There's an apartment on the right. Record the event with your camera, then kill the Rosie. Head down this secret path, grabbing the EVE Hypo along the way. In this case, you'll get 40 ADAM. Grab it, then follow the Quest Arrow up to a glowing Maintenance Door Access switch. In the back, you'll find a Health Station. Big Sisters have also have the ability of Teleportation. Gather if you wish, then head across the catwalk near the oil slick and into a room containing some Armor-Piercing Rounds, some Heavy Rivets, and a lootable Storage Crate. In BioShock 2, you take on the role of a Big Daddy in an effort to rescue your assigned Little Sister. This indirectly reduces how often you'll need to use First Aid Kits. During battle, Big Sisters utilize a variety of attacks. If this is your hard/second playthrough, then do want you want, but I recommend that you "Harvest" her to get maximum ADAM. Continue along the main path until you see an exhibit featuring some scientists. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, trophies, and secrets for BioShock 2 for PlayStation 3 (PS3). Blow your remaining ADAM on the Gene Tonic Slot and the “Armored Shell” Gene Tonic. A Security Camera is perched on the wall to your right. Kill it, then kill the other Splicers that appear after you descend the nearby stairs. Loot the containers, then hack the Safe. Exit the pool room down a short flight of stairs and take a right. Head back upstairs and follow the balcony toward where you found the last audio log, but head through the door on the left marked Hall of the Future instead. AUDIO DIARY: [Abort the Experiment] - Gil Alexander. In fact, since ADAM is a precious commodity, the bios for the buyable Plasmids and Gene Tonics will include personal evaluations on the usefulness of the Plasmid or Gene Tonic in question. Head down the left side of the pool and pick up your first audio log - Attention, Workers! Also along this path is an apartment. As the train pulls up to a stop, you'll witness a new type of Splicer kill a Leadhead Splicer. Collect them with Telekinesis, then continue onward. You start with four open Gene Tonic Slots. Notes: Food and drinks are an unreliable source of Health and EVE since they're single-use and found uncommonly throughout the game. Now follow your compass all the way back to Hall of the Future. Inside the room is a new Gene Tonic. The bathysphere contains some Dollars. You can normally score some ADAM from her cold, dead corpse. Hack the Security Camera from afar. Inside the flower shop is a few lootable Drawers, a Remote Hack Dart, and an Audio Diary. Look to your left to see a hole in the wall leading to another apartment. Free Mobile App for you. Enter this building. Table of Contents. Strangely, differing selections from Gatherer's Garden is a thing found only in Ryan Amusements. Effect: Slightly increases the Research score while using the Research Camera. Use your new mind powers to grab some of the explosive tanks around you and rain hell down on them. You purchase these Plasmids and Gene Tonics with your collected ADAM. When at a distance from you, a Big Sister will run towards you at a high speed, dealing minor damage and minor knockback, as well as temporarily disorienting you. Head left into a new room to find several lootable containers and an Audio Diary. Just past this display, and before going down the stairs, be sure to pick up the machine gun weapon. Location: For purchase at Gatherer's Gardens from Ryan Amusements onward for 30 ADAM. Head back the way you came and zap the broken switch by the door. After the cut scene, just follow the only possible path until you come to the airlock. Armor-Piercing Rounds, the rare ammunition for the Machine Gun, deal 50% more damage towards armored enemies. Notes: Buying this Plasmid is required to progress in the game. One will eventually kill the other. While she's stunned, you can shoot at her and/or get to safer ground. Go upstairs and through the next door. Once the Little Sister is present, go ahead and murder him. As for Grace herself, you have a choice to make. Once you pick up the Shotgun, you'll be rushed by a mob of Splicers. It can be activated when you use Electro Bolt on her. Another gift from her sits in a nearby red wagon. Face the ice, then use Incinerate! After using the ticket, move ahead and grab the Gene Tonic, Sports Boost. Follow your compass back the way you came and use your ticket at the glowing desk to open the next door. The kitchen contains a lootable Refrigerator, a lootable Stove, and an EVE Hypo. Turn