He has a long beard for a time (which he grew in an attempt to impress Tenma), a shaved head shortly following him shaving his beard off, and because Eri was mad at him for that she shaved the top of his head, and for a time has a shaved face because Eri accidentally cut it, and upon hearing that Tenma didn't like beards he shaved it off completely. Would anyone know if this is the same Katou as listed on faculty? Jin Kobayashi started writing the series School Rumble because he found the idea of a manga involving a delinquent falling in love interesting. Later, when Iori avoids Yakumo, Harima saves Iori from drowning, then pulls a thorn out of his leg, and the cat begins liking him. I don't see Kyoji listed, if that's his name could someone add it? Popular Quizzes Today . She makes her last appearance at the end of School Rumble Z comforting her sister. She is also a good singer, and her singing is featured in episodes 2 and 6 of School Rumble - Second Term. A British or American exchange student, but based on the chapter 172 most likely British. School Rumble is a Gag Series that relies more on character interaction than actual progress in relationships. She is wealthy and is half-Japanese, half-English. ajay154 this is nicely put together must of took some time to put everything in the right spot . Yoshidayama plays a lead role when with his two friends Nara and Nishimoto. Also if so, please redirect the full name to the faculty also. The manga alternates between several main protagonists. Eventually, Tenma reveals her feelings to Karasuma, but before she can get a reply he contracts a rare disease which causes memory loss to both his long-term and short-term memory. She has a crush on him, but Shuji doesn't know. His name is pronounced the same as Harima's (in traditional Japanese use of family name first, Harima Kenji, with the exception that the j is replaced by a z) in Japanese, which leads to more than a few misunderstandings between the two. The class' number 3 pervert, Takeichi Fuyuki pretends to take photos of the girls in the school for the yearbook, but in reality sells them to the other male students. He also excels at track events and hockey. She gives him the name Iori (伊織) and brings him home to live with her, though he is continually wary of Tenma. Who's in Liebe whit who ... Hintergrund. [13] Her mother is from Kyoto. The year before, he saved Tenma from a thug. Y. miz-ktakase AN amazing diagram. Harima has a younger brother, Shuji who has a crush on Yakumo. His parents live in the United States; in the beginning of the story, Karasuma was supposed to move there, which caused Tenma, in a fit of despair, to write him a love scroll (it was initially meant to be a love letter, but Tenma had written what she felt, so in the end, it came out in the form of a scroll.). Of the 106234 characters on Anime Characters Database, 46 are from the anime School Rumble. In Japanese, the first two characters don't match. Akira targeted Ganji Nishimoto, who was the source of Haruki's problems. These stories are built upon funny characters, situations and events. ajay154 this is nicely put together must of took some time to put everything in the right spot . He was framed by Nishimoto, who is also bidding to be mayor of Yagami, and that just about puts his dream of being mayor away. Takahashi, Hiroki. Her belief in and support of Harima helped him get over his depression and return to school. mangá . School Rumble Characters. She takes part-time jobs doing various dangerous secretive jobs which she does not tell her friends about. school rumble. Using a high-tech camera she secretly takes pictures of Ganji trying to bribe others into voting for him. School Rumble’s science teacher, Itoko is actually Harima’s cousin. [15] The two main animals who are continually used in gags throughout the manga are, Napoleon, a pig and Pyotr, a giraffe. This results in misinterpretations by others, especially Tenma, who think they are dating because of Harima's desire to keep his work secret. When he tries winning the affections of Karen, it leads to a conflict with Imadori which Imadori eventually wins. The object of his desire, Tenma Tsukamoto, has no idea he exists. mangafreak24, Sushi7777 and 6 others like this. User Info: EricDent1. [n 2] In the English dub, Kenji would call her by the name "Rich Girl." [n 1] Harima, like his crush, Tenma, is a fan of the jidaigeki television show The Three For The Kill. The side chapters focus on many of the side characters from the main chapters with most of them focusing on Yakumo Tsukamoto. miz-ktakase AN amazing diagram. Although he is against perversion, he occasionally cannot help himself from temptations such as viewing sexy photos of Itoko Osakabe under the excuse of validating their authenticity or "confiscating" Ganji Nishimoto's entire porn tape collection. Continuing right where season 1 left off: Harima still likes Tenma but still runs into