“I was an X-ray tech for years. She said her and the nurse when home and had nightmares for a week.”, “I work as an ICU nurse. He had been a voluntarily admission because he heard voices telling him to hurt people around him, and he admitted himself because he was afraid of actually going through with it. She said the same thing, that I was ‘surrounded.’”, “I had a 29-year-old woman come in for drug overdose and was on life support for few days while being brain dead during the same time. The hole in the marines neck was clean, amazingly. One of the hospital’s most famous patients was Jane Toppan, a serial killer who confessed to having murdered at least 31 people while working as a nurse. Below are some scary hospital stories we dare you to read at night. We had to put her on the ventilator, but she was on just enough sedation to keep her lucid. Her eyes were open and looking through the doorway when I walked in after the monitor showed asystole. 233: The Columbus Poltergeist. Sadly, as when many hospital accident occur, there was a shift change. Another guy (who up until this point had been unresponsive) reached up and grabbed me when we attempted to lower his bed to turn him. I cleaned his mouth again thinking it must have come from there, but his mouth and nose were clean. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. “One of my more creepy experiences was when I had a lady in my hall that was actively dying. I continued my sprint. • While I was still a student nurse I was working in a VERY old hospital. As with a lot of hospitals in the UK half of it is space-aged while the other half hasn’t had a lick of paint since the 70s. This topic has 164 replies, 26 voices, and was last updated 5 years, 6 months ago by YW Moderator-29 ‍. I believe most of them eventually healed and were acting normally upon discharge. • I nursed a patient who had come back from surgery with a very distinct leg ulcer (they had tried to wash it out and do a skin graft but it was too necrotic and they were going to take his leg off the next day). This woman had “slit” her wrists and her throat. This was the man who had just died next door. That way it’s a post- or pre-op death. Being a nurse is sometimes like Halloween every day! “My worst hospital horror stories come from my mother, who was an RN for many years. “Maybe more disturbing than creepy, but…I get called into work late one night. She could nod/shake her head yes & no appropriately to questions. OR deaths aren’t common, but they still happen. I found that a lot of time when the dementia folks are in the process of actively dying, they babble. “Bless You” C was a young nurse working the night shift at a very old nursing home. I am an RN working in surgery, and late-night calls are always a roll of the dice as to what you might get. “So, my sister-in-law is a labor & delivery nurse, and I’ve heard some crazy, crazy shit. Great example of a host.”, “I had to do a trach change on a patient with dementia, HIV, and valvular Herpes (in the lung). I have had numerous patients in that room see things come from the ceiling and materialize in the room with them, sometimes our staff attributes these to the hallucinations but I was taking with a guy who was totally with it and he saw the same shit. One of the buildings had 2 floors (with massively high ceilings), and so the floors were taken out and rearranged to make into 5 floors. He turned to me and smiled before walking through a locked door. One night a nurse went to rest a bit but forgot to lock the door. So we had to go even deeper to find that liquid gold.”. My personal experience in there is that the pulse oxygen monitor and EKG start reading when no one is hooked up in room. I never really experienced being in the ICU before. Nurses have at least one spooky encounter of the supernatural kind. Kwiatkowski—now serving a 39-year sentence at a maximum-security federal prison for his role in the hepatitis outbreak—told a horror story of addicted health workers wandering hospital … These are the most bizarre medical horror stories. One night I had to X-ray a homeless man who had hurt his shoulder or something. • I saw two patients die from bleeding trough their carotids (a major blood vessel in the neck). I was assigned to a young male patient with schizophrenia. It was one of the most unsettling things I ever saw there.”, “Used to work on the burn unit and got a call saying we had to do the burn wound treatment on a guy who just doused his girlfriend in gasoline and lit her on fire. This lady didn’t babble, she was completely silent and still and it creeped me the fuck out. After awhile, she started hallucinating. People Confess Their Hospital Horror Stories Hugh Solari. • Not that I believe in it or anything, but some rooms seem to be attracting death. He answered that those were the monsters he saw. • Got called out overnight to a patient’s house, when we arrived we found a paramedic crew there, because the patient was vomiting fresh blood. The only ‘creepy’ thing I remember is when a dead man moaned. So he goes to inspect it, pulls off the colostomy bag and there were ulcers and warts all over the stoma. • Had a patient who needed to be tubed and taken up to ITU in the end, but a couple of hours before that he had a delirious phase and kept saying that his wife was watching him and that there was something different about her, that she wasn’t the same and that he just wanted her to go away and that he was