American Standard claims their furnaces are manufactured in Tyler, Texas, as well as five other plants within the United States. Reduces moisture in the home, particularly in warmer months, Fan setting that enables the blower to slowly ramp up as the compressor loads the coil, leading to the aforementioned, Claims to reduce noise and improve efficiency, If a series has an ‘S’ in the name, it is equipped with the Vortica II, “I’m partial to Trane (American Standard) over Lennox. In the early 2000’s we sold Goodman products which at the time had the longest parts warranties, was the worlds largest privately held HVAC manufacturer, and their products were made in Tennessee and Texas. It makes products under the Trane and American Standard brand names. Any one who tells you your unit is made in USA is a LIAR... All units are made else where mostly Mexico and some are assembled in usa after all part are shipped to usa plant. Heat pumps and condensing units are made at the Colliersville,Tenn., facility. Read Reviews of Other American Standard Products, Find ratings and reviews for American Standard Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps and more. They’re put together by the same people & machines, on the same conveyer belts, right next to each other. © 2021 - a Red Ventures Company. Strong Points. Furnaces with high AFUEs but poorly installed can be outperformed by units with a lower rating. At this stage, the best contractors and consumers can hope for is that the products have very few international parts, and high quality control over all parts. I understand that I am providing this consent even if my telephone number is currently listed on a federal, state, internal Do-Not-Call list. Learn more about your home's heating and cooling system with our guides, how-to's, FAQ's, tips and more. American Standard engineers are still making innovations, while most of the other brands have been struggling the last few years with the “big secret” about Copeland Compressor sludge problems(due to outsourcing), we have enjoyed the same trouble free compressors that we have made in-house, since American Standard and Trane are the only companies that still make our own compressors. These basic American Standard furnaces have silicon carbide igniters and several burners, which contribute to their AFUE of 80. But our factory workers (and all consumers) don't want to pay for an American made product. ... All their models are made out of India and are imported. Category » Direct Vent Wall Furnaces » Electric Heaters » Floor Furnaces » Forced Air Heaters » Garage Heaters » Greenhouse Heaters » High Altitude Gas Furnaces » High Efficiency Furnaces » Infrared & Tube Heaters » Portable Heaters » Room Heaters » Vent Free Heaters » Thermostats & Controls See ratings and reviews for the best in furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, boilers and more. The Platinum series are high end units, the Gold series are midrange units, and the Silver furnaces are the bottom tier. In my experience, Trane gas furnaces are easier to work on than Lennox and I’ve seen very little issues with them.”, When choosing American Standard over Frigidaire, one called it a, “no brainer”. Purchase your faucet from American Standard Opt-in during the Checkout Process for more info on installation by TaskRabbit. Trane invented a low-pressure heating system called the Trane Vapor Heating System, and the company began manufacturing operations in 1910. Trane employs more than 29,000 people at 104 manufacturing locations in 28 countries, and has annual sales of … Trane Furnaces. We are sad that Carrier & Bryant won’t be Made in the U.S.A. American Standard Furnace/Heat Pump – Rebates, INDIANAPOLIS heating & air conditioning/hvac. Ready to get a quote from an HVAC contractor? The warranty is, however, better on the Platinum and Gold series. This capacity can be activated on particularly cold days, but does not run in milder weather. Its AFUE is 95. American Standard claims their furnaces are manufactured in Tyler, Texas, as well as five other plants within the United States. As an American I think honest competition is a necessary element for capitalism. It comes with an AccuLink® interface for interactions with humans. This is a separate unit, which is an air cleaning system that is added on. Far as I know everything else is American made out of foreign components. All this makes you think Ross Perot was right when he talked about a “sucking sound” taking all of our jobs away. American Standard furnaces are offered in three tiers. Baptist Heating & Air Inc & American Standard At Baptist Heating & Air, we have always been very concerned about where our products have been made. Carrier Furnaces. By working smarter, not harder, American Standard high-efficiency furnaces with features like their variable-speed 'Vortica' blowers are tailored to use just the right amount of energy to keep your home comfortable. These days, 95% AFUE is a common rating among new gas-powered furnaces. When you maintain a furnace properly, fuel costs stay more manageable. By entering your phone number and clicking the "Submit" button below, I agree to the following:'s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. American Standard Platinum Series Platinum ZV Furnace. For decades, American Standard has offered a range of furnaces that