obstacles everytime he tries to confess his love to her. Mikoto is very athletic; she learns how to swim when forced to and becomes a competent basketball player in a short amount of time. Conversely, she addresses to Kenji as Hige (ヒゲ, loosely translated as "bearded guy"), even after he does away with his facial hair. [n 8] While Shuji secretly likes Yakumo, he also shows concern for his classmate Mio. She loves eating spicy curry and later wins an eating contest with it for the fifth consecutive time. As the school year continues, the two get increasingly closer thanks to Tenma's own incredible determination to be with him and occasional help by Harima. Tennoji tends to wear his winter uniform even during the summer, and is often shown much larger than he really is. Tenma wasn't able to hear Karasuma's confession and decided to stay in the U.S. to become a doctor to cure Karasuma and hope he can remember about her and 2-C class. Harima began drawing manga as a means of escape after realizing Tenma was in love with Karasuma. He is campaigning to be Mayor of Yagami. Italian. She enjoys flirting with Imadori, but is sort of annoyed of Mikoto because of Imadori pestering with Mikoto more than her. He likes Tae Anegasaki, but every time he tries to hit on her, she clings to Harima affectionately, making him run away in jealousy and shame. She also grows close to Harima over the series. Settings Language. EricDent1 9 years ago #9. Voiced by: Ami Koshimizu (JP) and Luci Christian (EN) The main female character, a ditzy airhead with a crush on Karasuma. :D, https://schoolrumble.fandom.com/wiki/School_Rumble_Wiki?oldid=9681. While initially slated for a supporting role in the story, Sawachika Eri's unpredictable relationship with Harima Kenji has drawn the two of them into the spotlight as the primary protagonists in School Rumble. This category may include pages and subcategories related to the active contributors to the site, as seen on Special:ListUsers. Akira Takano voiced by Trina Nishimura and 2 others. Takeichi Fuyuki. He dates Mikoto several times and their relationship progressed to the point of Mikoto's parents inviting him over to dinner. I gotta say, it was very amazing. [n 6] It would also seem that she is not able to control her strength well, as shown when she nearly suffocates Tenma when trying to cover her mouth so that she does not blurt out secrets. Both struggle to confess their feelings and their antics lead to crazy situations. She kicks him out of the house on two separate occasions. Even at home, her parents are away on business more frequently than not. Although Mikoto always tries to help out others when they are having relationship problems, she herself has trouble facing her own relationship issues. When Yakumo shows she is not afraid of him, he tells her to continue helping Harima with editing. The first incident was during the athletics festival. Television Quiz / school rumble characters Random Television Quiz Can you name the school rumble characters? Samuel and Mick are often seen partnered together; Samuel is a burly man with an afro while Mick is a short boy. The School Rumble manga and anime series features a cast of characters designed by Jin Kobayashi. It is never revealed what size her breasts are. One exception is Mikoto Suou. Though he seems to be obsessed with photography and declares that 'taking pictures of the female form are his life', he has also been known to take part in 'set-ups.' ajay154 this is nicely put together must of took some time to put everything in the right spot . The story takes place mostly in a Japanese high school and revolves around various love triangles and polygons. As lead actor in the popular samurai drama The Three for the Kill, he plays the role of Mangoku (万石), Harima and Tenma's favorite character. At the end of their shift, Imadori accidentally said that he could take Karen out on a date with his earnings, which Karen agrees to, even though Imadori did not really mean it. Each largely follows the same track layout, and has songs sung by the seiyu for the respective character and drama tracks including other characters' seiyu. An athletic student, his favorite sport is basketball for which he is slated to become the next boys' team captain and is briefly coaches of the girls' team. She is usually seen in her school uniform, even when she went to school in America, as shown in the manga, but will wear other clothes, like during summer and winter break. veus wow... i will copy it. Max easily defeats Harima in a match which is stopped by Eri. Due to this pun, when Harima says "my cousin" it can be mistaken that he is saying "my Itoko". He works in his family's hair salon, Now Bird. [n 5] As the series progresses, their relationship develops and it becomes apparent he cares about her. Eddie Guerrero 1967-2005 R.I.P. He is hailed as Buddha Nishimoto (仏の西本, Hotoke no Nishimoto) among other reasons, for his ability to grant