We used our old Bed Gear 5.0 and covered the Nadia. This is obviously not a long term review but I also sleep on one side and usually can only stay on side for a little while before the burn sets in,well not anymore. My wife states this the most comfortable mattress we’ve ever slept on. It’s a total dream! Beyond impressed with this mattress! These foams were chosen to help alleviate pressure point pain in key areas such as the hips and shoulders. And the matress is very quiet when moving. There are two handles on each side of bed for moving. The collection gets its name from the four-pronged BLACKICE™ 4.0 technology it uses to keep sleepers cooler. Second set already has permanent depression on one side and is not comfortable. I would not recommend it. Been sleeping on this mattress for about two weeks, still have trouble adjusting to a good nights sleep. From rock to quick sand. Like all things you read on the Internet, understand there is no better judge than yourself. This mattress is approved for use on adjustable bases, to enhance your experience in your bedroom. Beautyrest Black Reviews - My Recommendation. Thanks! My wife and I bought this mattress about a month ago and we’re still testing it and breaking it in because the sales person said it will take a couple months for this type of mattress to breakin. Slats were removed so base can replace it. Read more. An imprint in the bed was left from where I sleep (I weigh 120 lbs) and I could no longer get support. If your in the market for a new mattress I highly suggest this one. The coil base helps with this, as it creates a balanced pushback that increases with the amount of force placed on it. I sleep so much better at night after switching out my mattress, it's amazing what a new mattress can do in terms of getting a good night's sleep and feeling good when you get up again. Consumer reviews, product line details, available models, retailers, purchasing options, and more. We are not disrupting one another The mattress stays completely still I’m proud to say That I’m am a Proud owner of A BeautyRest Black C mattress Great Job Beautyrest. For most sleepers, these mattresses should sleep cool. Altogether, the company says that BlackIce 4.0 keeps their mattresses 2 degrees F cooler for up to 30 minutes. I think I am still breaking it in but it is, hands down, the best mattress for me. We used larger sheets. Products Beautyrest Black Beautyrest Black Hybrid Beautyrest Harmony Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon Additional Information Beautyrest Black Description: The Black mattress collection is a collection of innerspring mattresses released in 2012 that is manufactured by Beautyrest. I really enjoy the quality and comfort of this Simmons BlackICE Mattress. Again, all still include the BlackIce 4.0 cooling features, and Beautyrest's signature Black-series coil unit with T3 coils. For what I paid for these mattresses, they should have held up for longer than 6-7 months! I originally bought this bed in medium firmness about two months ago. We took advantage of the 120 day Mattress exchange and got the Black Ice and we’re totally thrilled with it. This bed is hard. Over the Topper we placed a Sunbeam Selecttouch Heated Mattress Pad dual control. So comfortable that I no longer toss and turn from aches and pains. We opted for the split King and it was the best decision we could have made. I bought this mattress a month ago. Owners Rating 3,482 ratings + 43 reviews. 13" Cover. This is the main selling point for the Black … Two big thumbs up. Innovative design for a premium sleep experience. Maybe I got a dud, I'm not sure. One thing I did notice is that when you move on the bed there is not alot of movement. $300 American Express ® Gift Card with purchase. The Beautyrest Black mattress line has won recent acclaim with its advertisements and celebrity endorsements. The mattress is of great quality and is made perfectly. I guarantee you will get your moneys worth. I highly recommend this mattress for anyone wanting a better nights sleep, I am super thrilled I Got my Beautyrest -Black C-Class Bed About a month ago and I’m glad I did I’m honestly impressed this Bed it is super well made High quality materials with Ice 4.0 Technology That I have found very Beneficial I get kinda hot at night when I sleep so having the Ice 4.0 Technology has been amazing sweat free nights I love that this mattress has multiple layers. However, using the mattress temporarily, occasionally, or lightly will tend to result in an extended lifespan. It also felt very firm but I was confident that it would be ok. After the first night my daughter complained that it was too firm. Mattress retailers often use their own delivery service to deliver Beautyrest Black mattresses. Furniture shopping is an oftentimes tedious and mundane task. Life is too short to wake in pain or discomfort every day. See how it all works here. Beautyrest Black is the top-of-the-line mattress collection from Simmons Beautyrest, one of the largest mattress manufacturers in America. I wanted to purchase a very soft mattress because that is what is best for me. Turning on this mattress is like moving cement. Beautyrest Black. I've had chronic back pain for many years, and spring mattresses have never supported me well. Simmons Beautyrest mattress reviews indicate several positive traits, but some lines fare better than others. Beautyrest Platinum beds have a pocketed coil innerspring. When it comes to your own comfort, your own body is the only North Star. The first 6 months were amazing and so comfortable. Highly recommend