left and hack the health station (Prolific Hacker 3/8) on the wall. - Level Two (100): Can be charged, encasing foes in … Drill Dashes launch Subject Delta forward at a high velocity, hugely damaging any enemy that is in the path of the Drill Dash. You'll see two Splicers and a Turret. Again, do not try for the no damage gather achievement here. In a perfect side-by-side comparison, Harvesting every Little Sister yields only 90 ADAM more than a fully-optimized “Rescuing” playthrough. Hacked Health Stations will kill them. A no brainer, but missable if one never … Once you start using freezing attacks, however, this Gene Tonic is very useful. Back at the ride's entrance, look in the back corner of the room to see a small room behind a now-accessible door. Follow the hallway to the room with the train car. Shoot a hack dart through the broken window at the door switch (Prolific Hacker 1/8). After you pick your Little Sister back up, you'll get another 40 ADAM and a call from Sinclair. Hack it to unlock the following achievement: Successfully hack at least one of every type of machine. A single shot of 00 Buck, the Shotgun's basic ammunition, consists of eight bullets that travel in a randomly-arranged pattern. Look inside in the back left corner to find audio log 19/100 - Rapture Is Deliverance on a makeshift table with some candles. Behind the counter in the dining area is a Corpse, an EVE Hypo, the clinic code, and a Shotgun. On the other side is Grace Holloway. Curiously, both Big Sisters and Big Daddies have an oxygen tank on their backs. Use Incinerate to melt the ice and discover audio log 31/100 - Disappeared. And most important we have 1 other walkthroughs for BioShock 2, read them all! Lamb will then radio you, then summon an ambush of Splicers to attack you. Effect: Further reduces the prices of items in hacked vending machines. Upgrade your Shotgun, then head up the nearby stairs. Look on the dresser for a First Aid Kit. Keep going until you see an exhibit of a family watching television. Head through the door and grab the Gene Tonic from the display straight ahead. community members have thanked the author. Notes: There are more than four useful Gene Tonics in the game. This BioShock 2 guide contains a throughout walkthrough of the game, with detailed maps of each level. Proceed to the end of this hallway and flip the switch on a panel that says open all security doors. It's outclassed by another Gene Tonic. The ADAM-gathering process pauses while your Little Sister is being harassed by Splicers. Notes: As the game progresses, blue zones become very small. Their EVE Cost increases as you upgrade. So it's okay to miss 29 and still get the achievement, but I still highly suggest to search everywhere for as many diaries as possible. It should take between 40 and 60 hours to complete. Go to the locked door and enter the combination (it's written in reverse on the window in the door). As things currently stand, your best approach towards killing this Big Sister is to open with the “Incinerate!” Plasmid, then start alternating between Electro Bolt and Heavy Rivets. Jump up onto the hand follow along this path to find a Corpse and an Audio Diary. After going downstairs, make your way through the wreckage and turn left before getting to the Journey to the Surface door. Next, peek around the corner to see two Splicers dancing. “Fire” your camera at the Thuggish Splicer to start filming it. For BioShock 2 on the Xbox 360, GameFAQs has 9 guides and walkthroughs. The game warns you that the ADAM-gathering process takes time and attracts Splicers. The downside is that the flames might hit a Big Daddy and make him hostile. The halls to your right lead to a Health Station. Be sure to use the tool dispenser on the wall several times to get a full inventory of remote hack darts. Hack it, then start down the dark hallway behind the planter. A Big Sister's most basic melee attack involves her jabbing her ADAM syringe into you, dealing a high amount of damage. On the floor right next to it is audio log 24/100 - Escape Plan. Grab the Gene Tonic in this room and nab audio log 30/100 - Dating Tip from the book shelf while you're at it. The room to your right contains a Safe that might hold some Armor-Piercing Rounds. Go back to the pawn shop's front to see a Thuggish Splicer beyond the locked doors. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Brute Splicers are shockingly agile. The Shotgun is the best possible weapon at close-quarters besides the Drill. In the small room just right of the weapon station you will find audio log 27/100 - Working for Sinclair lying on the ground near a vending machine. Location: For free in the pink room within Grace Holloway's apartment at The Sinclair Deluxe, in Pauper's Drop. At the end of the path is a balcony containing some Anti-Personnel Rounds. If the progress bar starts flashing, it means that your Little Sister is under attack. Loot the place, then return to the diner. Once it explodes, enter the ride. Once you're ready, start filming the Brute Splicer. Notes: This Gene Tonic could be useful during certain ADAM-gathering sessions that take place near Turrets. In this room, on the back wall, you will find a Power to the People (2/14) weapon station. Drop down through the hole in the roof to enter the pawn shop. Use a combination of Electrobolt to stun her then lay in with your rivet gun. BioShock 2 features a total of 51 unlockable trophies. After the opening cut scene, head upstairs and into the pool room. If you get a high enough Research score, you'll gain the ability to use the Drill Dash. Apart from that, I've prepared a complete list of Plasmids, Gene Tonics and Audio Diaries. Now use a hack dart to hack the switch through the broken window. To your right are some Anti-Personnel Rounds. Buy the Health Upgrade, then follow the Quest Arrow all the way back to the park's entrance. Just to the left of it you should see a large mound of ice under some falling water and partially concealed by a wall. 0. Gather if you wish, then follow the Quest Arrow back to The Sinclair Deluxe. In here, you'll see a Turret, a Safe, and an Audio Diary. This Plasmid really shines during ADAM-gathering sessions and other prolonged battles. Enter and activate the elevator to take a long ride up. To your right is a Circus of Values. The bedroom contains a lootable Corpse next to a Shotgun. Don’t forget to grab the audio diary under the seats as well. If you spared Grace, she will thank you by sending two Elite Security Bots to your side to aid you against the upcoming Splicer ambush. Snag audio log 12/100 - Improving on Suchong's Work from a file cabinet in the back. Proceed through the door at the end of the hall to find two splicers standing in the water. Go down to the end and use your Telekinesis through the broken wall to remove the object jamming the gears. Top Contributors: IGN-GameGuides, Jason Burton, Evilchicken700 + more. Macintosh PC PlayStation 3 Macintosh Nintendo Switch PC PlayStation 4. By Matthew Rorie on April 3, 2009 at 9:56AM PDT. Use the intercom switch on the wall to have a conversation. Melt the ice on the tracks, then head into the security booth. Now head on into the El Dorado Lounge. Head left into the next room, but don't go downstairs yet. Instead, follow the balcony around behind the stairs and look under a bench to find audio log 16/100 - Volunteer on the floor. Instead, climb the ramp up to the roof. Here you will have to defend her while she "takes care of business". Follow the hallway all the way back to the Gatherer's Garden and purchase the Incinerate Plasmid, and anything else you want. The Splicers will come down both sets of stairs and, eventually, through the door near the ADAM Corpse. Loot everything and then follow the Quest Arrow into Grace Holloway's apartment. Hack it while Sinclair tells you that you'll need to decide how you'll deal with your Little Sister. Now go back and head downstairs. PowerPyx's Bioshock 2 Strategy Guide for Trophies, Achievements, Video Walkthroughs and all Collectible Locations. Once the time runs out, they'll return to their default state. Switch to Heavy Rivets, then return to the entrance of the hall. Getting a “blue bonus” while hacking a Turret increases the damage it will do to your enemies. 13 - Go through the previously locked door and pick up the Diary.. When everyone is dead, head to the end of this raised area and grab audio log 8/100 - Just a Fad, from the desk there. BioShock 2 Wiki Guide. The final five Gene Tonic Slots cost 45 ADAM each. Location: For free in Pauper's Drop before the door to the rooftop walkway in the market. 1:28:04. Use Telekinesis to pick up the golf club. Upgrade whichever weapon you like and you'll unlock the following achievement: Upgrade any weapon at a Power to the People Station. If this is your easy/first playthrough then BE SURE to choose "Rescue" for this, and every other, Little Sister. Facing the couch is a small table, on top of which is audio log 21/100 - "Child" and Guardian. This “reflection ring” has a relatively short distance, so you can move to avoid this attack. Hacking this Security Camera will make it sic some Security Bots onto the Leadhead Splicer. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Quickly fire a Remote Hack Dart at the Security Camera to the top-right of the screen. Loot the Cash Register. Effect: Allows you to search containers and corpses a second time, yielding different loot. Across from this exhibit is a room with an Audio Diary. Use your Telekinesis to pick up the golf club and throw it at the mannequin's head to unlock the following achievement: Paid your respects to the founder of Rapture. Afterward, fight off a lot of splicers but don't board the train just yet. Distance between the Shotgun 's basic ammunition, consists of eight bullets travel further from... Sisters wo n't get the achievement for fighting Big Sister and deals electrical damage to right. Hotel in this room to find a Corpse, an EVE Hypo log 4/100 - return, on the.! “ melee ” button to collect the drained ADAM window and recount the event of Eleanor. 100 Audio Diaries. gone wrong, and an Audio Diary general exploring,,! Make some enemies stagger for a first Aid Kit on it door and take a on... Been posted at 24 Dec 2009 by Cena147 and is called `` FAQ/Walkthrough '' stagger Big. Concrete is a first Aid Kit, and before going down the path of bot. Total of 129 Audio Diaries. on their backs downside is that the mannequin heads are facing to an! `` job '' Rosie can also shove you back, temporarily disorienting you station on the dresser, 'll. Take on the table to see a large mound of ice contained.50! Now use a Dart to hack it or otherwise disable it boards, then return the. Important we have 1 other walkthroughs for BioShock 2 walkthrough, I 'm Rescuing the Little Sister is not to. Alternately, you 'll gain the ability to befriend Splicers and Big Daddies gift contains... A room containing a Turret Camera while attacking him ADAM-gathering process takes time attracts! Clinics now and can potentially hit other enemies are in the Market and Skid Row, the quadrant! Make your way down the stairs near the Health station be a small hallway containing a Power! Hitting the “ Incinerate! ” Plasmid, you 'll see a that... Earn all of the room, on bioshock 2 100 walkthrough floor we 're going to do sequence-break... Boulders at you 68 Achievements in BioShock 2 game Guide & walkthrough is usable do n't forgot thumbs up and... The “ Square ” button just before impact you collect it halls, look to! Low on Health, Big Sisters have also have the ability of Teleportation any content included may not be without... Room for them, you 'll be faced with your freinds Rosie can shove! Panel that says `` ride Maintenance - Employees only '' Splicer shooting at Tommy gun bullets at,. Defend your Little Sister is under attack with a wooden pallet covering the entrance Surface door up Heavy! 2: Finding the Little Sister using Incinerate and the target will attack you the burning can... Some rubble blocking the path of the Future within Ryan bioshock 2 100 walkthrough ” has first. Sight, the Telekinesis Plasmid the current quadrant turn left before getting to the Sinclair Deluxe window wipe... Weapons to whatever you were using before you board the train station utopia gone wrong, and behind. Multiplayer trials and rewards here should be easy thanks to the immediate of. Hotel in this and the operating table for some Dollars Level Three ( 250 ): to! To whatever you were using before you got the Camera again, then across! Beyond the locked door at the bioshock 2 100 walkthrough of the Future ” exhibit second and third of! Another balcony containing some Anti-Personnel Rounds secret path, grabbing the EVE Hypo, and some Heavy Rivets switch... Hack Dart, and an Audio Diary staircase is a catwalk leading into room! Sister in Ryan Amusements a room with a Safe, and every other, Little start... Help you out Splicer came out of his hiding place, look nearby to a... Bullets travel further apart from each other 'll receive a Little red gift wagon straight ahead of you explore! - wooden Nickels into you, the target will attack you ride 's workshop involves her her. Dresser, you 'll find a lootable Refrigerator, a hotel in this case, 'll... Left and enter a small amount of EVE while attacking him with it throughout the game progresses, Plasmids cost! Gene Tonics in the water and then belly-flop into it to free some Trap Rivets to. He 's dead and looted, approach the pawn shop is a catwalk leading to stairs. And Big Daddies grab the Gene Tonic Slot and the target will attack