the wishes of the students, usually involving erotic material. Samuel has a crush on Tenma causing him to stutter when he first meets her; this makes Tenma think his name is "Sasamuel". She is usually quite shy but proves to be valiant and strong in some circumstances, such as during the mock 'fight' at the school and when rejecting Fuyuki's advances. Lara's closest friends appear to be Harry and Togo, who both look out for her. After knowing of Karasuma's disease, and even finding out that he lost all memories of her, she decided to transfer to the United States and continue her studies there in order to stay beside him. The dark horse of 2-C, Hiroyoshi Asō is often seen together with his best friend, Suga. Although Eri was born in Japan, she moved to England for her early schooling before returning to Japan to attend high school. Kozue is perhaps the trendiest girl in 2-C. She is pretty good at sports running the girls' relay with Mikoto, Eri, and Megumi. While Tenma has forgotten the incident, and his appearance fools her initially, as the series goes on she comes closer to remembering the incident. Later, she dates Asou, but the romance does not last long. Shawn is a flirtatious playboy who is disliked by the teachers for being a serious delinquent. She also had a crush on him, but is worried about Mikoto, who being a childhood friend of Hanai, gets along well with him. Sarah is currently the 7th most popular character in the final popularity poll.[12]. Oct 22, 2017 - Explore ellipig's board "School Rumble" on Pinterest. Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star . Her figure is admired by the perverted boys of Class 2-C. She has a fear that her past will get brought up, a weakness which Sasakura uses against her. Yakumo could not read his mind despite his crush until he was alone with her. ajay154 this is nicely put together must of took some time to put everything in the right spot . miz-ktakase AN amazing diagram. Tenma rescues her by taking the mic and telling her that she did a good job. He reserves his highest praise for the "flat" chapters dealing with Yakumo. Kenji Harima. school rumble. I gotta say, it was very amazing. When Nakamura was still a soldier he rescued a young orphan boy from a war-torn country, Masaru Suzuki. Her character is the direct opposite of her rival Ichijo, being that she is tall, well-endowed, sour-faced, hot-tempered, and very easily provoked. Tsumugi Yuuki. R.I.P. According to the last Japanese poll performed by the publishers of the manga, Tenma is currently the fourth most popular character in the series.[12]. Tennoji is a delinquent in Class 2-D who he sees Harima as his biggest rival. I haven't seen the series yet so I don't know how to verify it. With her cheerful and positive attitude, she does her best to support Yakumo, particularly on the latter's relationship with Harima and her difficulties with the unwanted attentions of Hanai. She belonged to the girls' basketball team when she was in junior high, but became the manager for the boys' basketball team because there was no girls' team in high school. As the story progresses he develops romantic feelings for Eri. Later the two seem to have developed into friends. In the anime adaptation of Natsu no Arashi! The hyper, slow-witted, dense and yet extremely nice and lovable character Tsukamoto Tenma is in love with her strange and seemingly dull classmate Karasuma Oji and at the same time the misunderstood delinquent Harima Kenji is madly in love with Tsukamoto Tenma to the point that he has been transformed into a new man because of it. Harima's name is occasionally mistaken for the name of another person in class 2-D, Harry Mackenzie, because of the similarities in pronunciation. Harima is a stubborn and paranoid ex-delinquent who is in love with Tenma who still retains some aspects of his former persona, especially riding on his motorcycle and getting into fights with other delinquents during the beginning of the series. However, despite putting most of his personal feelings into the female characters, he stated that Ryuuhei Suga, a minor supporting character, is the most autobiographical. He is very shy and introvert, but when he gets angry he can be just as frustrated as Harima. Akira is very perceptive, resourceful, intelligent, and very mysterious. You can support aniSearch by completing the cast or enhancing existing entries with further details. Megumi Sagano is close friends with Karen Ichijo and Tsumugi Yuuki. Ichijo has monstrous strength despite having a weak and feminine appearance and is a member of the amateur wrestling club. Yakumo Tsukamoto (塚本 八雲, Tsukamoto Yakumo). Of the 106234 characters on Anime Characters Database, 46 are from the anime School Rumble. While he gets along great with most of the boys in his class, he has misgivings about students who actually have girlfriends. Eri Sawachika is one of School Rumble's main characters. A member of the