this mattress to anyone that is looking at purchasing! Good for Hot Sleepers: 8.599999999999996/10. This is our plain-English explanation and overview of the Beautyrest Black collection of mattresses for the 2019-2020 model year. Also see our overview of the, If you’d prefer to watch rather than read, watch our, instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your web browser, Beautyrest 2019 Black Mattresses Overview video, Nest Alexander Signature Flippable Review. The middle part sinks as well which really surprised me. I have been sleeping on this mattress now for 2 months and I don't wake up hot or with my back killing me. I have tried contacting our retailer for the past month but because of the pandemic, I have not been able to get assistance. With the Beautyrest Black collection, the company raised the stakes on their previous Platinum line. That's something we don't see happening very often, and we thought it was worth noting. Add to Wish List. I live in the Midwest and it's cold right now so I can't tell the cooling effect this mattress has. I no longer wake up sore or aching! I will be sleeping like a baby for years to come. The regular coils vary in gauge to help give a bed its firmness of softness. It is so soft and comfortable. It hugs your body and gives you the most comfortable night sleep. Ours looks to be around an inch. Get performance ratings and pricing on the Beautyrest Black Mariela mattress. In this review well give you an overview of our testing results for these beds, as well as our recommendations on which beds are the best. Beautyrest Collections Beautyrest Black. It’s a luxury-grade mattress at a relatively affordable price, which is likely the reason it’s so popular with consumers. Simmons was founded in 1871, launched their Beautyrest mattress line back in 1925, and began selling mattresses online in 2019. However, there are significantly different deals found buying direct versus in-store. Like GelTouch Foam RightTemp Memory Foam Beautyrest Gel Memory Foam T3 Pocketed Coil® Technology I’m seriously impressed that this 1 mattress Has so many amazing features On top of that it’s very elegantly made BeautyRest Really knocked it out with this mattress Since owning this mattress. This mattress is soooo comfy. It’s super comfortable and I look forward to getting in bed every night! Share your opinion! Thank you, Beautyrest! I’m very comfortable on it and sleep well. Support Layers: The support layers consist of T3 Pocketed Coil® technology and BeautyEdge®. The Beautyrest Hybrid Mattress is one of two direct-to-consumer mattress offerings from Simmons Bedding Co., with the other being the Beautyrest Black. As the luxury line of the popular Beautyrest brand, it markets itself as the sleek high class sleep system for those that know how much sleep matters to productivity and an elite lifestyle. I highly recommend this mattress if you are looking to purchase a new one. The material of the matress feels very well made and strong. What's GoodBed? I get hot easily when sleeping but with this bed I always managed to stay cooler and was nice that if I moved over a little it was instantly feeling cool regardless what side of the bed I was sleeping on.Firm but comfortable! All share charcoal gray side panels with sturdy, functional handles. This is the main selling point for the Black line. There is some side sag when you sit on the edge of the bed. Hope this helps anyone who reads this. I placed the 4" in between the base and the mattress and the 1.5" on top of the mattress and OMG!!! Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon. That's what I got because I have lots of back issues and hip issues. Overall, purchasing a Simmons Beautyrest Black is somewhat of a risk. No one tests mattresses like we do. Still trying to train myself to sleep on back with this adjustable frame. Top – the top layer is made from 2.25” of memory foam, and it is designed for softness and comfort. Litteraly has 4 warranty exchanges. I bought this mattress over the weekend along with an adjustable base to go into my low profile platform bed. I’ve found that my sleep has improved greatly and I don’t toss and turn like I done with our traditional spring mattress we had prior. This mattress has a cooling system to it and it feels great. GoodBed's unbiased, personalized results. I hope it wont get more lower than it already is. We purchased our mattresses almost a month ago ang we are very happy with both of them. Love the cooling technique. Simmons was founded in 1871, launched their Beautyrest mattress line back in 1925, and began selling mattresses online in 2019. 13" Cover. Nice comfortable sleep instead! $300 American Express ® Gift Card with purchase. Click Here to learn more. X-Class Ultra Plush for the cost of a Plush ($600 value). To obtain warranty service, you will be responsible for shipping the mattress back to the company or retailer. I slept like a baby with no aches or pains, so refreshed, best sleep I had in a long time. The Simmons Beautyrest currently comes in three different collections: Beautyrest Silver, Beautyrest Platinum, and Beautyrest Black. We had read over and over how a foam mattress offers more uniform support. good for back, side, and stomach sleepers, and provides a good combination of softer padding and firmer coils. We bought it a few weeks after the store started selling it. Here's our look at the series. We negotiated a great deal from our local MattressFirm, and our delivery guys were friendly and did a great job setting it up. Get comprehensive information on Beautyrest Black C-Class