I find it contemplative, not exactly melancholy but not exactly happy, either. I do not find it overwhelming or loud. It was so extraordinary and wonderful. The sweetness and citruses in the air becomes stronger yet pleasant. It smelled to my uninitiated nose like canned peaches and that was all. I prefer the original. My current bottle is from 2017. I could swoon, bathe, soak in this fragrance. I know someone who wears the original Opium, and it sort of reminds me of that but it's classier, maybe that's due to the vintage bottle, rather than the smell. C’est le parfum de la femme qui s’assume, on ne passe jamais inaperçue avec un tel parfum. Review for opium EDT, same colour bottle as this. One can easily imagine the conflicted and beautiful Mitsouko sitting solemnly on a balcony overlooking her gardens, awaiting the return of either her husband or her handsome forbidden lover. There's no doubt this is a challenging scent. I adore Mitsouko and need a back up! A very traditional European Christmas dinner or any other formal family gathering combined with food is an excellent place to wear it. Luckily I don't care and will carry one wearing this beauty. Avon’s signature Imari perfume has been one of the most popular perfumes for women since 1985. Also some leather in the background. It also affected production of L'Heure Bleue. Reviewing a bottle that I purchased in 2014 and, somewhat unfairly, comparing it to vintage & anything pre-2009. Voilà certainement l'un des parfums que je connais le mieux car il m'accompagne depuis 1989... Je l'ai découvert à l'âge de 18 ans, au hasard de la lecture d'un article qui retraçait une histoire des parfums et il a titillé mon imagination. While I strongly disagree, many women deride it as an "old lady scent.". Yes! But the new one is just sort of interesting mixture of peach, cinamonn and oak moss. I thought I've purchased a fake and I had to make an investigation about the new bottle/box design. I used to wear Opium years ago when I lived on Long Island. Find a nice home for it , Opium is an expensive and wonderful perfume but, alas, tastes differ. I was never without. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. To him I symbolized the young, exotic, femme fatale. This is a beautiful perfume, but it's definitely not love at first sight, more like the more you know it, the better you love it. I absolutely love Opium! I grew up loving the ‘77 EDT, which was stronger than today’s extraits. I just ordered this from Nordstrom, I own the toilette version, I have never had the perfume. I currently have a bottle from 2015 that I purchased from a discounter and I had a 2013 post reformulation bottle purchased at a major department store and they are identical. After coveting this gem for so long, a dear friend sent it to me as a gift - alas, its added to my collection! Melancholic. In my sadness she came forward and revealed herself. This one is so heavily laden with coriander and cloves to my nose. She is in a class above. I hate it. Enough to satiate my curiosity and tide me over until I managed to acquire an old bottle (oblong pillow with bamboo leaves). One of the queens of style. Even how it smells- in the bottle. The powder I smell brings to mind a dinner dance with lots of flowing champagne and tinkling crystal chandeliers; women wearing bright red lipstick on Cupid bow lips; their fingernails painted that same shade of red. It's such a beautiful fragrance, spicy yet soft, sexy but sophisticated. Production resumed in 2016 without further problems. As you can sense this is review strictly about the 2009 formula of Opium as I unfortunately have never had the chance to smell the 1977 vintage one. It has warmth, gravitas, and complete confidence. ALL SALE ITEMS ARE A FINAL SALE. Gone are the smoldering smokiness and heavy spicy aroma, replaced with some vanilic sweetness and the spiciness considerably tamed. As far as vintage Mitsouko goes, of course I have no idea how it smells in comparison. I always feel outstanding when wearing Mitsouko. I don't do that one so I didn't spray this on my skin either. I am very new to the spicy oriental perfumes. I love Opium!! It's still great for everyday wear. I want a small bottle of this to spray on for bedtime. One of my most (if not THE) beloved scent for fall and winter. Yet the sense of medical drops also does not leave your senses... Mitsouko is gorgeous..this is like a sophisticated masculine evergreen cologne but beautifully mastered & that can be unisex hand's down. I absolutely love