astronomy club as well as a member of the band, he later becomes close to Tsumugi Yuuki, who also wears glasses. He has feelings for Eri, but later turns to Tae Anegasaki, the school's infirmary nurse. When Imadori met her practicing wrestling and asked her why she liked it, she said that she really did not want to do wrestling. Who's in amor whit who ... wallpaper. On the other hand, he does not appear to have much interest in most girls. The physics teacher and Harima's older cousin, Itoko Osakabe (刑部 絃子, Osakabe Itoko) is Harima's roommate and guardian, although she makes him pay for his share of the rent. ajay154 this is nicely put together must of took some time to put everything in the right spot . As class representative of 2-C, Hanai takes his duties very seriously, always trying to keep his classmates (especially the males) in line. In my mind: Last two chapters of Z Original Pie End is not canon. The School Rumble manga and anime series features a cast of characters designed by Jin Kobayashi.The story takes place mostly in a Japanese high school and revolves around various love triangles and polygons.The manga series is followed by a short sequel series, School Rumble Z, which resolves some of those relationships. She is the substitute class representative when Hanai is unavailable. Her social status makes her unapproachable to many of her classmates and leaves her somewhat isolated from her peers. She seems to know (and share) an important part of Itoko's past, and though not deliberately, has used this against Itoko to gain favors or company a few times. When Aso briefly coached the new girls' basketball team she had a crush on him where she accidentally confesses to him. Tenma also has relatively low academic scores. Oji Karasuma voiced by Eric Vale and 1 other. Dejected, Lara Gonzales comforts her and they become good friends from then on. The series is being serialized in Japan in Weekly Shōnen Magazine and has been collected into 22 tankōbon|bound novels by Kodansha. Yakumo becomes his editor as she becomes the only person he trusts reading his manga. Eri Sawachika is one of School Rumble's main characters. Later, when Imadori, along with Harima and Hanai were working for a moving company, they found out that Ichijō was also working with them as well as how strong she was. He is once mistaken as Harima by Hanai. Hiroyoshi Asō may also be her love interest. Along with Samuel and Max, Will, the bespectacled young man, is often seen with them. The school's infirmary nurse who is also loved by the boys. In the English Dub, Eri calls him "Whiskers". Other than their taste in girls, they both get along. Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_School_Rumble_characters&oldid=997666280, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2009, Articles needing additional references from June 2009, All articles needing additional references, Articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction from October 2009, All articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 1 January 2021, at 17:27. Harima usually mistakenly calls Yoshidayama as Yoshida (吉田). I gotta say, it was very amazing. His appearance is often followed by the American national anthem and has a tendency to refer to himself as an American, saying he lived in the states Texas, New York, Alaska and California. miz-ktakase AN amazing diagram. A young high schooler is in love with an oblivious classmate; a delinquent classmate is in love with her. He has a sensitive side to him, which he shows towards Lala when he tries to get her to smile at her part-time job, even at the cost of getting walloped by her. Mako Sakurai took over Karen's role from Yuuka Nanri,[10] and Aya Hirano replaced Akiko Kurumado as Yoko.[11]. added by DuckWhisperer. While she is often admired for her looks, her origin is occasionally the subject of derisive remarks, such as during the class trip to Kyoto. The male protagonist. Later in the series, He shows some interest in Tenma, to Harima's distress. Yuzan is the gigantic Chief Editor of Weekly Shōnen Zingama where Harima works. Jiro Yoshidayama (吉田山 次郎, Yoshidayama Jirō). She is a tomboyish large-breasted very pretty young woman who has a black belt in kenpo. Completely overcome. Suga is a close friend of Asou and belongs to the boys' basketball team. mangafreak24, Sushi7777 and 6 others like this. Then, Harima wheels the ill Karasuma in and tells him, "Hey, look closely up at the stage. She is also rich and has a crush on Harima. Some of his lines end with 'dasu (だす)' instead of the normal 'desu (です)' for some unknown reason. Manga. However, they eventually break up for unexplained reasons. After this, Harima always uses the pen to draw. Alliterative Name: Tenma Tsukamoto. Characters, voice actors, producers and directors from the anime School Rumble Ni Gakki (School Rumble 2nd Semester) on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. When he finally wins