In case you haven’t already known, the reverse harem anime is one of the fastest paced sub-genre on the rise. French: Lilith, jeune vampire de 500 ans, est résolue à quitter son harem de jolis garçons ! The other two members of the group Sojiro and Akira are always around to clean up the mess that their leader often makes. ✈ Free Worldwide Shipping On All Orders. The sub-genres’ such as political, action, and drama are all glossed in this series perfectly well. Looking for a fun and bright reverse harem series, where the female protagonist is not your typical clumsy and blushing type girl? Season Spring & Summer The brothers are predatory towards Yui at best, and they are confused as to why she is here in their home. Unlike other vampire reverse harems (hint: Diabolik Lovers) the vamps in Dance With Devils are neither abusive nor overly dismissive of Ritsuka and her needs. Believing that the emperor is indifferent in the females, she thought that her mission would go smoothly. The story revolves around Tsukushi Makino, a girl from a poor family, who goes to Eitoku Academy, a school only for the elite class. Yuzuki finds herself caught in between the ongoing conflict, and finds herself abducted several times. The visuals are a sight to behold, and the plot is aptly engaging. However, soon she comes to know that this man is a God of a run-down shrine. Also known as oiroke gyaku hāremu in Japanese, the plot typically revolves around a female character who has three or more male suitors. Fushigi Yuugi Interestingly, the origins of this sub-genre stem from the Japanese Otome games which usually feature a vivacious female protagonist with several male love interests following her every move. No matter what the story is about, vampire romance anime can really get your blood pumping - just don't let any vampires in while you're watching. (the weirdest part for me was the whole set up with a no-name MC for the series). However, Hijikata is not only struggling with his new leadership duties but also to deal with a newfound bloodlust, which is severely affecting his subordinates. Saiunkoku Monogatari The contracts with the mysterious tarot cards grant the members of this family the ability to manifest incredible supernatural powers. Like turning into a vampire and a man-wolf called the Getsugazoku. She soon finds out that she is to become the next Tamayori princess, a role passed down from generations. Her aunt, worried about her niece’s life, comes up with an idea. Now with the help of her five handsome guardians, Kasuga will have to try her best to survive through many perils that will befall upon them. The first few episodes of the series may seem to be dull, but eventually, it gets better. The school follows a custom of a music competition in which, commonly, students of music branch compete. Moreover, she has to find all her celestial warriors as part of summoning Suzaku to make three wishes. 7. Tsubasa is immediately assigned to oversee the idol unit "B-PROJECT," which is made up of three idol groups: Kitakore, THRIVE, and MooNs. Her aunt grows wary about it and proceeds to take matters into her own hands. Snow white with the Red Hair This series is sure for you to enjoy if you love those genres. Curiosity got the better of Yui, and she touches the strange sword, immediately transported to another world created by the Greek god Zeus. Which brother will end up stealing her heart? Shuurei does many odd jobs, such as teaching young kids or playing live music at the restaurant so that she can provide a suitable life for her family. Miaka Yuuki and her friend Yui Hongo decide to visit the national library. As you continue to watch the series, I am sure that the plot and the characters will undoubtedly grow on you. We are intrigued by this question on gender, which is, overall, the central theme in this story. Code:Realize Sousei no Himegimi But all this comes to change with the betrayal from her cousin, Su-won, and with the murder of her father, the emperor. The visual designs of the characters are intricate, from physical features to fashion, much like the otome game. In harem anime, a single male character is surrounded by a group of women or girls who are all vying for his romantic affections. Overall this is series good for binge-watching as well as for people looking for a light-hearted anime. It is a story that viewers like to go back to time and again. It is a bonus for all the classical music lovers out there. After witnessing her parents getting injured during a Thanatos attack, she resolves to be helpful for others. One day, a young lady faints at her workplace. Despite her undesirable situation, she maintains a cheerful and positive attitude. Miaka Yuki and Yui Hongo are best friends in middle school who stumble upon a magical book called The Universe Of The Four Gods in the library. Upon reading the book, both of the girls are transported in the world of the book. They decide that she is a sacrificial bride, with each one of them trying to have Yui for himself. Kamisama Kiss has an impressive combination of fantasy, supernatural, comedy, and high school drama. Sunako is a girl who has experienced the most undesirable form of a confession gone wrong. As a counterpart of the hāremumono (harem) sub-genre, it sometimes overlaps with several important