this. Having sniffed/tested the ORIGINAL Opium when it came out in 77'-78', and smelling it on EVERYONE forever...lol....I have finally come to own a bottle of the newer EDT version. Procédés de la chimie, de l'eau et des papiers-cartons Publication ouverte à partir du mercredi 07 octobre 2020 À 14H00 jusqu'au samedi 31 octobre 2020 … I have both the older version and this new version. I am starting to think I have a very vulgar taste since I tend to like better scents on the cheaper side. Design of the flacon was developed by art director YSL Fabien Baron and Stefano Pilati. I wouldn't call it sexy, exactly. Spicy, warm, floral powdery and mysterious. I am sad yet I appreciate they kept the lines alive. Mitsouko is what ? A really cool classic - but it's got to be the EDP! The old version was too sharp. The cinnamon! That does not take away from me wanting to make even a whole lot more memories with this perfume. Very unique. What a transformation! But once I get to the lower notes, it is almost the same as the old one. But luckily, I found and purchased online a sample of it just in time... and I'm glad I did, because I got to smell this classic, powerful and extremely good quality perfume, the kind that stands out nowadays and might even raise eyebrows. Today, after owning this juice for more than a few years, I’ve discovered she is beautiful when applied and savored on a very cold (it’s 40 degrees F.), partly cloudy and windy day. I'm tiring of soft, floral fragrances, so I wanted to see if something smoky and mysterious was more my thing. Daniela evans y arcangel fuck in the bar of sem 2015 granny porn. It is from a time when people would pamper themselves to go out for the most common tasks, so I was expecting this. This scent evokes a certain type of person to me: someone rather cerebral and thoughtful, a little introverted, quietly sensual but not overtly seductive, someone who would wear tactile fabrics like velvet, corduroy and cashmere and read classics of world literature. The rooms are bright with high wooden doors with brass handles. Really stinky”. Much richer than the EDT and not as overtly powdery, though it still keeps the classic perfume feel. So sexy and rich and warm and yummy. I had a great boyfriend, whose mother was a very beautiful, accomplished women, in whose presence I mostly felt small and awkward. I smelled powder and rice paper and white florals. Venez visiter plus de 900 maisons, chalets, condos, terrains et commerces à vendre! It has such a harsh beginning and last for many hours on the skin which was unfortunate because I come to realize that the more I try this, I dont like it. Which is great ! Mitsouko is a history of Europe, the history of Guerlain. I have found my opium that is beautiful, it’s the edt version not the edp! To me it smells like a spicy vanilla incense with soft floral notes underneath. This is definitely a perfume that will be a go-to in my collection. A suggestion is to apply to legs, then you can enjoy the scent lightly rising up. Men hand's down buy this if you like your fougere or forest green fragrances and want to own a bottle like this and weren't too sure if you could pull it off. He keep saying how sexy it is on my skin. Luckily I have the previous and can enjoy real classics. I’m male. The new one is dusty and clove heavy on me. This is Mitsouko the mother of all fragrance. Got this along with the Jicky EDP in the mail yesterday. I would say about forty years ago. and i love both. When she is dry is musky and smoky with incense. Mitsouko is my favourite perfume, albeit one I discovered rather late. A freshly baked peach pie, sitting in an open windowsill to cool, its aroma mixing with nature. Shop today! This will be my warm weather fragrance. It soothes me. I can see why people would wear this, but it is definitely not for me. This reformulation lacks the oomph and seductiveness of the original. That's all. After experiencing Mitsouko, you can definitely smell her influence in all of the other great fruity Chypre’s she was the obvious inspiration for. Interesting will hold ones attention for a lifetime. The first time I smelled her, I made a comment about graveyard dirt. You see ivory colored gloves that used to be paired with it and boa. Review of Opium (Eau De Parfum) by YSL. I probably received it as a gift and at the time was too young to truly appreciate fragrances. So apparently both Charlie Chaplin and Ingrid Bergman wore this, which makes a strange kind of sense. The long forgotten oriental spicy group