deliver dependable heating and energy-efficient performance. However, selecting a gas or oil furnace isn’t a one-size-fits-all decision. The Indianapolis location manufactures residential and commercial furnaces. American Standard and Trane are owned by parent company, Ingersoll-Rand, which has … Check for vent blockage. Nevertheless, they ranked eighth on our list of the top 10 furnace brands. This arrangement creates a fresher indoor environment, though it will increase the energy cost of operation. Prices on the American Standard furnace will vary from location to location. However, that changed when they decided to go public with their stock, and the first change that we noticed, was the removal of domestic parts, then the quality of them at Amana went down. Again, I’ve seen it myself multiple times. Platinum ZV. 2 You'll get an email from us about our partnership with TaskRabbit Click the link in the email to schedule a Tasker. This compares to HEPA filters, which provide up to 99.99% cleaner air, but go down generally to .3 microns. A local specialist will contact you shortly. We have no bias towards or against any particular brand of heating and cooling equipment. Haven't seen a US made motor in some time. Most HVAC manufacturers in the last 10 years have moved some or all of their production to Mexico, and have started sourcing parts from all over the world. “American Standard & Trane are great. Some features of American Standard furnaces we will cover include the aforementioned AccuClean ™, AccuLink ™ , Comfort R ™ , and Vortica II ™ . Where are American Standard air conditioners manufactured? Now a big vacuum of jobs will take place in our city, with many people losing their jobs. I am providing my prior express written consent to share my information with's, Networx and, and Networx’s authorized parties calling on their behalf, to deliver calls or text messages to my phone number provided above, for the purpose of home improvement requests & contractor bids, using an automated telephone dialing system or an artificial or prerecorded voice. American Standard HVAC Series. So a 95% furnace is … Have a technician service your furnace on an annual basis. It uses sophisticated systems to monitor itself and its environment in order to transfer heat in the most efficient way possible. The Ultimate models also use the AccuClean®, which filters particles (such as allergens and pollutants) out of the air. American Standard Furnaces. The Gold ZM is a variable-stage furnace, which increases this efficiency further by adding a range of options for operating level. Brands and advertisers cannot pay to influence what we write about them. American Standard furnaces units are one of the most reliable brands in the business. Now at this stage, I believe that every HVAC manufacturer has some “international” parts inside their products. If it's a emerson copland compressor it's made in Mexico. American Standard claims their technology provides up to 99.98% cleaner air down to .1 microns of allergens. They have multi-speed blowers and vents, which are necessary to pass air through the furnace. A standard efficiency furnace provides 80% annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE). Lennox Merit models and comparable Ducane, Aire Flo & Concord units and as mentioned, Rheem/Ruud. Their quality is quite good in general. One of these furnaces operates on oil. Key aspects: 95% AFUE; The Platinum Series furnaces, and some of the Gold furnaces, can help homeowners to qualify for a tax credit, as stipulated in the Middle Class Tax Relief Act. It is compatible with all American Standard furnaces. In this type of furnace, 20% of the energy produced by natural gas is expelled as exhaust. Each come equipped with features that differentiate the systems. The single-stage gas furnaces range from 80 to 95 percent AFUE, with only one of the models qualifying for an Energy Star rating. Nexia is a 3rd party home monitoring system, with which a number of American Standard and Trane thermostats are compatible. American Standard is known for quality, efficiency, and reliability, and one of the particular benefits of installing an American Standard is that almost every HVAC contractor has worked on one, so getting them repaired or installed is very easy. Trane and American Standard are the same air conditioning company. At Baptist Heating & Air, we have always been very concerned about where our products have been made. American Standard furnaces may be Platinum, Gold or Silver. I understand that I do not have to agree to receive these types of calls or text messages as a condition for purchasing any goods or services. These manufacturers have had their own share of problems (for example, Bryant/Carrier furnaces used to have issues with failed heat exchangers; Trane/American Standard have had problems with circuit boards), but in general these manufacturers, while not perfect, are the brands with the lowest likelihood of giving you ongoing problems. What Types of Furnaces Does This Company Make? Additionally, the modulation of … American Standard Gas Furnace Prices. Other brands may run quieter, such as Frigidaire, One notes the warranty isn’t as strong as competitor Daikin (owner of Goodman). Trane also makes a superb furnace, although, to be honest, I like their products better in the commercial sector. The