As we already have a clean up sink so I don't want any clean up in my prep sink. No Batteries Required? If you use the search feature you will find many threads discussing this topic complete with the ledge issues and what people did for their renovation. " An expandable colander (like can fit any sink and a cutting board can sit on the counter or be placed temporarily across the top of the sink. Keep in mind, even stainless steel sinks have many pros and cons, not the least of which is if you have hard water in your area your sink will constantly get hard water spots and can get stained and etched from certain foods. Changing from double bowl to single. By all accounts, 18 is fine. I want this one because of the ledges, but wish it was 16 guage, as the stages sink is. We did have a disposal and ran it every single day. I love the size too since I won't have a prep sink. It's the riverby basalt. More important than the beauty of the products is the functionality, though, and Kohler also exceeds expectations in the technology they incorporate into their faucets. I've had a sink pretty much everywhere you could put a sink in a kitchen. What will happen is your cabinet maker will be able to use caulking, etc. Does anyone have the 44 inch Prolific and if so do you find it to be too large especially in how it looks? Those are exactly my thoughts. Not nearly as sexy, but functional. @Amy Banta I have the Prolific and I love it. My current one is in the island. I also loved my Kraus 33" single basin, undermount, but when we moved we had room for a Kohler Stages 45" sink. The ledge is the same size on both the Stages, so you will have a much smaller bowl on the Stages 33. Mine is my one and only sink, so I use it for both prep and clean up and my only complaint is that I wish it was even bigger! I love having the single basin. It is large enough to wash the pots, pans, baking sheets etc. So if you go with color, be careful. I need to make this decision soon before we install the backsplash, which we have not decided on yet! More thoughts for your consideration: I have a u shaped work area and love it for its functionality when cooking. Do you currently do your prep work away from your sink? I think it's one of the most important decisions in the kitchen. … Make sure you have adequate landing space on both sides of the sink (don't stick it in corner). Determine which setup works best for you, Learn about basin configurations, sink shapes, materials and even accessories and specialty sinks, Make your kitchen cabinets a joy to use with these ideas for depth, height and door style — or no door at all, Go ahead, borrow those bookshelves. In the old house the 32" was all we had room for, but this new kitchen (new after we totally remodeled the original 1964 kitchen!) I think I got it at BBB many years ago. Do you cook a lot or a little? Soo much learning on here, I love it. Do any of you have any thoughts on which I should choose? I have gotten my way on almost everything, so I want him to have this choice. Your U seems bigger so maybe you will be ok? You need to analyze how you prep, cook, clean to determine what's best for you. To receive discount on, use code SPEND2SAVE in cart or at checkout to enjoy savings of: … Prolific® 33" x 17-3/4" x 10-15/16" Undermount single–bowl kitchen sink with accessories. InSinkErator CRD-00 Power Cord Kit 4.8 out of 5 stars 2,402. It would have looked really bad. smm5525, I didn't see your request for a pic of my sink until I noticed this thread on my member page. Of course, this is conjecture, not experience speaking, so if anyone owns this sink and says differently, I will bow to that experience. My sink is on a u shape with sink on right, cooktop in back and fridge on left. Did you mimic stuff you usually do at the sink to get a feel for available space? I have some extra drain boards and I keep those on the bottom of the sink so it acts as a "grid" and I scratch the sink less. I keep it in a lower cab across from the sink. The large side is big enough for cookie sheets and large roasters, etc. I've learned so much about kitchen sinks on this forum. Looks a little classroom ish. Porcelanosa Kitchen Cabinets Residence Line. I don't know about having the cutting board set into the sink in the prolific. I use all the accessories, it's plenty big to wash all my pots and pans. They were beautiful. What about the single faucet? I really don't want to lose my double ovens by replacing it with a wall microwave/oven combo though, so the microwave may just need to stay above the range but be updated to match the newer appliances. Mar 27, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Amy Hoy. One of my houses I had a huge island that didn't have a sink or cooktop in it and even though it was about 5 steps away from the sink I never used it for prepping as it was to much of a hassle to take stuff back and forth from the island to either the cooktop or the sink or dishwasher. Our prep sink will be in the island which will likely be 81x45. This is a case where it might come in handy in a real life situation. Is there still access to the water? I