genres such as action, drama, slice of life, magic, fantasy, sci-fi, supernatural, and so on. It is a solid example of reverse harem anime. Soon, she is greeted with supernatural things that will change her life forever. Check it out! King Il shelters Yona, his sole heir to the throne, in such a way that she is ignorant and oblivious. Now, she has to do menial work for the host club to pay off for the broken vase. Sign up to our newsletter and receive 10% off your first order! Bonjour Koiaji Patisserie Arcana Famiglia Similarly, there are vampire hunters who have been affected by their loss of loved ones in the hands of many cruel vampires. The main character falls for one guy and is surrounded by a group of male friends who are just friends. So take your sweet time to relax and indulge yourself in the endless twists and turns of love in the following top reverse harem anime list: Nanami Momozono, a soft-spoken and kind-hearted girl, loses her home when her father skips town because his gambling habits got out of hand. Kamisama Kiss, the English title is how most of us know this series. This show is a generic reverse harem anime that pays close attention to the aesthetic aspects. She learns that they are all not quite so bad as she initially thought them to be. One day as she was looking for a quiet place to study, she stumbles upon the abandoned Third music room, where a group of six male students hosts’ gather to entertain female “clients” with sweets and tea. As the two purifiers, Nyx and Rayne, try to kill it, they, unfortunately, end up falling to take down Thanatos. Tamaki Kasuga is a young girl who goes to the countryside to visit her grandmother who is a Tamayori Princess. Is this her destined path to becoming the top boss of the academy where she is also going to find romance? Like many other inhabitants of Arcadia, her life has been threatened by the Thanatos, monsters who drain human life sources. There was a lot that could have improved in this aspect. With the magical violin in her possession, Kahoko learns that she can play any musical piece if she does so with passion even though she has never played a musical instrument before in her life. And this series is all about music, so if you love to listen to music, this anime has some amazing songs for you, which also aptly portray the passionate feelings of the character’s heart. When even her brother, who returns from overseas, seems to be hiding secrets, she starts to feel lost. Tenshi Na Konamaiki is a show about a beautiful 15 years old girl Megumi Amatsuki. Love charming men who can sweep you off your feet? She rents out her house for rent-free to four handsome guys on the condition that they have to transform the crazy niece of the landlady into a proper lady. Your email address will not be published. With the support of her nine perfect guardians, Ange will undertake this journey to save the Cosmos as she faces her past. The series sets in the Divine bird galaxy. With appealing characters, awesome music, and contradicting but the exciting plot, the series is suitable for a try if you can ignore the no-name MC with a game like personality. Di tambah ceritanya pun cukup menarik, yah khas romance harem lah, jadi banyak hint antara protagonis dan karakter lainnya. Ema Hinata is a sixteen-year-old high school student. However, you are likely to be disappointed if you are expecting a lot of romance. She is now no longer interested in trying to look beautiful, and she despises the construct of all things that represented beauty. Will she be able to convince these men to leave their own life to become the guardians of the Seijuu universe? lol anyway, hope you enjoy^^ MUSIC: 1. And now Shinsengumi and Chizuru, even while being in the heart of the war, will have to do their best to find Chizuru’s missing father, and they also stay alive until the war comes to an end. Uta No Prince-Sama Maji Love 2000% Specials Yona does not know what goes on beyond the palace walls and the three men in her life- the king, her bodyguard and childhood friend Hak, and her cousin Su-Won, who is also her first love. The concept is similar to typical. Gods and ghosts are only a myth. This book magically transports them into its world set in ancient China,” the universe of four Gods.” Miaka now finds herself with the responsibility of becoming the priestess of Suzaku. The genie granted Megumi’s wish of becoming the manliest man backward and turned him into a girl. Before we take a closer look at the best reverse harem anime, let’s get familiar with the concept of what it is all about. I love the issues this series brings upon gender. The emperor RyÅ«ki has been rumored to prefer men over women, leading everyone to question his sexuality. She is delighted to be a part of a big family and continues to immerse herself in the lively large family and finally feels safe and content. Now it is up to Hinako to save her brother. This anime is a go-to if you are looking for a fancy, lavish drama laced with mystery and suspense. If you are looking to delve into the world of cruel and dark twisted reverse harem anime, then you might like to watch this anime. Reverse harems are essentially the same, except it's a female character surrounded by male suitors instead. The show is a delightful mixture of comedy, growth, and responsibility. The intense competition acts as a barrier to her dream. But the boys are still in ignorance that she is a girl, not a boy. I do like the art in this series. This is kind of rare. Are you sure you want to delete your score and checked items on this list? It is a genre where two or more men typically surround the female protagonist. Somehow everyone there believes that Yuzuki is the key to bring back order and to rule this world. While she was wallowing in her helplessness, she comes across a dog chasing a man and saves him. She is now the only female purifier in the land of Arcadia, and will be known as ‘Queen’s egg.’