two-stage gas furnaces range from 80 to 97 percent AFUE. We will be praying for the local families that will be affected. American Standard Companies, Inc. was a global manufacturer of plumbing, heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and services, bath and kitchen products and vehicle control systems. Get used to it, our factory workers want $15-20 an hour. As such, both Trane and American Standard offer line of nearly identical HVAC products. See who made our list of the best Furnaces of 2021. Amana Gas Furnace Units. American Standard acquired the Trane Heating and Air Conditioning company back in 1984, and has since broken up its various divisions in 2007, but kept the Trane air conditioner name. With the recent announcement that Carrier & Bryant won’t be Made in the U.S.A. because they are moving their manufacturing from Indianapolis, Indiana to Mexico over the next few years, everyone seems to have an opinion from the man on the street, all the way up to Donald Trump. “The nicer bells and whistles systems are more complicated, and may be more difficult to set up initially,” a contractor said of the higher end products. Not only are both brands manufactured in the same facility (in Tyler, Texas), they go down the same assembly line. The heat exchanger is made from aluminum. Mexicans want a fraction of that. The top-of-the-line model is the Platinum ZV. They come with a setup option that allows the user to input only outside air. American Standard has a top of the line gas furnace that modulates from 40 percent to 100 percent. Bryant Furnaces. Gold models have lifetime warranties on their heat exchangers and five-year parts warranties. Expect the technician to replace the unit’s air filter, vacuum out blower and burner compartments, and also check for drainage. There are six models within this category. As a brand they are known for having extremely reliable HVAC systems. Where are American Standard furnaces made? The most efficient model is the Platinum 95, with an AFUE of 97.3%. By the way 17000 for a Lennox unless it was a 17 ton unit is a RIP off. American Standard home furnaces are designed to help keep your home warm and cozy during the colder seasons. American Standard and Trane are owned by parent company, Ingersoll-Rand, which has its global headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. As either a Democrat, or Republican it is sad for all of us to see jobs go south, and we all prefer products made in the U.S.A., Right? American Standard, at a glance . American Standard Platinum Series: This is the top of the line series. Each furnace is built with efficiency and reliability in mind so that you and your family can enjoy consistent warmth and long-lasting comfort. Piscataway, New Jersey, U.S. American Standard Companies, Inc. was a global manufacturer of plumbing, heating, ventilating and air conditioning ( HVAC ) systems and services, bath and kitchen products and vehicle control systems. Trane continued to invent new and improved heating technology, including a new large-building air conditioning system in 1931. It is a proud legacy that has made American Standard one of the most trusted brands in the industry. Cost range: The cost of Trane furnaces and American Standard furnaces ranges from about $2,400 to $8,500 installed. The main differences are Platinum comes with more features, such as AccuLink – the ability to remotely control a programmable thermostat. The Platinum models come with ten-year parts warranties, along with lifetime warranties for their heat exchangers. Cons: American Standard and Trane gas furnaces are more expensive than most, but they can be expected to last for 20 years when properly maintained. We are saddened that production of our major competitor is going to leave our country, even, our state. One of them is a single-stage furnace, like those in the silver series. The company gets far fewer repair calls for … American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning. This flexibility saves energy for the system. American Standard split systems are divided into three separate lines. All Gold models have a steel secondary heat exchanger, which harnesses a small amount of additional energy. A global company, Trane's international headquarters are in Swords, Ireland. Contact a top-rated local expert to help with all of your home's HVAC needs. More on American Standard furnaces: American Standard Furnaces; 8. Just because it’s Platinum, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s more efficient and will save you more money, simply it has more convenience features. Silver models have the same five-year parts warranty, and twenty-year warranties for their heat exchangers. Their gas heaters are produced in Fort Smith, Arkansas. These days American Standard has 10 year parts warranties on their products, they still assemble in the U.S.A., and we still make most of our parts! The efficiency of the furnaces, heat pumps and ACs is very high – all units are Energy Star qualified. The Silver Series corresponds to the lowest expense, efficiency, and comfort. Let us know what type of service you need and we can connect you with a certified local HVAC contractor. It offers modulating heating for more precise temperature control, as well as remote programming and monitoring, humidity reduction and a variable-speed blower motor. It has approximately the same energy efficiency as its brothers. Residential and commercial condensing and package units come from Tyler,Texas. If you’re browsing residential furnaces, read on to learn more about American Standard furnaces. Both Trane and American Standard are manufactured in the same facility. American Standard Gas Furnace Reviews - American Standard gas furnaces ranges in efficiency ratings from 80% up to 97.3% AFUE. For more than 140 years, American Standard has led the way in developing innovative bath and kitchen products that have set and re-set the standards for living healthy, living responsibly and living beautifully. 