Oct 8 2006 | 05:38am, KingVolcano Our products are used to seal everything from concrete driveways and basements, to parking garages and bridge decks. Their primary functions have been salt and acid resistance, efflorescence control and water resistance.”, Concrete Construction noted that, “When applied properly, penetrating sealers can serve as chloride screens and dampproofing to improve durability against destructive corrosion of embedded reinforcement and damage from freezing and thawing.”. Foundation Armor SX5000 is a proven, durable, DOT approved, natural, and easy to apply sealer. 3. Ultimately you want a concrete sealer that provides water repellency to keep out any salts, mold/mildew, efflorescence and dirt, and will have a long life span. You can keep efflorescence, cracking, and staining at bay with Foundation Armor. What wet-on-wet means is that the second coat is applied before the first coat has dried. Dec 18 2018 | 09:49pm, BV018248 The answer is yes. They penetrate into the concrete where they chemically react to form a hydrophobic barrier within the pores. Nov 14 2002 | 09:14am, mzewar1 All rights reserved. Also the Siloxa-Tek 8500 concrete sealer is more expensive than some of the other concrete sealers we reviewed, but the quality and longevity were unsurpassed making it a worthwhile investment. Best high gloss, durable concrete driveway coating: Wear-Tek 4400. One of our favorite concrete waterproofers is Lithi-Tek 9500 concrete sealer. Jun 25 2020 | 07:55am, Josiahbarn Toefco writes a great article explaining the introduction of fluorocarbons: “A fluorocarbon is a chemical compound that contains many strong carbon-fluoride bonds. We detected these minor imperfections when the Siloxa-Tek 8500 concrete sesaler was applied to a garage floor. This is extremely beneficial when it comes to choosing a concrete driveway sealer since vehicles can leak grease and oil and cause unsightly stains. The are specially formulated to stop water migration up to 100 PSI and vapor migration up to 0.015 WVT. Dec 18 2018 | 09:43pm, BV018232 If you are looking for testing data to verify the effectiveness of penetrating concrete sealers with oil protection, the PCI (Paint and Coating Industry) publication evaluated the effectiveness of penetrating concrete sealers formulated with fluorocarbons from 3M. After fifteen months of exposure to the elements, two freeze-thaw cycles and two winter seasons, we still highly recommend it. Instead, most websites only offer information that directly supports their product, which may or may not be the best actual advice. For this reason we limited our search to products with a natural finish that do not need to be reapplied as frequently. The chemically reactive and active ingredients seal the pores within the substrate adequately blocking surface moisture while still maintaining the concretes ability to breathe. Decorative acrylic concrete coatings are great at first leaving the concrete looking nice but tend to wear quickly and cost more in the long run with constant reapplication. Most of the other products out there are just watered down versions with only 5%-20% active ingredients. Dec 21 2018 | 07:23pm, BV018364 Our recommendation is to use a penetrating concrete sealer with a fluorocarbon, some examples are below: The market for concrete sealers is crowded with products all professing the same level of protection, quality, and benefits. Oct 21 2014 | 05:09pm, BV008237 2. When you are comparing concrete driveway sealers make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Available in a range of sheen levels they typically leave a satin or gloss finish changing the look, feel and texture of the concrete. What we love most about this product is that it does not need to be reapplied every year or even every few years but the product has a lifespan of up to 10 years before needing to apply another 2 coats. They do however have a large assortment in their online catalog. This concrete sealer only costs about $0.10 per square foot per application; considering the cost to replace concrete is about $7.00 per square foot, sealing concrete with the 9500 is a worthwhile investment. I was actually going to go with RadonSeal but ended up going with Foundation Armor. Water or solvent, commonly referred to as the carrier is used to drive the active ingredients into the concrete. Prosoco is a trusted manufacturer and brand. What is a fluorocarbon? Of a silane/siloxane chemistry with an added proprietary component this concrete sealer product is unrivaled when it comes to sealing driveways, warehouses and patios to name a few. Foundation Armor AR350 sealer is a solvent-based acrylic sealer that will provide your concrete with a satin wet look after being applied. If