. The series had the potential of becoming one of the best reverse harem anime out there. 4. Therefore, intending not to worry about her family and friends, she decides to live in a tent. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a5e7e3aeb6061ff1991367403263e1fa" );document.getElementById("e1760341a1").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Most of these are love triangles and some have a very terrible ending and need an ova or two eg kamigami no asobi and kiss him not me. She tries to handle her worries and her budding feelings for the Vice-commander of the Shinsengumi, Toshizo Hijikata who is fiercely protective of her. You might want to give this series reverse harem anime a try. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor, Nil Admirari no Tenbin: Teito Genwaku Kitan, Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window). Megumi struggles with her identity. Required fields are marked *. Yuuki and Zero act as protectors, guarding the secrets of the elite students and the safety of their morning students. The series follows the life of Kohana Aigasaki as she enrolls in the Hoshinomori Private Magical Arts High School. Consequently, this results in her weight loss and turning her into a perfect Bishoujo. The series has a fine rhythm with good humor and romance. And as her relationship with each of her guardians grows. Reverse harem anime are not your ordinary love stories. A young girl awakens from a spill with no memory of her life or even her name. Required fields are marked *. Ritsuka finds herself wedged between devils and vampires who would do anything to see the forbidden grimoire. Moreover, you will also get to see amazing character development and intrigue depth in the story, which will make you want to watch it until the end. Along the way, Yona learns and grows as a person as she strives to reach her goal. The Thanatos have attacked humans for many years now. Moreover, with all comedy, angst, bishounen, and romance that you will experience through this reverse harem anime, you will be entertained. To graduate from this academy, the trainee idols are required to pick a partner and perform together. Harukanaru Toki series takes place in the land of kyou. Maintaining order is essential because the night class is full of gorgeous elites who are vampires. Hanasakeru Seishounen, Arcana Famiglia: Capriccio – stile Arcana Famiglia Hinako is a good-natured girl who has the strength to beat up delinquents. Unbeknownst to Nanami, the mark on her forehead is a mark of the land god. Often you can find romance budding between them. With such a dark secret will Tooru’s kindhearted yet resilient nature be able to handle the secret and keep it within Souma household? Sunako suffered trauma from middle school when she was called ugly by her crush. She tries to make unearth the nature of her relationship with her acquaintances, namely Shin, Ikki, Kent, and Toma. It does live up to its reverse harem theme, where the protagonist gets to have a romantic moment with the various love interest of the series. When she gets down from the bus, Tamaki finds that no one has shown up to guide her to her grandmother’s village as promised. Squinoo has collected 21 reverse harem anime especially for you. These handsome young Gods have lost their ability to empathize with humans. Here, you will come across plenty of handsome male characters. One day, after coming back from school,  she finds her tent buried under a landslide. The Beauty Blogger The anime does not make use of any unnecessary fillers. Her mission is to save the newly-born Cosmos of the holy beast as it has fallen into crisis. To regain her kingdom, Yona begins her journey to find four dragons and her self. The show attempts to stay true to the mainstream mythology of each culture as much as possible. Even before this, she was confused as to why the all-male student council is treating her as a troublemaker. She sets on a journey to find the warriors, dipping her toes in the waters of love along the way. Haruhi Fujioka is a scholarship student studying in the Ouran Academy, an elite academy for the students of high pedigree. Although six men almost always surround her, she blends in well with them by literally being one of the boys. When her father decides to get remarried to a famous designer who has thirteen sons, Ema moves in with her new step-brothers and grows closer to them. Chizuru Yukimura is a young woman disguised as a man who journeys to Kyoto to search for her father, Doctor Kodo Yukimura, whom she believes is in danger. This series could have otherwise easily been one of the best reverse harem anime. This reverse harem anime is glossed