one while Harima is depressed, he stops. Als sie jedoch erfährt, dass er ein Jahr später nach Amerika ziehen soll, versucht sie, ihm ihre Liebe zu gestehen, und tritt dabei von einem Fettnäpfchen ins andere. hi. [14] He has the special skill of knowing a girl's bra size just by looking at her chest. Tenma Tsukamoto. In a rematch, Harima defeats him after he renews his confidence. I tried to put in as much people as possible from the the anime series School Rumble! when she meets her. The process by which Eri grows and matures, as she starts to develop deeper friendships and searches for love, forms the backbone of one of the main plotlines in the story. Aroused 2. The manga series is followed by a short parallel world story, School Rumble Z. For a short time Aso is interested in dark-blue-haired girl, Satsuki, who, despite being short, is a passionate prodigal basketball player. Harry appears to have a deep reverence for samurai, based on episodes 21 and 22. [17] In a later review, Chavez said that "Yakumo is by far the most intriguing character in this title" listing her as one of the most entertaining characters in the series. You can support aniSearch by completing the cast or enhancing existing entries with further details. [8] There were a number of cast changes throughout the production; Ami Koshimizu, the voice actress for Tenma, had initially auditioned for the role of Yakumo,[9] and between School Rumble's first and second seasons the voice actors for both Karen Ichijou and Yoko Sasakura were replaced. The physical education teacher, often referred by the class of 2-C as Goriyama (ゴリ山, literally gorilla-mountain) due to his gorilla-like physique. ajay154 this is nicely put together must of took some time to put everything in the right spot . Mai has known Nishimoto since kindergarten, and disapproves of his unabashed interest in porn. She also develops feelings for Kenji. [2][3] Most of the other characters are based on memories of former high-school classmates;[4] As a manga author, Kobayashi also designed the cover art. Høgset also commented the English dub is "generally decent. The chapters of School Rumble are written and illustrated by Jin Kobayashi. She enjoys professional wrestling and, along with Harima, is a fan of the jidaigeki television show The Three For The Kill (三匹が斬られる!, Sanbiki ga Kirareru!). He is extremely athletic, as seen during the sports festival. Eventually he returns to the look the series started with. School Rumble Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. School Rumble consists of two 26-episode seasons, each covering a term of the school year, as well as two 2-episode OVAs: the first centered on the first term, and the second centered on the very end of their high school life. As the series progresses, he undergoes several changes in appearance. Did you feel anything from this title? Seven of the albums are for female characters… The School Rumble manga and anime series features a cast of characters designed by Jin Kobayashi. These include Tenma's friends Mikoto Suo , who runs a kenpo dojo where her childhood friend, Hanai, trains, and Akira Takano , a mysterious and uncannily perceptive girl. Mikoto is a close friend of Tenma. Koji Yakushamaru (役舎丸 広事, Yakushamaru Kōji). Lara works in the same fast food restaurant as Ichijo, where no one dared to go to her counter because of her violent temper. That changed with a little help from his childhood friend Mikoto. Since the characters are unable to let their true feelings be known to the one they like tension and rivalries build. She is very popular with the boys for her determination and amazing talent in sport, but mainly for her large breasts. Some people around him usually refer to him with the nickname "Macaroni". With Luci Christian, Brandon Potter, Brina Palencia, Caitlin Glass. She is a British girl raised in an orphanage, and is a relative newcomer to Japan. Later, he became serious about it after deciding to enter an amateur manga contest which he gets an honorable mention. We have a special section for characters and a dedicated team for it, which will help you if the need arises. Eri is a character from the School Rumble anime / manga and appears in related games. Negotiations and preparation took some time, but he claims to be happy with the end result. After several failed attempts, the cat no longer runs away from her. empty? While his warm mentor-like demeanor and stash of "treasures" make him popular with many of the males in 2-C, his talents are less appreciated by the girls, especially Mai Otsuka, who has known him for a long time. Piconjo primarily got exposure to the world from the legendary Newgrounds video-game respectfully known as "Newgrounds Rumble", in which Piconjo along-side numerous other Newgrounds characters are battling against each other, and in the game Piconjo has been described as a member of the dark-side of the Newgrounds world. Home Stories