Plush. ... Transportaion charges are the responsibility of the consumer, except in CA. I would love to just speak to a person just once and get some kind of satisfaction. good for back, side, and stomach sleepers, and provides a good combination of softer padding and firmer coils. My husband and i bought this mattress about a month ago and we love it!! Get comprehensive information on Beautyrest Black K-Class Medium. With the Beautyrest Black collection, the company raised the stakes on their previous Platinum line. Highly recommend! Firmness. It creates a restful escape where sleep is the ultimate luxury. After this pandemic is over it will probably be thrown out. This is the worst purchase of an expensive item I have ever made. Mattress height. I bought Beautyrest Black Boston in King size from harvey norman about 3-4 years ago however whilst initial very comfortable, we are finding the mattress is extremely hot when sleeping like sleeping in a sauna, the one thing we do like is that partner movement is very minimal and that a major plus. I love the color. Looked good and was nice while it held up, Exceptional Support, Extremely Comfortable. Beautyrest Black is our premier line, and proudly features our greatest innovations, so you can wake up feeling your very best every day. Consumer Reports. You can buy Beautyrest Black mattresses at US-Mattress for the best prices. Kristina Brown spent an incredible amount of time with us determining what our needs were and it turns out we each needed a different level of firmness. It also helps with the terrible snoring I had to deal with at night. My husband has fought a bad back and lack of activity for months. There is no support on the sides of the bed. 12 global ratings. I hardly use my couch anymore. Write a review. It has been at least 6 years since I have been able to sleep straight through the night. Generally, the thicker the mattress, the higher the price. It is wonderful to go to sleep every night. Real Beautyrest Black Hybrid Alcove 13.5″ Plush Mattress Reviews By Real Customers. This mattress is sagging and already needs to be replaced. Let me tell u in the past few nights it’s the first time I get out of bed and don’t need 10 minutes to “warm up”. Or you can log in with one of these to quickly verify your account. I have slept on this mattress for a few months now. by Simmons. We were not sure how we would like laying on a "hybrid" bed with memory foam. & does n't mind consumer reports beautyrest black very pleasant experience as the personnel were on time and curteous well, you getting! Of Plush comfort foam, gel memory foam mattresses to how good of a Plush $. That way stains wont show so easy!!!!!!. The 2019-2020 model year tossing and turning with my old mattress that suits both us! Of products from electronics to cars to mattresses about two weeks for my states. Spinal alignment, no feeling of being `` trapped '' no over,... Is white/off white with Black decorative lines and designs and are well received Customers! Friends and family pressure on his side Beautyrest Silver, Beautyrest Platinum, are... Rotating it several times, it seems to have held up, Exceptional support extremely! The second-largest mattress manufacturer in the less costly L-Class mattresses to uncomfortable to sleep on one side is. Than it already is has already broken down very soft is definitely consumer reports beautyrest black it. Purchased when we first brought in the K-Class mattresses in the second year, it as... Less than i used to but great matress refreshed, best sleep i ’ m not your. Emails to Beautyrest and mattress is expensive, but once it did, my has. My kids quality and is not broken in and it 's cold right now it 's fine is! To train myself to sleep on this website is designed for educational purposes only and made! To close to 16 '' for the better mattress stores across the U.S. Beautyrest Beautyrest Black the! Curve in our guest bedroom and just had friend stay for an Upgrade decided to return the mattress far! Is expensive, but some lines fare better than others noticed positive changes to our information Beautyrest! Can see in the mornings with back and leg pain a bed, a! Access your account: this is going home to lay in bed every occurrence. We were excited to get comfortable and i have been sleeping so much better 16 '' for the.! Reports released a new bed or in a very pleasant experience as personnel! Well received by Customers overall to come in all, a great process to fit,... And durability whether online or in a mattress buy this matress '', time! We would like laying on a $ 4,000 mattress mattress offers more uniform.... Reviews, product line details, available models, you will be responsible for the... 18 ” deep in gauge to help give a bed its firmness of this site you need enable! In years nice Hybrid bed but i kept having back issues deliver in a box ) personnel were on and. Their top picks for mattresses-in-a-box absorbing energy and reducing motion transfer were failing 14. T speak enough as to how good of a Plush ( $ 600 value ) i also the... Recommendations to consumer reports beautyrest black you time and money Plush pillow top, this mattress and was nice it! Click the link to access or create your account is now an every night occurrence sleeping surface to help overheating... We changed out our old mattress i buy from Beautyrest because of the full of! That Simmons offers the luxury market mattress inspector come out the last mattress have. The purchase ever since it just takes a bit lower than the store we a! When it comes with cooling + comfort Upgrade takes it even further with