of which Opium is a pillar and confirmed leader makes a come back in contemporary times with a renewed spirit and a revisited formula. www.infodimanche.com est le plus important site immobilier pour consulter toutes les propriétés dans la grande région du KRTB. I now can appreciate the complexity of this perfume and enjoy wearing it while sleeping or when I'm alone in the room. I will update as wearing progresses. And the longuest relation with a perfume (and a brand), since 1989. Describing this would make me an epigone. This is a lovely fragrance I need to keep in my collection. Some reviewers on this site have commented on the similarities between vintage 20C and vintage Opium, so in a way, I "sort of know" what Opium smelled like, without having ever owned a bottle. It’s the morning mist over a pond of mossy stones. I tried this yesterday and it instantly remind me of grass, wood and soil. Maybe that's the spices. Then long bitter smell of terpentine. If that is vanillia that makes Shalimar warm, here cinnamon is the note that makes Mitsouko so inviting and warm. I've always worn perfume but only in the last few months did I really start reading and educating myself about the industry. $50 Australian. One said it smells like roses, one said it feels warm and comforting, one said, you just smell good! In front of her sits the classics. The more I wear this perfume, the more I love it. People will like it more once they smell it on you all the time, it is so pleasant. I shied away from this one for so long but I just received a sample of the vintage EDP from a swap and it smelled so amazing from the spray bottle I couldn’t wait to try it. This makes it into my top 5 favorite scents of all time. I agree with Zulander―the new version is less feminine than the original. I can detect the tonka beans closer to the skin, very warm and comforting. But Opium is one of the few exceptions. All the reformulations of the classics, at least. I imagine mitsouko is an acquired taste, much like a bold dry red or high-quality liquor served straight up. I rarely offer this to women any longer. Or maybe I'm just being nostalgic. I have 4 different bottles of this and i prefer the new edp its a little sweeter fresher and last much longer on my skin then any of the vintage versions. kirrineyears This, Shalimar, and a host of other scents that seem _really_ 'female' smell awesome on guys. This is Shanghai 1930s (according to my grandmother), SO incredible...a total time machine. Not too sweet. Tastes and trends do change over time. My favourite summer perfume. It's warm and herby and spicy like a well used kitchen. Mitsouko is the definitive chypre, and one of the true greats of the 20th century. There is something that keeps me smelling my arm...I do love the powdery smell that reveals itself during the dry down. The perfumers attempt to keep it alive instead of killing the line completely. Everything is soaked with the smell of sweetness and citruses as well as the varnished oak wood. Seems unisex and not of this era somehow. Don't know though. A truly sensuous and heady scent. It’s lovely. It’s dry, it’s earthy, it’s tart. Hours later I still smelled the fragrance in my nose. Mitsouko is a glorious fragrance from a time before perfumes were expected to be timid, faint and "clean smelling". My first experience with the Opium line was Belle d'Opium - now sadly discontinued - a fragrance I loved but a completely different gem than this one and which at the time I'd found more 'approachable'. Bought the EDP after reading the reviews and history of this perfume, and also because Guerlain was my first fragrance crush. I am a fella and this is one of my favourite smells on the planet. She said it was Opium and I swear it smells no different in my memory from the original I owned briefly back in 1984. That moment of balance between the light that still warms and the shadow that is already hinted at, collected in a bottle of perfume, is Mitsouko. Most people don't have the patience now. After not wearing you for decades. I can't identify what note or combination makes me think this, but I can only deduce it's the oakmoss substitute/ lab creation. I keep mine on my bathroom shelf for use by my guests - and most leave saying they are off to buy their own bottle. In a good way. Unfortunately, this smells like bug spray on me. This might actually replace Shalimar as my favorite all-around perfume from ANY house. I hope I have earned this heavenly fragrance as a signature scent: I am certainly going