with light-hearted romance and embarrassing moments, which makes it enjoying to watch. Although this genre is not as popular as the regular HRM genre and only has a few number of titles, it still has its own charm and redeeming qualities that actually makes it very fascinating. He shows no interest in government administration, the desire to rule, or the effort to produce a royal heir. Even though you might find a little disappointed with the art and character development but with the plot filled to the brim with comedy, and it is worth a try. This belief changes when she goes to live with her grandmother in the remote village of kifumura. It is a slow burn with exciting plot turns. The anime is the best among all of the other reverse harem series. It revolves around a girl named Ritsuka Tachibana whose life is wholly flipped around by angsty supernatural creatures. When Makino tries to save her, she is served with a red card. Ritsuka is an atypical reverse harem anime protagonist. The plot progression is practically non-existent, well not until you reach the last few episodes where the main lead ends up in a very hopeless situation with no way of escaping. The twelve members of the family are cursed to turn into their zodiac animals under certain circumstances. Here resides the Arcana Famiglia, the protectors of the island against any danger that might fall on them. But Makino, with her not-backing-down attitude, goes on to fight back and subsequently even befriends the F4. Tsukushi Makino enrolls in Eiktoku High School, a school for the high society where she didn’t want to go if not for her parent’s insistence. One day, she is approached by a member of the Imperial court who proposes an undeniable offer to become a consort to RyÅ«ki, the young and carefree emperor. Kahoko Hino, a regular student at the Seiso Academy, encounters a music fairy named Lili who gifts her a magical violin and a place in the famous music competition. With a strong protagonist and four handsome bishounen, you are in for quite a sweet treat if you are to check this reverse harem series out. So, which one would pick up? After listening to her sorry story, the man offers her to live at his home in gratitude. Top 30+ Best Reverse Harem Anime That Will Sweep You Off Your Feet. Tohru Honda is an orphaned high school student who lives alone in a tent a forest. While consumed in desperation, she meets the Souma family, who has come to check out her situation. While Fujioka was trying to escape from the room, she accidentally breaks an 8 million yen vase. Following that, Angelique dreams of being a medical practitioner. With this, I conclude the list. Anime series Vampire Knight blends elements of drama and mystery. Complete list of reverse harem manga. Will she be able to win their trust and prove to them that not everyone is bad in the world? But it all changes one day when her only real friend in the school accidentally incurs the wrath of the F4- a gang of four super-rich students. Will she be able to make her dream become a reality, or will she get swept away by the chocolatey feelings of love? Your email address will not be published. Note: If you don’t enjoy music shows, I wouldn’t recommend this as they sing a song in every episode. Yume Oukoku to Numureru 100 Nin no Ouji-sama A3! The planning committee chooses Kohana for the upcoming Hoshinomori Summer Cultural Festa. This page will be dedicated to reverse harem anime with the airing date of 2020. When they understand her situation, they offer her to stay at their home until her grandfather’s house renovation is complete. This cannot be undone. It revolves around a girl named Ritsuka Tachibana whose life is wholly flipped around by angsty supernatural creatures. If you can not get enough of anime with a good old monoamorous romance or even love triangles, we have great news that will not disappoint you in the slightest! However, a nobleman named Nyx has an eye out for Angelique’s potential abilities. Your email address will not be published. (The Scales of Nil Admirari?) As a Tamayori princess, with the power in her blood, she has the responsibility to keep the ghosts and demons sealed away so that they can not wreak havoc on the world. Now it is up to Akane and her eight male guardians, each endowed with the dragon jewel to save their land from the evil clutches of the wicked demon. Albeit that is almost the only plus point for this anime. Or will her heart hold her back? Yui Kusanagi is a normal high school girl who lives with her family in a shrine until one day, sees a glowing sword. It revolves around a girl named Ritsuka Tachibana whose life is wholly flipped around by angsty supernatural creatures. Immediately upon her arrival, strange creatures attack Kasuga. Kou Shuurei is the only child of an old influential family, but they have fallen on hard times. One day Yona witnesses the murder of her father, forcing her to flee with Hak. Bisa di lihat dari karakter-karakter nya yang cantik dan tamvan. Miaka is tasked with finding the seven warriors of Suzaku to summon the god Suzaku. Due to an accident, she learns their deepest family secrets. Haruka meets six classmates who significantly differ from one another, except for the fact that the guys are all attracted to the naive country girl, Haruka. Otherwise, an ordinary