AeroTherm Videos

A selection of AeroTherm application, demonstrations and case studies.

Aero-Therm Products Ltd aims to continue to provide you with all the latest developments. Here is a selection of videos that we have released to date.    

AeroTherm in 1 minute:

This video is about AeroTherm - 'the revolutionary alternative to conventional insulation' - and provides a quick overview about why AeroTherm will keep you comfortably warm in your home. The innovative technology behind AeroTherm provides up to 35% energy savings in a ultra-thin 1mm heat reflective plaster coating, which is applied straight on to the internal walls and ceilings in your home. Ideal for retrofitting solid wall properties.

Application guide - a short demonstration:

A short demonstration of the AeroTherm application process. This video highlights the simple steps involved in applying the ultra-thin heat reflective coating to internal walls and ceilings. From applying the base coat through to applying the insulation paste and sanding down to a smooth finish.

AeroTherm case study: Corner Bedroom, Rodley, West Yorkshire:

This video is about applying AeroTherm to a solid brick wall property in Rodley, Leeds. The home owner installed AeroTherm to the small corner bedroom of his home, which he is redecorating into a nursery in anticipation of their new arrival.

AeroTherm Animated Video:

A short animation explaining the benefits of AeroTherm

AeroTherm Sample Tiles:

This video is about the AeroTherm tile sample. The tile sample demonstrates how AeroTherm can transform the cold interior surface of the external walls of your home into warm walls and cosy rooms.

AeroTherm case study: Dormer Bedroom, Emley, Huddersfield:

This video is shows the simple process involved in applying AeroTherm to the walls and ceilings to improve the insulation to a cold dormer bedroom.

AeroTherm case study: solid brick wall property, Armley, Leeds:

This case study shows the AeroTherm installation process to a solid wall brick property in Armley Leeds. The AeroTherm installer first carried out a site survey to ensure there was no issues with damp or mould and then prepared the area for the application.  The 1mm reflective coating was then simply applied on to the painted walls. Once dry, it was then sanded to a smooth finish.

AeroTherm Application Guide - A Complete Demonstration:

This video will provide you with a complete demonstration to guide you through the key stages of an AeroTherm application. From the initial survey, to preparation, to applying the paste, to sanding down to a smooth finish. If you have competent plastering skills and the correct tools, then this video will help you to achieve a high quality AeroTherm installation.

Alternative Use - Frame Sealant:

This video is about an alternative use for AeroTherm. By incorporating AeroTherm Industry into a tube, it can be used as a frame sealant, providing an effective insulant to improve the thermal performance of window and door frames, as well as floor and wall perimeters. Please contact us to discuss potential opportunities.


The AeroTherm hot plate test:

This video shows a simple demonstration of how effective AeroTherm can be. It has been applied to half the area of a hot-plate at 1mm thick. The rate at which ice cube melts on each surface can then be easily compared.