to give it a try. My wife loves this, the new version. Not many perfumes are made like this anymore. WOW!!! Flowerbomb or Angel are more in your face than Opium . I have always loved Opium. Then I discovered vintage Guerlains (I love Art Deco, old movies, old books, etc...) and bought the Vintage 3... L'HB, Mit, and Shal. It is not necessary these days. Truly a scent like no other, epic, classic, timeless. I have always been intrigued by the lovely complex Mitsouko but only recently felt comfortable with it on my skin. Lifted the humid air because it's denser than it. After having so many perfumes that remind me of root beer such as hypnotic poison, dr. pepper like cancan, cream soda like fresh cream, or even grape soda like black opium, its fun to have one that reminds me of Coke! I got a sample of the new edition. Nonetheless, Mitsouko is a masterpiece in its own right. It then starts to become powdery. sadly, i let my ex have opium, so now all i have is youth dew, which is one step down on the ladder of perfection. I'm not sure why exactly. It's not as strong as it used to. Totally disagree with the reviewer below ... firstly, I think most of us wear perfume first and foremost for our own pleasure - if it is enjoyed by others then it's a happy coincidence. What can be said about Mitsouko that hasn’t already been said? I first smelled it on an 50+ collegue at work, british lady, good looking and elegant with expensive taste and I thought she smelled divine. It was a gift received to celebrate my passage into maturity 'and for me it was absolute love. Excellent silage and longevity. Beauty Almanac |, Copyrights © 2006-2021 Fragrantica.com perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. It would probably be good for smoking cigarettes, too. I wasn't too sure on the initial spray-it seemed too heavy or old-fashioned or...something. Femme Rochas was definitely inspired by this one, I recently acquired a vintage mini of Femme and I can say that Mitsouko is the Mother of Femme for sure. After all, you never know in these times of discontinuance. What a lovely antiqued scent. Then you notice vanity table that's matched in the design with the wardrobe. Beautiful. If it was good enough for Jean Harlow it was good enough for me! I was so excited to try this, having recently delved into vintages (with, unfortunately, not-so-great results). I have to agree with Luca Turin - 5 stars for this chypre reference fragrance! and would not have been able to tell you at the time what she owned or wore. This is more of a first impression/preliminary review. As a brand new perfume addict of course I had to smell Mitsouko! If "hipster" had a scent, it would be Mitsouko. No need to own both. Also not as effervescent and the top adelhydes are not as prominent. It was the 1980's and excess was in style. The bigger bottle has fuzzy perfume dispenser attached. something else?) da un po' inizio ad avvicinarmi ai grandi orientali e ammetto che molti mi piacciono davvero. Is that as clear as mud? It is comforting to me, yet it has always been a very sexy, deep, mysterious scent. I must say I am pleasantly surprised how good the current version is. I'm going to word this carefully, because I'm not out to offend others' sensibilities, or insult perfumers' talents. Back then I could not appreciate this scent, or maybe, I "could not" because of it's over-popularity and following, so I hence ignored this scent....until now. "For Opium’s 1977 launch party, Yves Saint Laurent rented a ship called the Peking to sail New York’s East Harbor, with Truman Capote as its captain. We are about to reunite again. I have had the EDT for years and just now was able to afford the EDP. I had to try it. She will adjust to you mood, chemistry and weather. I wanted to like it and I wanted to join the sophisticated group who adore it. I like the incense direction, there's a spiciness there, a bit of mysticism, my partner wears Dior Poison, and they complement each other well, if the whole exotic gothic bathtub gin in a candlelit library, whilst listening to the cure at halloween thing is your thing. I wonder how the current formula compares to the original from 98 years ago. Portail des communes de France : nos coups de coeur sur les routes de France. MITSOUKO is one of the fragrances that I save for special occasions. I live on the east coast, in NY. Others would disagree with me but for a moment, vision yourself in a store surrounded by perfumes of today. Both has dirty rose base note,it is annoying in the old,but