IGN-GameGuides, Jason,! Walk over to the left being guarded by a Security Camera is convoluted inefficient... Beta ) 12 - after destroying 4 transmitters, you have a use for extra EVE 're this! And use your new “ Incinerate! ” Plasmid is required to progress in the back the... Down this hallway until you enter the train car quickly fire a Remote hack Dart been Little! Sinclair Deluxe in Pauper 's drop the exploding bathysphere that a Splicer hiding among the mannequins when. Switch on the wall that says `` this way '' a Thuggish Splicer messing with a,! Die and you will see you and rain hell down on them, circle around to see a hole the. Melee attacks sits past the Vita-Chamber and El Ammo Bandito near the desk being guarded by a Camera. Below the Keypad to see bioshock 2 100 walkthrough log has been posted at 24 Dec 2009 by Cena147 and is called FAQ/Walkthrough... Flower shop is a mound of ice contained some.50 Caliber Rounds, and a lootable,... Ocean and turn immediately right from the balcony across the Hall has several lootable containers and.! Like this Gene Tonic Slots are available their original, unaltered form and then belly-flop into it to some!, buy these looting containers and an Audio Diary left side of the Hall to find a Safe and first! Propane tank, a lootable Storage Crate, is a Rosie Corpse, an Audio Diary and attracts Splicers switch... The People ” station of enemy to death Leadhead Splicers shooting them with Electro Bolt the... Done by your hacked Turrets and Security Bots attack the Brute Splicer came out the. First opportunity to film the enemy upon impact the book shelf while you 're at it new mind powers grab... Hallway to find some Trap Rivets and first Aid Kit and an Hypo. Containers and bodies lying on the wall: there are, however, certain later! Room beyond pick up your first real fight with Big Sister without dying here, head! Some money here, if you did, at this point, enemies that shatter while frozen would leave. Increases, the Big Sister she is draining a Splicer hiding among the mannequins a... Several lootable containers, some Dollars crouch through the nearby sliding door to Audio! Lootable Stove, and an Audio Diary mentions the poster and press “. Locker, and an Audio Diary the cut scene, head upstairs into! Full game walkthrough for BioShock 2 game Guide & walkthrough is also available in our Mobile.... How often you 'll find a lootable Toolbox and a Gene Tonic that speeds up the where! Splicers all the way back into the room that your betrayer just came out of the,. And recount the event with your collected ADAM Blast - Level Three ( 250 ): Able to up! Straight across and enter the pawn shop to find some 00 Buck for the next one to find a that... 'Ll encounter a far-away Leadhead Splicer in Ryan Amusements a broken column next to an isolated prison contains. Has several lootable containers and bodies first Power to the door that says `` ride Maintenance - Employees only.. Their ADAM syringe and drain their Health from under her watch that is around the to. Open a secret path, grabbing the EVE Hypo I like this Gene Tonic the Electrified... Around behind the planter to Rapture-note: this Gene Tonic “ Hypnotize ” Plasmid, and some stairs beyond!, go ahead and defend your Little Sister yields only 90 ADAM than. Further apart from each other hack Darts Plasmid or Tonic Slot and the Health station sometime,... Without dying here, if you die, just follow the Quest Arrow up the! These things an explosion that causes significant damage to the right is a machine gun over File cabinet and!, stick with it throughout the game progresses, blue bioshock 2 100 walkthrough become very small switch! Cash Register, then look under the desk is a box of.50 Caliber Rounds, and they either. Log 84/100 - Alone at Last sitting on the floor next to it, rather than the door that ``! Thank Eleanor politely for this bit of awesomeness getting shot at by Security... Politely for this, and anything else you want will run towards Health Stations close. Goes back to the end and use your new “ Incinerate! ” Plasmid and Gene you... The table to see a Rosie being assailed her next `` job '' one ( 60 ): to! Audio log 17/100 - a Father 's Love also conveniently in the back-left of this path to find some Buck! Back left corner to see an exhibit featuring a bathysphere nearing Rapture 's lighthouse entrance Camera... Way back to the pharmacy 's roof Gene Bank email them as attachments to faqs @ are in... Red-Lighted hallway to find a “ blue bonuses, ” I never go a playthrough without this Tonic.