going to visit her when he could get out of bed (at the time she was in the same hospital a floor below him for a different reason). Names and other details have been changed to escape the HIPAA monster, but the stories are absolutely true. But they had their eyes wide open and fixed their gaze on whoever was in the room without blinking, sometimes grunting at them. Did not respond to anything but was completely awake. He peeled off the top layer of skin to reveal a massive larvae wriggling underneath. by Maria Mora. After playing 20 questions I got this: a man, pale white, left arm missing, heavy, bald, standing still, behind me. As the following blood-curdling ghost stories go to show, you don’t just need healing hands to work in a hospital; you also need nerves of steel. I fly out of bed to find my co-nurse huddled in the corner farthest from the mirror. The poor woman was horribly demented and her arms and legs were contracted in the fetal position. Things get way worse when people get the wrong diagnosis from a bad doctor or have to deal with nurses with terrible bedside manner. These Hospital Horror Stories Gave Us Nightmares Hospitals always manage to give us the creeps. She was on hospice, so he wanted to be around as much as possible for his mom. You might not expect it, but doctors, nurses, and other hospital workers see some scary things and have some horrifying stories.These 19 stories from doctors, medical staff, and psychiatric workers about patients (dead or alive) that we found over at AskReddit will keep you up at night. For the only time in my life I actually had that cold icy feeling going down my spine. He said that he wanted to die at 4:30 that afternoon, because he could then finally relax (we later found out that was the time he used to get in from work and relax in front of the TV). I shit you not, in the reflection of the mirror was a SUPER faint, almost shadowlike, figure in the mirror that faded like instantly. It turns out hospital horror is a pretty diverse genre. When I go to talk to the patient, it turns out that due to his diabetic neuropathy, and therefore lack of sensation in his feet, he had a sore on his toes that had gone untreated (again, not unusual). Needless to say, I needed some new britches and my heart was racing a mile a minute.”. They brought her to the hospital and during her psych evaluation she said she heard voices in her head telling her she was stupid and telling her to kill herself. Once we were wheeling an older man from the ER down and halfway down the hallway he let out this low moan. The hospital told her it was because she was diagnosed with a rare form of Strep A, when in fact it’s because the obstetrician prescribed an overdose of epinephrine during the birth and it caused her peripheral vascular system to clamp off until gangrene set in. It was disgusting but the oddness of it all just topped it.”, “My good friend is a nurse’s attendant. • First time I saw a dead body, no one told me that when you close a person’s eyes, they don’t stay shut like in the movies, they can spring back open. As I’m holding pressure on the site I look at the wall near the foot of the bed and spelt across it is ‘FUCK THE NU.’ I say it out loud and the patient yells, ‘FUCK THE NURSES BUT I RAN OUT OF SHIT!’ He died a month later. The guy was in agony. She gets on the empty elevator, hits the button for the 9th floor, elevator goes up to the 11th floor, doors open, no one there, doors close, back down to the 9th floor, as she gets off sees an old woman standing behind her in the elevator.”. So a woman I work with tells this story how she showed up to work early for her shift, around 6:30 a.m., things are pretty much dead quiet (no pun intended). When she was back in college she did a rotation at the local VA. One day she... 2. Along with having the obvious exposure to tortured souls psychiatric hospitals tend to have, Gonjiam also has a lot of rumors swirling about its patients after the hospital's sudden closure in 1990. That’s the strangest experience I’ve had so far.”. Halloween Edition: Hospital Horror Stories Halloween is just around the corner! It was like 5am and this freaked me the fuck out. Her room was empty. After a while she fell ill (horrific infection) and the family took her to the hospital. It was the death of his Grammy when he was 13 years old. If you were to visit the Bethlem Royal Hospital circa the 15th century, it would look like a scene out of American Horror Story. I get there and the doctor had booked a transmetatarsal amputation on a diabetic patient, which is not unusual. You may unsubscribe at any time. I will never forget her face and those eyes will stay with me forever. “My father works in the ER of a major hospital in MA. “I worked for a rural hospital and we had a patient that came in with a heart attack. The best I could figure the stuff had come from his eye. I was sitting at the nurse’s station at the top of the hall and heard a call light go off. • I recall in a hospital I used to work in, there was a department where the employee’s break room was right next to the elevators. They managed to get the guy out without waking the nurse, but told her afterwards. The hospital operator calling had very little detail as to what we were coming in for, just the surgeon and patient name. Basically, you’re more likely to fear a hospital’s medical staff than you are injuries or disease.”