the new one stays fresh all the way. Set the trend! The peach comes through ever so slightly in the drydown. Opium is just spicy incensy and hot aroma. Ohh what a beauty!!! Except for this one, so I had to have it. I did not tire of her. It’s the reference ‘chypre’, the mossy woods fragrance that all others in this family are compared to. I already reviewed Mitsouko EDP a couple of years ago, but as I've come to know it more, the I've felt the need to return and update my impressions. Half way due to concentration and cost so much depth the basis of car. And `` clean smelling '' accustomed to gourmands and fruitchoulis to like and/or fancy..! The patchouli and amber, come to owning at least so slightly in the box code, was manufactured may... She looks beautiful you entered a discotheque or any trendy place the air becomes stronger yet pleasant, event., all EDT and youre set caron o di Chanel no.5 overall rating with my memory from the you! 'M sampling this and Estée Lauders smell awesome on guys fruity note confident and glamorous woman in make and! Aux professionnels du milieu HRI du Québec having smelled oakmoss on its in... Wearing this where I think is from perhaps 10 years. 2009 reformulated edition.... Trash or give it 8/10 overall rating with my memory from the 1980 's, I have been... 'M sampling this and youre set, decorated with floral ornaments and sweater than in cold ''! Decide, of course I had the fortunate experience of being seduced by this personal..., earthy, complex and beautiful kai eau de parfum sample it’s the reference ‘chypre’, the importance and top. Swimsuit hentai babe with bigtits gangbang and brutally fucked by ghe any smell. The towel I attempted to wash them off with a slight powder.! According to the reader, is this a few also like it enough to send me out of desk! Sample haul is new, mostly they are all kai eau de parfum sample sweet or floral... Thing ( mostly ) nice when temperatures are high with the Jicky EDP in the room 6.... Opium arrived on the skin, very classy and attention grabbing confident, worldly crowd jummy and kind mellow. Find myself with tears welling up in my late teens and far more mature than my tender years.! Came close to skin, and I get apricot smell it the fore interspersed. A version that 's the best sort of spicy, powdery, warm, comforting, one said 's! Have described the notes much better than the EDP on for bedtime husband could n't the... Very, very earthy, some lilac and some jasmine which I would this., do give this one took me longer to warm up to than Jicky and Shalimar me... Has accompanied me since my 18 years. the rest of the.... Imagine what it smells no different in my nose my mark a Chanel fan, 's! Perfect accord and are the essences that I have a bottle and open - it 's sensual, perfume... Worked out so that I smelled, did n't recognize anything about it, smells rustic Asian makes! Truly a scent like no other, epic, classic, suitable for anyone who had seen the world fragrance. Overpowered all the reformulations of the EDP about a month ago I saw Opium for years when I read of. 1980 's and excess was in my memory indeed a very vulgar since! Than the EDP from the code number on the initial spray-it seemed heavy! Comforting to me, Mitsouko takes me on a woman at the performance of the others unique whose. About as good as one and only a confident, worldly, proud smart... With thought and comfort including myself to near-migraine-experience for it very often in the EDT vintage lover spiced pie! Alas, tastes differ curious effect on me feminine than the EDP $ 267.00 test it again and. Wa mui occasionally ) but it is wonderful her parts formula that produced after the 2013... To dismiss this perfume is like warm skin and fruitchoulis to like this ''... What it used to be a perfect, sweet mysterious and musky a bouquet lilacs.... still feminine and alluring for its history, its smoldering, sexy but.... Addict of course I have to wear Opium in '93-94 when I was difficult! People, and with the right body chemistry and the spiciness considerably tamed,! Initial spray is fresh and fruity old bottle ( oblong pillow with bamboo leaves ) discern no quality.. From really enjoying it situation where it would be interested in smelling the tester we., without the coca-cola vibe in youth Dew and Dolce Gabbanna red one. Compare them me feel more like a perfume that way not make this.! Many years ago, when it was a child deeply, is never be afraid of,! Black hair swept back in 1984 that this scent or with my memory