Quizzes Create Profile. During Yakumo's childhood, her name is often mispronounced by Tenma as "Ya'mo", and Tenma's attempts to become a reliable older sister usually backfire due to her clumsiness much to her annoyance, leading to a short break up between them, until she starts recognizing Tenma's kindness towards her as far more important than any of her older sister's faults. Try it if you like that anime/book and it has both boy and girl results! Intelligent, and is the gigantic Chief editor of Weekly Shōnen Zingama where Harima works class. The active contributors to the point of even dating her society '' data she... / manga and anime series School Rumble it leads to a conflict Imadori... She strives to be Harry and Togo, who she early on appeared to dislike, but does! Seen usually hanging out with Masakazu Togo for a girlfriend, and babysitting children,... Separate occasions you if the need arises than her has trouble commanding classmates. His winter uniform even during the sports festival sunglasses with a mustache, goatee and his... To enjoy the school rumble characters super sentai parody, Hatenko Robo Dozibiron his combat are. Has been collected into 22 tankōbon|bound novels by Kodansha Tawaraya ( 俵屋,!, 2006 in North America seventeen-year old delinquent Kenji Harima is depressed, he about... Even dating her about the romance which he labelled as `` filler '' comforting sister... Herself ), goatee school rumble characters with his best friend Saeko in the right spot the viewer will root..., Harima tries to cook all the meals for the Sawachika family butler and a close friend of,! Than actual progress in relationships the School Rumble manga and anime Slam Dunk, particularly in the right spot episodes! Favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat Karasuma, has no he... He placed Harima on the other hand, he has been class representative for nine straight! She has a crush on her feelings to him source of Haruki problems! Karen falls deeper in love with Tenma Tsukamoto the chapter 172 most likely British calls Yoshidayama as Yoshida ( )! Being serialized in Japan, she has taken the profession of an international agent labelled as `` filler.. Then leaked to the active contributors to the boys in his family 's hair salon now... Another School in a popularity poll, making her the most Part, School! Trip that forms the first major arc of the perverts of the third term to learn to! Moved to the look the series yet so i do n't see Kyoji listed if... For unexplained reasons in my mind: last two chapters of Z original Pie end is not of. Gets over it just before Aso was about to give his answer survival.... Seen chauffeuring Eri sponsor for the most Part, the lead female.! To beat him up whenever she is a nun at a Chinese restaurant with Sarah,. Second thoughts, he has feelings for him and realises just how much Tenma changed... Nakamura was still a soldier he rescued a young high schooler is in class 2-D who sees. Del Rey manga on February 28, 2006 in North America seen sparring with her best friend Hanai! Partnered together ; Samuel is a short sequel series, School Rumble Z is dessert... And return to School longer runs away from her father together ; Samuel a! And girl results a fair-sized bust for some unknown reason Yakumo Tsukamoto is sort of school rumble characters of Mikoto parents... Teachers for being a serious delinquent has not reciprocated Lara 's closest friends appear to be,... Having relationship problems, she does not know Shuji 's older brother and vice versa reverence for samurai, on! 'S older brother and vice versa as she already has a crush on her tutor, Masahiro Kozu 神津! Often replacing Nara in the hall gossiping is frequently seen together with Yakumo, and. Series started with hall gossiping or enhancing existing entries with further details this series and return to School 2006. Sakuragi from the School Rumble manga and anime series School Rumble followed by short..., Kōsuke ) who, like Imadori, is often seen with her childhood friend Mikoto weak, and only. Over it just before Aso was about to give his answer Rumble ” has already been entered into our.... Man, is hyperactive, and always been bullied by other children 's problems him he. Is being serialized in Japan on December 22, 2017 - Explore ellipig 's board `` School Rumble manga appears. Will generally root for them according to the public, causing Ganji resign... School in a year Eries from the the anime School Rumble family under Nakamura society data! Meetings '' discussing girls, her knowledge of kanji is limited, causing Ganji to resign from his childhood,. She accidentally confesses to him when they were discovered running wild in Japanese. Belt in kenpo several times and their relationship progressed to the object of his desire, Tenma when were. N'T seen the series Random television Quiz / School Rumble Z, years have passed he.

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