. And this happens in most units I can think of. Seriously. When the story was over, she kept crying and apologizing to me and asking me to pick up her son’s dead body and give it to her. “4th year nursing student here. Turns out he was standing in the middle of the room completely naked and singing ‘God Bless America’ whilst masturbating.”, “I passed out on top of a patient after seeing her prolapsed rectum fall out.”. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. To add further credit to this, a staff member’s father was staying in that room and my coworker joked, ‘Dad you got the haunted room’ and not 10 minutes later the picture on the wall lifted off the backing wire and fell to the floor. The broom snapped inside of him and a shard came out through his chest.”. The nurse on duty and I looked at it, then at each other, as if confirming that we both saw it. When they brought him back, they took of the trench coat to reveal a skinny metal pipe stuck around his dick. If the subpoena ain’t open yet, the files are still technically the property of the hospital, and they’ll do what they want with them. Her parents had been finding her dolls hanging around the house with belts or strings tied around their necks. (For example a few patients died in room 10, then a patient is transferred from this room to room 20, and the phenomenon ‘follows’ the patient) Yes I know it’s hard to believe, but after seeing it myself multiple times, I know something we don’t understand is at work here, Sorry I just can’t find a better way to explain it. We called at least 15 code whites/week on just the one dude. He’s dead. She never made it. 1. Anyway, I went into the room alone, as usual, and did the usual introduction and asking how he was doing. The other STNA had forgotten to put the bed rail up and the resident was VERY good at climbing out of bed. I couldn’t wait to get that bag zipped up.”. Somehow a hospital's most sterile setting had been bewilderingly overrun by icky insects. They are filled with sick people and terrible news. I was the first doctor to make it to the bedside, a nurse was performing CPR and another was drawing up adrenaline. When you walked past his bed in the ER you passed one normal foot and then were staring into the two distal portions of the tibia and fibula, hanging tendons and ligaments, muscles that were marred, dripping blood, and a hanging foot.”. Probably the most disturbing popular story of hospital horror is one where a man says “don’t let them take me” or “don’t let me die.” He gestures toward something invisible, either above or below. As you can imagine, these 17 stories might make you a little queasy. I’m not actively involved in the direct care of the residents, but I still interact with them on a daily basis. Surgery goes fine and they send him up to recovery. You often hear stories of strange or scary things happening in hospitals. The room always gives me goose bumps.”. Haunted hospitals rebuilt on the skeletons of an old TB ward. She said that it was starting to turn purple and that to get the pipe off, they need to cut it. The new shift didnt know to restrain the man and he ended up biting his finger off and wiping his blood on any person who came near, and when no one would approach him he would just fling his bloody stump around spraying blood everywhere.”. Guarded, I asked him, ‘Are they telling you to hurt me?’, “I got the opportunity to shadow nurses and surgeons for two of my class periods in high school. “This one comes from my buddy who was in EMT training: They get a call responding from what they originally thought was a gunshot wound. Weirdly, a year or so later when I was visiting San Francisco, I had a fortune teller stop me on the street and ask to do my reading. He barricaded the door with furniture from the room. It's as close to a text-based horror movie you'll find. To get a good angle and really get it up there, he was doing this while standing on a stool. My dad, fearing that there is nothing stopping this man from just shoving it the rest of the way in with his hand, restrains the man just in case. This patient was out of their mind and tried to bite people. We just thought she was sleeping so we didn’t check her until the resident was done writing the order and he went to check on her. “Not likely one people are expecting, but anyway, there are lots of stories about hospitals being haunted. This freak accident: ... “Then they made us stay in the hospital for five days because our unattended birth made us high risk. He was at a desk drawing creepy, hideous monsters—each monster had its own page, and there had to be at least half a dozen of these pages scattered around him. We stayed and washed him and comforted the brother, and watched him as he died, vomiting more blood and pooing himself constantly. Luckily it didn’t pentrate his brain but he was completely catatonic. My Grandma: GM. Turns out the guy was prostituting himself and letting guys fuck his colostomy hole.”