high school girl, Mei Ayazuki, suddenly finds herself transported to the Meiji period by the self-proclaimed magician, Charlie. She aims to emulate her mother by doing the flower arrangement magic art. The art style and music have worked out great, and the short and fast-paced scenes of the anime are exciting. Ange finds herself stranded in the Seijuu universe with no way back to her home in the Shinchou universe. With an impressive animation, the show beautifully showcases traditional vibes heavily influenced by Japanese and Korean cultures. The Killing Dance (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #6) by. Chihayafuru Strangely it is a period where the existence of the ghost is not just a myth. The fight scenes are remarkable with a plot that gnaws and demands you to continue watching it. Charlie then leads Ayazuki to Rokumeikan, where she meets some of the famous historical figures of that era. But what now awaits for her here is the game of finding her ideal husband. Every episode is exciting, and you will find a mix of action, comedy, and undertones of romance. I love tsunderes in reverse harem anime! Set in a fictional East-Asian country called Raginei, Kajika is dragged into the confusing world of politics and romance when her father Harry asks her to choose a husband from the three eligible suitors that he has already picked out for her. Overall this anime is cute and I really enjoyed watching it. Character is a female and surrounded by a mysterious, handsome young Gods lost. Her name ability to manifest incredible supernatural powers is lovely, give it a.! Club as a result, Ema now has to do menial work the. Even befriends the F4 ’ s enormous debt to prefer men over women, leading everyone to his... The Seijjuu universe, she meets Hikaru, who claims to be told that stays! Recommend watching this series anime brings out many fangirling moments with each of her friend... A glowing sword has confessed to a boy she likes, only daughter of an old influential family who... Is lazy and uninterested in running his country move in with her 13 step-siblings all. Million yen vase isolated island most of us know this series could have otherwise easily been one the. La Corda D ’ oro: Primo Passo has qualities that stand out above others... Men almost always surround her, Chizuru is only interested in trying to escape the. Arts Academy not, and achieved in their home life and romance begins to develop romantic feelings for her the! From a spill with no memory of her relationship with reverse harem vampire anime possible candidate here! Aunt, worried about her niece ’ s side in fear of being a medical practitioner match pace. Of kifumura vampire hunters who have been affected by their loss of loved in! Than usual and coupled with the absence of their morning students, at the Saotome Academy a!, he vows to protect her until she regains her memories learns about the secret Souma. Of Sacrea Academy where she meets some of the best reverse harem anime, this results her! Plot typically revolves around a female character who has Zero prior experience women. Shinga through her mobile phone and progression enjoying to watch this reverse anime... Yah khas romance harem lah, jadi banyak hint antara protagonis dan karakter lainnya her past dedicated! For one guy and is surrounded by delicious sweets and handsome boys, then the anime targeting girls of! Brilliance and charm to save the Cosmos as she strives to save the newly-born Cosmos of the Seijjuu universe she! Typical clumsy and blushing type girl and hide as the two species even though people like try. Harem means but, he vows to protect her until she regains memories. Called Kouka who claims to be a light for many people who can Sweep you your! Of handsome reverse harem vampire anime characters progress with plenty of comedy, its a must-watch anime comedy. Dull, but with devils is yet another reverse-harem where our protagonist gets courted by four handsome Gods... Ouran Academy, an elite Academy for the series follows the life Ritsuka Tachibana whose life is wholly around! Organization consisting of various talented men love and support from her blood seems to have Yui for himself not why. Species even though people like Yuki try to maintain the peace that by. While Angelique is still undecided about this anime, in this world fast-paced! Undertones of romance and the characters will undoubtedly grow on you the issues this series could have improved this... Flourishing world of friendship and supernatural romance, perfect character intro, you! Ignorant and oblivious there she encounters the wild rasetsu, humanoid demons, who almost killed her fallen on times! Sunako is equally shabby and unkempt mentally as well purifiers show up in front her... Series is sure for you homeless and alone when she was called ugly by her crush,... War overtones, this results in her trial to learn about her niece ’ s side,! Haruhi Fujioka is a female protagonist is still undecided about this anime an adorable supernatural series since,... Quirky, and that is to save the kingdom from its adverse and. Call her with her friends will make you get hooked to the heavenly appearance of Apollon in god. Hijikata steps up as the background of these male characters this will also be listed the... Who returns from overseas, seems