[citation needed] Computing With the Amstrad awarded the game 88% on its original release. Batman however, stated that Chance could be an asset to the Justice League. Wonder Boy II: The second Wonder Boy, who took Chuck Scarsdale's position following his promotion. This wiki covers the Wonder Boy and Monster World series, originally created by Westone and published by Sega, following the adventures of various heroes who bear the title of Wonder Boy in the titular Monster World. Food is important for a primitive man! [30], IGN awarded it 7.1 out of 10, praising its accuracy to the arcade original. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1196383439 Wonder Boy Returns Trophy List • 9 Trophies • 202 Owners • 10.28% Average 0 Platinum • 2 Gold • 2 Silver • 5 Bronze Wonder Boy Returns Trophies • PSNProfiles.com Escape repeated the same kind of task by converting Sega's 1991 beat 'em up arcade Riot City, into Hudson Soft's 1992 TurboGrafx-CD title Riot Zone. Wonder Boy (ワンダーボーイ, Wandā Bōi) is a 1986 platform game published by Sega and developed by Escape (now known as Westone Bit Entertainment). Originally designed for arcades, it was later ported to the SG-1000, Mark III/Master System and Game Gear video game consoles by Sega, and to the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64 and Amstrad CPC home computers by Activision. The tropical wonder boy himself Tom Tom must save his girlfriend Tina from demons and monsters. Thankfully, the level-design clearly accommodates for them. These remakes in particular brings back the original Wonder Boy gameplay formula that hasn't seen for long time in original series aside from the Adventure Island series. Wonder Boy Returns Remix With High Definition Remake! 1. That was when Tina confronts him and Boy gets punish for his behavior. If all 28 dolls are collected, then an bonus eighth area will be unlocked. This is a remarkable update to the '80s classic. Wonder Boy Returns is a noble effort at modernizing a retro 2D action gem. "[21] Contemporary writers now note that both games share a common ancestor in Pac-Land. *Note: Italic-marked names are tentative as they're not stated in any official material. This is the first Wonder Boy game to have an online achievement lists. Collect all food before your health gets deplete, defeat all enemies, avoid all obstacles and head over to save Tina! The game is a followup to Sega's Wonder Boy series, and was released for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in December 2018, for Windows in July 2019, for Stadia in April 2020, and for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S is set to release at a later date. Some Spectrum versions were afflicted with a bug that prevented the game from preloading all four levels in 128K mode – the fourth level's graphics would not load correctly, and it would be impossible for the player to move before the game crashed and the computer rebooted within around three seconds. The game required a cabinet that provided a two-axis joystick and three input buttons – one to act as a start button, two as gameplay buttons. [7] Japan and Europe got the game a week later. S… [31], This article is about the first game in a series. Collect all food before your health gets depleted, defeat all enemies, avoid all obstacles and head over to save Tina! Strictly Limited Games exclusive, 24.99€ each. The titular Wonder Boy [a] is a tribal caveman-like boy whose girlfriend Tina[b] has been captured by the dark King (known as Drancon in the Game Gear version). Wonder Boy Returns, officially licensed PlayStation 4 game. [11] A limited run physical edition of the PS4 version was released by Strictly Limited Games on January 27, 2019. To get around the licensing issue, Hudson Soft had the title changed which resulted into Adventure Island. At the end of every "area", the boy will encounter an incarnation of the chief antagonist as a boss character. Collect all food before your health gets depleted, defeat all enemies, avoid all obstacles and head over to save Tina! Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is a platform game developed by Game Atelier and published by FDG Entertainment. Wonder Boy Returns Remix With High Definition Remake! It’s not just healthy, but your only way to survive this deadly mission. [25], Sinclair User was the most enthusiastic about the game, offering it 8 out of 10 on its original release,[26] and 72% on its re-release. Red Devil smiles at them & eventually turned into Cupid who disguised as such, then giving thumbs up at Tina/Tanya. [13], Escape had a licensing arrangement whereby it owned the rights to the game design, but Sega retained the Wonder Boy trademark. He has multiple emotional and physical problems stemming fr… “Wonder Boy” was an arcade hit back in 1986, with its … Strictly Limited Games exclusive, 24.99€ each. New graphics, new bosses! [1] The notable additions for the remake are new character designs, new artstyle, new stage level themes, new 40 levels, new enemies, new bosses, & new difficulty & challenge modes, along with new villain Red Devil. As a result, 128K owners were forced to boot into 48K mode to run the game, and did not enjoy the benefit of having all levels preloaded as was designed. Easy Mode had 10 chances, Normal Mode had 5 chances, & Hell Mode had 2 chances per stage), Added Challenge Mode where you had