317-782-1900. Each facility specializes in a particular aspect of the Carrier heating and cooling systems. Rheem, Daikin (Goodman & Amana), Trane/American Standard and soon Johnson Controls are foreign owned companies. It offers modulated and two-stage heating with variable-speed blowers. American Standard furnaces can cost anywhere from $2,494 to $4,375 to install depending on the size and AFUE ratings needed for your home. Nortek ( the appliance brands) have moved south. Here are some general prices on the current models available. These units contain, in addition to air filtration, the Comfort-R® system for controlling humidity. Many homeowners clean and / or replace their own furnace filters. What Do American Standard Furnaces Cost? As you can see, whether it’s a Platinum, Gold, or Silver series, you can get nearly the same efficiencies, depending on which furnace you buy. There are also two furnaces which are not assigned a Platinum, Gold, or Silver series. If you’ve checked all of the above, see if any debris – snow, ice, weeds or grass – are blocking your furnace venting. American Standard has several gas furnaces that operate above 80 percent energy efficiency. Thank you for choosing an Certified Contractor. We answer homeowner questions about their filters here. Popular gas Furnace Manufacturers American Standard and Trane furnaces are very popular in the North American market, and they have very high-efficient models. Locate your American Standard furnace manual and check for troubleshooting tips unique to your model of furnace. With that in mind, here is what you should know about American Standard furnaces. Rheem itself is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with a few plants inside the United States. These are the things that drove us to sell American Standard, so in 2012 we completely switched over to the best brand. Everything you need on American Standard Furnaces, including model details, industry rankings and customer reviews, all in one place. Since 2002 our job has been to provide information, reviews and commentaries on equipment, not to tell you to buy one brand over another. Here are a few documents from 2012 showing models of our American Standard Condensers, Heat Pumps, Air Handlers, furnaces, roof top units, and furnaces that are made in the U.S.A.  Additionally, we have over 50 other products that we procure specifically because they are made in America. American Standard Companies, a former global manufacturer, predecessor of Trane; American Standard Insurance Company, a subsidiary of American Family Insurance; American Standard, a brand of plumbing fixtures made by American Standard Brands; American Standard, a brand of HVAC equipment made by Trane; American Standard, a line of guitars made by Fender Musical … How much does Rheem Cost? I understand that instead of providing this consent, I may call 855-335-1188 to receive my offer. The price for a replacement American Standard gas furnace can range from $2,494 to $4,375 in total installation costs.If you wanted to install a mid tier unit such as the American Standard Silver 80H model gas furnace with an 80% AFUE rating you could expect to pay $2,524 in installation costs. Usually top of the Consumer Reports reliability ratings,” one expert said. Brands and companies. No company is perfect, but I’m glad that our product is still Made in America. If you would like more information don’t hesitate to give us a call. York has a big factory south of the border, not sure what all is made there. Furnaces. Rheem / Ruud has for example been slowly moving production from Fort Smith, Arkansas to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, with all of their air conditioner and heat pump production now gone. American Standard manufactures and markets central furnaces that are available in single and multistage configurations, with some models capable of an AFUE rating of more than 90 percent. The gold series contains four models, ranging in AFUE from 80 to 95. Two are variable stage furnaces, which means they have extra capacity stored in a separate unit. Home / Manufacturers / American-Standard / Furnaces. So does Carrier, Rheem, Trane & Lennox. The Platinum Series is the most efficient and expensive. According to American Standard, this system has the power to clean 99.98% of the air in a house. They have lots of insulation and run quietly. In the early 2000’s we sold Goodman products which at the time had the longest parts warranties, was the worlds largest privately held HVAC manufacturer, and their products were made in Tennessee and Texas. The national average price of Rheem ranges from $3,500 – $5,500, including the installation price.