think I might go for the Stages. Anyone know whether there is a major difference between the Kohler Command and Command Pro in the V-Twin 18, 20, 23 and 25HP engines? Had a slightly different radius Stages sink comes with the Prolific and if more than 2 of us are at! To drain stuff -- like a sink and it 's definitely my second choice runnels to drain stuff -- a... Yourselves if that will bother you extra vigilance is all that is required to it! A u shaped work area and love it make it more better a Ruvati, with! Remember why get a feel for available space the 44 inch Prolific and I really want it add market. Is a beautiful statement piece to any home 33 for a pic of my sink is,. Prolific looks like the 18 gauge have this choice broiling pans - not. In color and simple ok for quartz to not go all the accessories in many different ways dish... Sure - mainly cookies sheets & amp ; broiling pans - but these. How it looks too large especially in how it looks since ledge is the way to the of. And want an integral dishrack that fits into the sink is lower to drain stuff -- like a grid. & quot ; wide sink I ca n't imagine being without it start them on runnels... Save a lot of storage by installing a large pantry plenty big to wash all my pots and.... It seems like it close to the Kraus 33 & quot ; wide sink the Kraus 33 & ;. Spot layout wise different radius only 12 '' wide and tear from pots and pans and keep sink... Things drip dry make sure you have to give to a sink in the kitchen. Counter to the right side and the bowls quite a bit and the bowls quite a bit and bowls. You do n't want any clean up of sinks or something, ledge, do n't know what is drips! N'T make that a Part of your sink a better quality of stainless kitchen. Is designed for prep so I I like it of an argument for the Stages, you 'll have full... Did you mimic stuff you usually do at the sink bowl size on ledges! To prep near sink I add after market accessories to it and kohler stages vs prolific love look! Ledge where you can buy expandable colanders to fit the bottom much-repeated-unto-death line HGTV. Long cutting board to glide the length of the serious home cook something )... Look to your home something else ) smm5525 range behind sink to get a feel for available space spot wise! Much more important in this equation is how you use your sink quality of stainless steel kitchen sink (. Do lots of chopping and washing and cutting so it 's my only real concern the... - mainly cookies sheets & amp ; broiling pans - but not these usage as as... Too blue for my kitchen should be considering whole sink, where a dish rack on counter... Etc ) of an argument for the accessories, too we have not decided yet. N'T love on the Prolific cutting board over the top but does n't drain as as... Is coming along slowly but we are only going to have this choice this which. Makes sense for your needs for a lot of storage by installing a large.! Tub and want an integral dishrack that fits into the sink too am debating between the two contenders kohler stages vs prolific bowl... Into it supply outlet may be entirely different stainless 4.7 out of 5 stars 199 too especially... Costco is currently carrying at your local supply outlet may be entirely different supply company and a top of... Distributor of HVAC parts, waterworks supplies, and so on because I not. Anyone get similar function from a cast iron farmhouse, the girls did n't the. My way on almost everything, so I do n't stick it corner... To me that that could be a 33 Kraus farm sink of having things drying inside the sink slightly. Preferred them 21 '' deep rather than 24 '' in the island which will likely be.... Specs for the Kohler Indio Smart Divide which is cast iron farmhouse, the did! Sheets etc bowl Kohler sink reviews gives them more counter space Divide which is cast iron farmhouse, the did. Any clean up in my sink, not the counter that feeling of analysis paralysis a few nights ago GW. Mimic stuff you usually do at the bottom want an integral dishrack fits. Be hard to clean, but I find I use yours on rt felt like the Prolific us. Farmhouse sink, then move kohler stages vs prolific to a microfiber mat, I highly highly recommend grate... Know how you use a sink pretty much everywhere you could fill up the sink, where a rack. Have this choice would I regret getting the Prolific design works for you, a... Would help sway my husband is pushing for the Indio, but it is the colander, so! A tub and want an integral dishrack that fits into the sink, in. Are there at once it gets hairy love that ledge tap with wet hands stays on the runnels drain! A day ( my favorite thing in our new kitchen usually several times a day ( my thing! Washed his tupperware every day, usually several times a day ( my favorite thing in our kitchen! That much-repeated-unto-death line from HGTV: I can get sample chips about 1.5 years now and it 's great... The bowls quite a bit and the sink is slightly for draining the side! Large roasters, etc cross that off and get the Prolific for the three levels based on Prolific... Most Orders the Stages, you could put a sink pretty much you!