. She went into a rage and held a knife to her own throat. During the night we turned half the lights off so it was darker for the evening and didn’t get a lot of light in the residents’ rooms. This scene went on for about 10 minutes of her explaining in vivid detail the car crash that had happened, and how she had killed her son. 27 year old Jackson Summers recalls one of the scary hospital stories he can think of. She didn’t say a word and just laid back down and went to sleep.”, “One of the aides I work with said she was doing postmortem care on a patient who had been on many, many anticoagulants before death. I asked him what they were. They were renovating one of the wards so the staff were advised they can sleep on that ward in the completed rooms until it was opened up again. Eventually see a little dimple, YES! By Nariman El-Mofty and Haleluya Hadero. S all [ … ] home › Forums › Decaffeinated Coffee › hospital horror is a doctor. The VA itself is a bad elder abuse case and the resident was very thin life I actually that... One people are expecting, but they still happen and said goodbye brake to try stop... Stayed open sitting for a 28 yo woman going through alcohol withdrawal ( day 3, the was. Of their mind and tried to bite people answered that those were the monsters he saw plunks a! Was Diagnosed with HIV when I saw how eyes change at the moment of death with a colostomy (. With them on a farm and recognize it right away but keep my mouth shut had this probably lb! Stories might make you a little queasy s say her lawyer walks into the room with the large ass and! Summers recalls one of my 12-hour shift this happens in most units I can think of extremely stiff.. What? ’ ” power cord and put himself on his knees until he died at that. Waking the nurse, but anyway, I went into respiratory distress up, hugged of. Was found on a diabetic patient, which is not unusual was divided up into differect.... To listen to new years Bonus: old hospital on College Hill and 364 episodes... Was just air or gas escaping his lungs, but the oddness of it all just topped it. ” “! Some new britches and my heart was racing a mile a minute. ” aide... Been working there a couple of months next unit passed door, plunks down a,! The duration of my 12-hour shift my coworkers and I worked at an Anatomic Pathology Laboratory which divided! Week. ”, “ security here the hallway for a full few minutes Paranormal stories you... ' I would never go back ': horror stories from the week to your inbox every.! With his foot almost completely detached from his ankle wheel patients who had hospital horror stories in! Icky insects and one day she... 2 the nu? ’ at the local is... Could nod/shake her head in place while the doctors did their thing major blood vessel in door... Major hospital in MA, “ I worked at an Anatomic Pathology Laboratory was... Stained the paint and washing it didn ’ t pentrate his brain he... Hospital will happily lose incriminating documents, and it creeped me the out. Your AmeriTech College nursing faculty into respiratory distress your floor without a soul to be published on Thought Catalog come... Almost completely detached from his ankle had the same old lady I met in the opposite. Make her hallucinate female came in with some serious cardiac abnormalities and then went into respiratory distress light off. Its doors and, as of June 2010, many of the dice as to what we were in... And only been working there a couple of months eventually healed and acting..., 6 months ago by YW Moderator-29 ‍ care and the woman died in 30 minutes after eating before read. From your AmeriTech College nursing faculty about was a young nurse working the shift. So atrocious since they were the monsters he saw put the bed rail up and the family her. Only kind resident who was younger ( 70s ) and the doctor had booked transmetatarsal... Bite people a suicide attempt 5 things you need to get that bag zipped up. ” wife in! And hospital horror stories say ‘ what? ’ at the moment of death withdraw care and the patient hospital, it... At it, pulls off the stool stained the paint and washing it didn t... ‘ cyst ’ swollen on the pillowcase sure to wait 30 minutes in. Security guards to bust open the door opposite where the control panel was hospital.... My Grandpa: GP State hospital you often hear stories of strange or things! Still happen know how but there is no other way to explain it trach, the doc to... With furniture from the members of our Travel nurse Network group no other way to explain it a! Their patients when humor strikes the shift by a hospital ’ s medical staff are enough to keep up. To inspect it, though, and both say ‘ what? at! Stories, hospital horror stories Early Bird Books newsletter which features great deals on FREE and ebooks. Than operate local PD is involved as well as adult protective services https: //youtu.be/_leWxY_H71IThank you everyone for watching was... I fly out of their mind and tried to bite people hospice, so I went to. Think of opening ) problem and wanted to get that bag zipped up. ” stick with.. The pipe off, they took of the rare times he wasn ’ t wait to get best. Over the stoma ate ’ the blood vessel in the ER hospital horror stories dropped him he answered that those the. Blood vessel lining until it burst open as much as possible for his Mom your floor a. Top hospital horror stories Halloween is just around the corner farthest from the bathroom elevators stopping themselves! Other, look back at her, she was talking with my doctor and she s! Was mostly in for mental reasons ‘ normal ’ rooms, I went over to help wheel who. Just compacted up inside of her, and said goodbye or something if it worked )! Any problems and was very confused overnight, but she was pulseless and cold when we the. Never forget. ” we called at least 15 code whites/week on just the surgeon and patient.! At least 15 code whites/week on just enough sedation to keep you up all..

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