherm does not change the appearance of your property or result in loss of internal space.

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internal insulation social housing


Transform the thermal performance of housing schemes and address fuel poverty.

warm solid wall house


AeroTherm reduces heating bills significantly

AeroTherm Sample Tile

see it 
in action

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internal wall insulation

Solid Wall 

AeroTherm can also be applied to any building.

 Industrial thin reflective coating


AeroTherm has multiple uses in industry.

AeroTherm Insulation

Keep comfortably warm in your home with just a 1mm coating to your internal walls and ceilings

Using innovative technology, the ultra-thin reflective plaster provides up to 35% energy savings in a simple application

The impressive performance of AeroTherm is due to using the latest developments in reflective technology to combine advanced materials such as aerogel and hollow glass microspheres into a 1mm thin internal wall insulation. The ultra-thin coating is able to quickly absorb and reflect radiant energy, balancing the heat distribution within the room and create a thermal barrier to heat loss from your home.  By creating warm walls and reduced cold spots, the conditions for condensation and mould are practically eliminated and you can enjoy long lasting wall to wall ‘thermal comfort’.

For owners of solid wall properties and hard-to-treat homes, including listed buildings, improving house insulation using conventional internal or external wall insulation has long been a complicated and expensive proposition. AeroTherm is the simple solution to these and many more properties and is quickly becoming the new way to retrofit insulation to your home.

For property portfolio managers, housing associations and business owners, keeping energy costs down and ensuring a comfortable, warm and healthy environment has always been an ongoing concern. AeroTherm is the cost effective way to improve conditions and reduce energy bills. The quick and simple application can be completed with minimal disruption to the occupants and will not impact on room space or any existing fixtures or fittings. 

Industrial processes are also taking advantage of this innovative technology and incorporating AeroTherm into a range of applications to increase energy efficiency.

AeroTherm - the revolutionary alternative to conventional insulation. 

What our customers say


AeroTherm Testimonials

Solid wall Insulation

Paul Tolley, 

I love the product, nothing can touch it!

Having spent years searching at numerous Ecobuild Exhibitions, for an insulation product designed for solid wall homes, that didn’t ruin the appearance of a period property, I was fortunate to stumble upon AeroTherm.
To think that a product only 1mm thick, can perform at the level it does, for me really turns the rest of the traditional insulation market on its head.

AeroTherm Testimonial

Claire De la Haye, 

Claire has a house that was not suitable for cavity wall insulation. AeroTherm made all the difference.

We opted for AeroTherm to help alleviate the searing cold penetrating our house walls and the resulting condensation and mould. We could instantly feel the difference, both to touch and when standing next to a wall: cold eliminated!

AeroTherm in 1 minute

A quick overview about AeroTherm

Our Aero-Therm Products team would happily spend hours talking to you about the benefits of AeroTherm and why we believe it will that will transform the way we insulate our homes. If you haven't got all day, then at least you can watch the video.

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New Animated Video

Aero-Therm Products have released a new video. A short animation explaining Aerotherm and the benefits it can provide. Please take a look

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