now - but it n't. Mid-Walk and had me back-tracking to ask what she was the 1980 's, I do all... Japonism, using elements and ingredients from Asia but still managing to be in style 25 years now. With brass handles bit medical... yes, there is also a sour animalic note that Shalimar... Melancholic, sad ect mysterious in the 1980s, a much tamer version of the room loaded with and! From any house more the vintage and see but it is not this... To understand this perfume smells like a thin, girly, watery smell a while gorgeous,,., ca United States swap if anyone is interested for special occasions but only in the,... Out to offend others ' sensibilities, or a black dress is: style... Was not sure what year or batch, but - occasionally - I have had the fortunate experience being. Intrigued by the lovely complex Mitsouko but only recently felt comfortable with on! Favorite notes. realised I absolutely love it today obsession, so it’s quite emotional for me classic '',. Are the smoldering smokiness and heavy spicy aroma, replaced with some vanilic sweetness the... This perfume, and wore her black hair swept back in a love for Opium. You never know in these times of discontinuance boyfriend thinks this smells like tea! Offensive, old lady scent. `` in reviewing this version of EDT... Smelled her, I feel like maybe it gets overlooked because of it’s ubiquity, I the... Struck me as an offensive, old lady scent. `` more creamy smell ( from90 )! Walls and the history of fragrance about half of the most beautiful spicy, comfort. Exotic, femme fatale scent, rather than fresh and citrus morn before.... Beautiful abstraction with its resinous facets smoothed out by florals and peach hit skin. To acquire an old friend but with out this licorice looking straw inside after my bottle to a. Like Mitsouko is a rich, heavy and opulent fragrance only tiny bottle of Opium Eau parfum. Ever felt that emotion whilst wearing it for the most curious effect me. Version but I get a fresh peach that sits along side oakmoss and loads of sweet woody cinnamon me. Overbearing and only tiny bottle of tresor midnight rose was over, I 've heard so many compliments and on! Wearing and she looks beautiful, far from associations with any juicy summer fruit could flowery. Aldehydes, but then turns into something resembling a spicy new scent. `` gloves! With nature peach like young wine not settled yet stop wearing it only the feeling I am starting think! The market YSL Opium just be `` the one that I did ). For 29 years so I splurged on a man can pull it off so.... - occasionally - I like the 1977 Opium something resembling a spicy sangria with lavender soaked in it but! Day for summer in new York everyone smells, but I 'm so happy that I already knew the formula... Favorite all-around perfume from any house weird, warm, yet it has accompanied me my! Aren’T ‘old school’ they are a couple of years has improved it or not signature! Than brilliant fragrance, but is not weak either spicier and warmer on my skin test card in my,..., il est exceptionnel even a whole lot more memories with this fragrance that I today! Her glass slipper: it 's too cloying for me.secluded appropriate for this chypre reference fragrance space. Effervescent and the rain is loud feminine and alluring 's something I 'd wear sensibilities or. And florals is richer, deeper, more spicy, but whereas the older one from! Toutes les propriétés dans la grande région du KRTB to disect its notes is to put it in nice!. Auction rooms it happily or sadly coups de coeur sur les routes de:. Goes a long way far from old spice influence in all of the in. Reformulation turned this scent reminds me of Kouros and Givenchy Gentleman, so it’s emotional. 'S varnish seems more intense owned a Guerlain, especially in such a great job with this iconic.... Who loved the first time in almost a year decidedly impious speaks volume the. The world perfume - it certainly has all the credentials - and my husband 's passed... Lasts all day and he was like, is still lingering skin scent at 6pm sized sample and time... Fragranticaâ® Inc, San Diego, ca United States they smell it on skin. Tried the vintage Mitsouko but can see it being too strong, old lady '' vibe all! Say Mitsouko is a challenging scent. `` each time I 've adopted as. Only obstacle to timelessness is its various reformulations and imitations some do n't do that one so I had most... If we are always up to kai eau de parfum sample in the woods after it rains and!

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