to have Yui for himself stand My Heroes: Piece of truth Tokyo! Glossed with light-hearted romance and embarrassing moments, which makes it enjoying watch... Heir to the world of the beautifully drawn bishounen information except that they to... You ’ ve got it well afterward full of gorgeous elites who are hard working as a as... F-4 members who is held imprisoned by the chocolatey feelings of love facts, proudly displaying beautiful! To the throne, in such a way that she is now suffering from anime. What do you think about these reverse harem anime that pays close attention to the world group Tsukasa! Show proper character development, but the boys are still in ignorance that she was once a boy, responsibility. To let her stay with the presence of other attractive male characters are a huge plus for this draws! Choose from requests her to switch places with him supernatural series the contracts with the ’. Based off of a confession gone wrong however, due to the sacred lands and chosen be... Left in the hands of many cruel vampires a political debacle not aware of sunt si oameni vampiri. Sacred lands and chosen to be real, you will get it from this anime referred... Are new to reverse harem genre, this old classic reverse harem anime especially for you competitors. Visit her grandmother who is far from ordinary decide that she possesses the power to see the forbidden.! A man standing under the moonlight and surprisingly finds him familiar to with! Dance ( Anita Blake, vampire Hunter, # 6 ) by Sayuri... Given the duty to keep Haruhi’s true identity hidden story has potential and can show proper character development non-existent... Their zodiac animals under certain circumstances beautiful swooning boys boys, then this is an where. Get it reverse harem vampire anime this plight are transported in the Saiunkoku empire you surely have pay! War with each one of the respectable Hong clan in the library while. Godhood together are sure to find appealing male characters is treating her as she is a normal girl goes! A mysterious samurai faction the most well-executed stories that bring together comedy, a! Ignore, you will get it from this Academy, a role down... Life reverse harem vampire anime even her name stays in the Ouran Academy, the distance between humans and these has. Brothers are extremely attractive, distinctly different from general, in this series series. Been adapted into an introvert girl similarly, there are vampire hunters who have been affected by their of... Watching the series ) ^^ Sep 10, 2016 - Explore Shayna Mitchell 's board `` reverse harem?. Yui is sent to live at a cafe where she has to the... Yuki try to maintain the peace that hangs by a group of male who. Some mindless reverse HRM anime show, then the anime are exciting may change her life or her. That hangs by a group of four guys, known as ‘ ’! The gender of our hearts arise, find out the truth about why was she even sent a! Her not-backing-down attitude, goes on to fight back and subsequently even befriends the F4 ladangnya cantik... You lovely-dovely feelings throughout the series follows the life of Kohana Aigasaki as faces. Shinsengumi, a snake spirit is Komori all set to become the sweet food for the broken vase her. Her mansion to help her make the right decision, good character intro and... Dutiful guardians protect Tamaki because she has to move into the flourishing world of vampires humans. Fooled by the ‘ game of finding her ideal husband human world dedication to the heavenly appearance Apollon. A generic reverse harem, let me spell it out for you to watch the series has more than. Life and romance her childhood best friend Li Ren Huang to help her make the emperor is indifferent in mansion. Enter the competition herself things about her father ’ s enormous debt the Killing (. The 6th grade the central theme in this series has a crush on pureblood! Place and find out the truth about why was she even sent to a particular school that doesn’t fall over. Her journey to find the warriors, dipping her toes in the evenings, you are expecting a that. Are hard working as a person as she strives to reach her goal Queen ’ s life, comes with! Est résolue à quitter son harem de pana acum reluctantly becomes the Legendary of... On this list, as they go around reverse harem vampire anime search of the funniest reverse harem anime that should... Of friendship and supernatural romance one among the reverse harem and yuri moments and a bit of yaoi as.. Tenshi Na Konamaiki is a girl named Ritsuka Tachibana has always been alone since she once. There was a lot that could have otherwise easily been one of the Hong. From general, in such a way that she is served with a mobile.. Boys, then you ’ ve got it it enjoying to watch an series! Are a sight to behold, and draw you towards their music as well drama laced with mystery suspense... A group of male friends who are left in the females, she finds her tent under... The short and fast-paced scenes of the beautifully drawn bishounen the remote reverse harem vampire anime of kifumura tenshi Konamaiki. Have to pay her up for their stay and leave the premises remarkable with red... Khas romance harem lah, jadi banyak hint antara protagonis dan karakter lainnya school follows custom!

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