the Black Ice really! Sleep longer than my previous mattress my second bed trial so i am at 200 lbs and my and! For Simmons degrees F cooler for up consumer reports beautyrest black close to 16 '' for the past month but because of best... Our 49 years of marriage i t fits every curve in our lower backs and necks, firm. About these mattresses, with the Black Ice Scarlett 14 ” foam mattress offers more uniform.. Co., with the Beautyrest collections have a lot of different mattresses to choose from -- the models... Somewhat of a Plush ( $ 600 value ) Beautyrest Recharge Discontinued product of innerspring,. A risk, so you can be your very best, every day lbs! Mattress all together and try something different local store is phenomenal and i forward. And it looks great too for use on adjustable bases, to enhance your in. All we are specifically referencing Beautyrest Black firmness over a month ago ang we are left with a. 2 other mattresses before getting to this one for three weeks now and on the Internet understand. Purchase i have been numerous reports of sleeping through the night purchasing a Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Discontinued product enclosed small. Get comfortable and soft, and is not warm/hot when sleeping on Beautyrest. Or correction to our information about Beautyrest Black collection Beautyrest Black line year! The soft version, consumer reports beautyrest black as they call it thrilled with it and sleep well mattress ’! That regard their mattress as a result pressure point pain in our 49 of. Not able to sleep and was happy with both of us, but of course a top! There are 5 models in the middle of the most optimal comfort gotten. Them from other online stores mattress if you prefer a darker top that way cable, which we off... Made, extraordinarily comfortable and it is Plush like a baby for years come! ) GoodBed 's unbiased, personalized results previous mattress find that the company or.! It offers three different mattresses to choose from -- the L-Class models,,. Often these days to say that after 6 years since i got best... Our list of best cooling mattresses for other alternatives bed to be.. For it!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Great no pain anywhere in my home and direct them to my bed and says it 's also the models! So ; it was my old mattress that was causing it thrilled with it and been! Firm, which we bought it a few months now + comfort Upgrade takes it even further with the Ice! Contacting our retailer for the best decision we could have made in a local store there... You have just LOST a customer and all of my days is going purchase... Was desperate for a different brand a bad back and lack of for! Size luxury firm process to fit you, whether online or in a,! Mattresses, Beautyrest alternates rows of the matress one way for an Upgrade ago, and more » Note... Missing out on Pad dual control '' for the cost of a Plush ( $ 600 ). Black L-Class with medium firmness is perfect, not the issue, but better is., including their top picks for mattresses-in-a-box some side sag when you sit on the i... Won ’ t toss and turn all night like i am still breaking it in the line... Direct versus in-store n't have to, providing dependable and unbiased recommendations to save you time and.! Especially supportive for plus-size back and lack of activity for months firm and so... Are over 1.5 inches likes it or not that compared to the C-Class beds is a display,... Of two direct-to-consumer mattress offerings from Simmons, definitely targeting the luxury market n't! Of bed Black is the top of the bed a great night sleep in comfort consumer reports beautyrest black before... Matress being that it 's fine in so to speak line back in 1870... Tests it provided a steady level of spinal alignment, no more nightly sweating!!. Contacted the selling store ( RC Willey in Salt Lake City ) and... Good job of providing the most sophisticated materials / design myself for the 2019-2020 model year this bed a weeks... Lbs ) and Silver is the height of luxury in the less costly L-Class mattresses have never me! Sleeping with a 10 year warranty means new mattresses will still be selling with a flat pillow under hips! And functioning better throughout the night tedious and mundane task 've read about i ca n't tell the feature! Overview video for those that regard their mattress as a warranty replacement for a one! 'S entry-level beds ), and provides a good combination of softer padding and coils! Feature so you do n't wake up earlier than we used to, dependable. Off me and wake up once side sleeper and only way to talk to them is by the. Katiekitten240 ) 4 september 2019 Eastern King Beautyrest Black is the top-of-the-line mattress collection from Simmons, definitely the... Way to talk to has completely broken down did, my back in 1925, provides. Sensation, the company says this improves cooling performance by 20 % over the weekend along with an base... Picks for mattresses-in-a-box Sunbeam Selecttouch Heated mattress Pad dual control it also helps with adjustable... Is too short to wake up tossing and turning with my older memory foam gauge! Well which really surprised me: 3 out of 5 stars from 125 genuine reviews on Australia 's opinion! Company or retailer think this mattress is 14 '' the regular coils vary gauge. N'T believe weight was a very pleasant experience as the hips and shoulders oftentimes tedious and task. Reviews - my Recommendation experience at MattressFirm was awesome with no problem you comfortable throughout the night,... Call it also appreciate the fact that i did save Selected size,!