to make through all 40 levels with 2 player lives in one go, Cobra enemy can spits fire like Adventure Island games, Featuring the same stage & level design from original with some weather effect & background changes, The controls had been tweaked (player can now throw 3 weapons on-screen, less stiff on the movement, more responsive input so they has right sense of weight), A Charge Weapon that can destroy obstacles such as rocks, rolling stones, & many enemies at once in one direction, Tina/Tanya's scooter now can ridable backwards slowly to make platform adjustment feel easier, Time duration had been recorded per stages, Hidden Tina/Tanya dolls in specific hazards can be appear by destroy away with Charge Weapon, casually walk/jump on, or simply kill them & not damaging the player to lose some of energy meter left, Some spots activated bunch of collective fruits/foods between stages which is quite useful, Restructured difficulty modes (Practice Mode is Easy Mode from, Some enemies like frog & goblin had been improved from it's AI & animations, Same King bosses along with stolen Tina/Tanya accessories, Hidden letters & Boy/Tom-Tom doll to collect extra chances/lives. Wonder Boy Returns is a remastered version of the original Wonder Boy! Although not officially mentioned in any promotional materials, some of new enemies & bosses names came from image files buried in the game. [20] In the July 1986 issue of Computer and Video Games, the game was lauded by reviewer Clare Edgeley for the detailed, bright, colorful graphics and simple addictive gameplay, whilst some criticism was leveled towards the lack of variety. The game was also adapted by Hudson Soft as Adventure Island, which spawned its own series of games. We ship internationally. He met Batman in Gotham and told Batman that Wonder Woman was his "mother". Wonder Boy Returns last edited by reverendhunt on 05/02/19 07:42AM View full history No description Font-size. Wonder Boy Returns Remix From PCGamingWiki, the wiki about fixing PC games This page is a stub: it lacks content and/or basic article components. Directed by the creator of the saga Ryuichi Nishizawa Wonder Boy Returns From PCGamingWiki, the wiki about fixing PC games This page is a stub: it lacks content and/or basic article components. *Note: Bold-marked & Italic-marked names are exclusive to Wonder Boy Returns & Wonder Boy Returns Remix respectively. Although it's not quite as immediately gratifying as the original due to its awkward controls, you'll still be in for an enjoyable adventure that may just put a smile on your face. Limited to 1700 copies worldwide, individually numbered. We ship internationally. The first home version of Wonder Boy was released exclusively in Japan for the SG-1000 (Sega's first video game console) during the same year the arcade version was released. It was the first in the long-running Wonder Boy series of games and was followed up by five sequels, Wonder Boy in Monster Land, Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair, Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap, Wonder Boy in Monster World and Monster World IV. The first round of each area was always a forest, the second an ocean, the third a cave and the fourth a forest at nighttime (the C64 had round 1 at night time and round 4 during the day). A two-player alternating mode is available where each player takes turn whenever the other one loses a life. [4] Following this resulted an announcement of pulling Wonder Boy Returns off from Steam posted on May 18, 2019[5] & had been delisted on the same day as Nintendo Switch eShop release of Returns Remix (along with closure of its website & Facebook page) & eventually ported back at Steam & PlayStation 4 on August 8, 2019. On May 1, 2019. Limited to 1700 copies worldwide, individually numbered. Gameplay del estupendo Remake Wonder Boy Returns. Since Adventure Island is based on the arcade version of Wonder Boy, it does not contain any of the original levels found in the Master System or Game Gear ports. Boy, our protagonist is at the beach spending time with other girls behind his girlfriend Tinas back. The graphics were provided by a raster video unit at a resolution of 256 x 224. The game eventually released on Steam in October 12, 2016 & also launced a then-new website & Facebook page regarding information updates & features. Wonder Boy Returns is CFK’s latest title, originally launched on Steam last year, it is a HD remake of the classic, “Wonder Boy” title that was originally released back in 1986 by “Escape” who have been renamed to “Westone Bit Entertainment”. In short, Wonder Boy Returns Remix accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do. [10], A high-definition remake of the game, titled Wonder Boy Returns, was developed by CFK and released on Steam on October 12, 2016, later releasing on PlayStation 4 on March 30, 2017. The classic action masterpiece arcade game “Wonder Boy” has been remade into HD with new levels, new bosses and new game modes! Under 48K mode, however, the 128K music still worked. Through its 2012 absorption of Hudson Soft, Konami currently owns the rights to the Adventure Island series.[15]. Thanks for your support, and we hope you'll let your friends know about us! You can help to expand this page by adding an image or additional information. 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