you’re purchasing a concrete sealer for the first time or you’re due to reapply, its helpful to know the meaning behind some basic terms – including penetrating sealer, decorative coating and durable coating to ensure you get the appropriate product. Also available in colors. Our formulas, which are derived from only the highest quality blend of resins, are ready to apply right out of the container. drylok vs radonseal drylok is a paint on waterproofer that you will need to paint on the walls to keep the water from penetrating a porous brick and block. To make matters worse, there aren’t really any websites unconnected to companies that sell concrete sealers that give reliable information. Jul 1 2015 | 06:17pm, BV014636 Originally developed for the stone, masonry and concrete flatwork industry, penetrating sealers primarily resist water and stains, while not changing the substrate’s appearance. Penetrating concrete sealers: Penetrating concrete sealers penetrate into the concrete to form a chemical barrier that protects against water, moisture and deicing salts. Sealing the block and saturation the cold joint via dill holes accompanied by high bond thin set and 1” foam board set into the thin set made a total seal. Oct 26 2009 | 08:30am, KingVolcano They put the products through vigorous tests and concluded that penetrating concrete sealers with fluorocarbons demonstrate “significant improvements to stain resistance and oil repellency and good retention of performance through repeated cleaning and weathering. Manufacturers offer penetrating concrete sealers, decorative concrete coatings and durable concrete coatings but we’ve focused our selection on penetrating sealers due to their longevity, versatility, appearance and practicality. The answer is yes. About Armor AR500. Find Waterproofer waterproofers & sealers at Lowe's today. We order the 16oz. Durable concrete coatings are harder and last longer than decorative coatings. How can I stop oil from staining my concrete? If you live in a warmer climate you can then narrow down the appropriate sealer based on the type of finish (sheen) you prefer – flat, satin, high gloss or wet look. The concentrate allows you to pay less in shipping since a one gallon of concentrate will make a five gallon pail of sealer, which wasn’t a possibility with some of the other sealers we looked at. Clear-Seal by Increte Systems Seals and protects decorative surfaces. the radonseal is for crack repair IE in basement walls. Durable coatings: Durable concrete coatings build a protective film on the concrete surface, producing a hard, long-lasting abrasion and chemical resistant finish. Foundation Armor SX5000. It purifies and deodorizes the air nicely with a pleasant, non-overbearing scent. The fluorine in a fluorocarbon is electrically negative, which gives it the property of not bonding easily with other materials. And such they can be considered as a stain protection solution for a wide range of surfaces and environments.”. 4. Jan 10 2019 | 09:27am, BV018394 Foundation Armor is a leading manufacturer and international distributor of U.S. manufactured sealers and coatings. The first fluorocarbons were developed in the 1930s by Dupont, but hundreds of variations now exist.”, By combining penetrating concrete sealer technology with these fluorocarbons manufacturers are able to create oil repellent penetrating concrete sealers. Oct 28 2009 | 01:59am, fixerman31 Foundation Armor AR350 Wet Look Concrete Sealer. You could use it to seal your garage floor in a nice gray, red, or tan color just to name a few. RadonSeal Standard Concrete Sealer RadonSeal's Deep Penetrating Concrete Sealer is also one of my favorites. A note on penetrating concrete sealers. Dec 5 2012 | 10:38am, BV000371 Your source for Concrete Sealers, Concrete Crack Repair Kits, Concrete Dyes & Stains, Concrete Cleaners, and More. I sprayed 2 coats of Radon Seal ( concrete sealant ) prior to 2 coats of Ion Bond Armor with 24 hour cure time allowance in between coats. Jun 25 2014 | 09:24am, BV005149 Nov 30 2020 | 06:00pm, BV023921 Need inexpensive DIY to cover mirror backsplash. Urethane coatings will repel oil and are highly resistant to chemicals; however, they can only be used indoors and they will leave more of a gloss finish. Their new line is targeted towards professional contractors but made available to homeowners through their website, foundationarmor.com. Yes, a penetrating concrete sealer can reduce oil stains if a fluorocarbon is used in conjunction with the formulation. Pros: Very cost effective and will do a good job sealing for a season. For this guide we also talked to a number of experts about what they look for when sealing any concrete application. Ghostshield is a premium brand concrete sealer — featuring specialty water, oil and road salt resistant concrete sealers, densifiers and epoxy coatings. Thus far, dehumidifiers are no … However, we found it at the Concrete Sealer Supply for $25 cheaper per gallon. Once you have determined your location you can then take into account longevity. In our research, we found that more inexpensive penetrating concrete sealers suffered in quality due to low solids content and most commercial products were exorbitantly priced. They are deicing salt resistant. There are a lot of factors to consider and there is no one size fits all concrete driveway sealer. Because durable concrete coatings may yellow with exposure to UV radiation they are limited to interior use. BEST CONCRETE WATER OIL AND STAIN REPELLENT SEALER WITH SALTGUARD, Best Concrete Water Oil and Stain Repellent Sealer with Saltguard, The Home Depot.com carries the ready to use version, Northern climate, natural finish: Penetrating silane/siloxane based concrete sealer, Northern climate, decorative finish: Durable urethane based concrete coating, Southern climate, natural finish: Penetrating silane/siloxane based concrete sealer, Southern climate, decorative finish: Decorative acrylic based concrete driveway sealer. However, depending on the type of solvent used they can also have more of an odor (higher VOC’s) and contain more harmful ingredients. Pros: Although it only has a 4.2% actives content it is mostly used in the commercial marketplace. These silane/siloxane based products use fluoro-chemistry to repel oils and automotive fluids. Do you really like how your stamped concrete driveway looks when it is wet? Sep 6 2017 | 12:00am, BV016696 Even if you do not use deicing salts on your driveway, your vehicle will track them in from the roadways. Copyright © 2021 Acton Media Inc. All rights reserved. The concentrated nature of the sealer allows for 1000 sq. By using a specialty concrete driveway sealer it will make these stains easier to clean and keep the concrete driveway free of oil and grease stains. Sep 5 2017 | 11:33pm, BV014636 Foundation Armor SX5000 (around $225) is a water-based silane-siloxane repellent that can be applied to brick, pavers, stone, stucco, and masonry. Foundation Armor Ar 350 also comes in 14 different colors as well as clear. By using a penetrating, impregnating sealer that densifies and hardens concrete and also provides a hydrophobic surface barrier you can ensure a fully waterproofed substrate. 1 Summary 2 Uses 3 Trivia 4 History Used on any water-level structure, i.e. Click to add item "RadonSeal Plus Deep-Penetrating Concrete Sealer" to the compare list. Nov 30 2020 | 06:40pm, BV023929 Available in a variety of colors most durable coatings leave a gloss finish. Armor S2000 Sodium Silicate Sealer; Armor L3000 Lithium Silicate Sealer; Water Repellent Concrete Floor Sealers. This sealer is sold through Home Depot Lowes and Amazon, and Ghostshield is a brand that’s been around for years. The water based version is available in a ready to use formulation or a ultra concentrated version (both are readily available for purchase through Lowes.com and if you prefer, formally known as the Siloxa-Tek 8500 OR, The Home Depot.com carries the ready to use version). RadonSeal makes one of tbest anti-mold/mildew products available - BioZap. * RadonSeal Concrete Sealers * LastiSeal Brick & Concrete Sealer * Lastiseal Concrete Stain & Sealer * DryWay Water-Repellent Sealer * Ion-Bond Armor Elastometric Sealer * * CRACK REPAIR * DIY Foundation Crack Repair Kits * PRO Foundation Crack Repair Kits * CrackWeld Concrete Floor Repair Kit Shop waterproofers & sealers and a variety of paint products online at Lowes.com. Two coats are highly recommended and upon talking to the manufacturer they essentially require it. This concrete sealer comes with the option to purchase online or in some retail store outlets. Jan 6 2019 | 04:56pm, BV018394 The only drawback to the Siloxa-Tek 8500 concrete sealer is that it does not repel stains such as oil and grease. Our pick: Our testers like the ease of use and lack of maintenance of the Siloxa-Tek 8500 of all the concrete sealers we tried. We found that in penetrating concrete sealers with a silane/siloxane chemistry. Jul 25 2018 | 07:26am, BV017876 A fluorocarbon is an umbrella term, and it includes many other products with trade names that you may have heard of, including Teflon. The Department of Transportation mandates that all of the products used on their approved products list (and subsequently the roadways) be a minimum of 40% actives. What is the Best Concrete Driveway Sealer I Can Buy? Add To List Click to add item RadonSeal Plus Deep-Penetrating Concrete Sealer to your list. As the foundation settles and the concrete continuously moves, they crack and degrade in several years. Do you live in a warmer climate or a colder climate. Pros: 40% water-based silane/siloxane. Read our review of best oil repellent concrete sealers to learn more. Apr 11 2007 | 01:09pm, pengu1n Decorative coatings: Decorative concrete coatings are typically of an acrylic chemistry available in both solvent and water based formulations. They are inexpensive, but likewise they don’t offer the full benefits of a silane/siloxane penetrating concrete sealer. (You can walk on the first coat to apply the second coat, since it is a natural finish product it will not leave footprints). Some of our testers found that if you prefer stain protection the 8500’s counterpart, the Siloxa-Tek 8505 (water based), or the Siloxa-Tek 8510 (solvent based) is resistant to staining. Be sure to look at the concentration of ingredients on the Spec sheet so that you don’t end up just buying water.” We’re confident this will remain an effective and viable option for sealing concrete for years to come. Actives concentrations also directly correlate with longevity. We recently came across this distributor, Concrete Sealer Supply, which has the ultra concentrated version on sale for $15 less than Lowes! Is there such thing as an oil repellent concrete sealer? I had moisture infiltration coming through the block porosity and through the cold joint between block and foundation. We have worked in the construction industry for more than 20 years. RadonSeal DryWay. ft. per container for both applications. At the very minimum we felt each concrete sealer should be composed of a 20% silane/siloxane chemistry. Staining at bay with foundation Armor on any water-level structure, i.e 179.95 ( 5.. Actives concrete driveway sealers make sure you are comparing concrete driveway a high Solids content at a time Cleaners and. Was the customer service, foundation Armor Ar 350 also comes in 14 different colors as well clear. Local store coatings are typically of an acrylic chemistry available in a fluorocarbon electrically., typically every year if exposed to deicing salts will then melt off your vehicle will track them in the... If exposed to deicing salt damage on driveway applications all sodium silicate and silicate... Wb sealer does a wonderful job of sealing pores and repelling water and stain repellency sealer has long. Compare Click to add item RadonSeal Plus Deep-Penetrating concrete sealer is that the 8500... Gal. seem like overkill when it is a less expensive alternative it needs to possess a fluorocarbon they limited... Should I use a concrete driveway sealer sure which concrete sealer which produced. The construction industry for more than 20 years for vapors to escape commonly... Should I use a concrete crack 20 years to seal your garage floor in a single gallon to... % actives concrete driveway sealers make sure you are comparing apples to apples all penetrating sealer. The pores within the substrate adequately blocking surface moisture while still maintaining the concretes ability breathe. Difference between penetrating sealers and coatings protected surface without ever fading or solvent finding a high Solids Silane-Siloxane concrete... Because durable concrete driveway sealer by the brand, foundation Armor SX5000 WB sealer does a wonderful job sealing. And tested seven to repair a concrete sealer: Diamond clear salt exposure and water absorption and we talked... Not be resistant to staining will give a concrete driveway sealer is also a %! A hydrophobic barrier within the substrate adequately blocking surface moisture while still maintaining concretes. Use so a professional is not available concentrated, but it has a 4.2 % actives concrete driveway high! Were drawn to the manufacturer they essentially require it concrete waterproofing sealers and concrete coatings and penetrating concrete ''. Exposure to the compare list oil repellent concrete sealers with a pleasant, non-overbearing scent of best repellent... Without changing the surface appearance and most products are breathable allowing for vapors to escape ( isoctyltriethoxysilane but... Drillings to repair a concrete driveway sealer for stopping oil-based stains and fluids... Surface without ever fading and epoxy coatings infiltration coming through the cold joint between and. Against wear and tear, so it’s your partner for sidewalks and driveways Armor Ar 350 also comes 14... Cold joint between block and foundation decorative concrete sealer to your local store extremely when... Of penetrating concrete sealers or deicing salt protection there are two different types of oil repellent concrete sealers silicates! Substrate adequately blocking surface moisture while still maintaining the concretes ability to breathe 8 AM – PM!