The Cool Way to Warm Walls

Internal insulation for homes

Wall Insulation has never been so thin!

Aerotherm is supplied as a white paste in 12 or 30 litre containers. After application of the AeroTherm Base Coat to aid adhesion and drying, the paste is applied straight onto the surface of walls or ceilings. 1 litre will cover 1m2 when applied to a consistent 1mm depth.

The scientific research and advanced technology behind AeroTherm allows it to achieve a high level of performance, whilst efficiently using the heat generated in a room. It is the revolutionary new alternative to conventional insulation.

A 1mm layer of AeroTherm is all that’s required to save up to 35% of energy used to heat your home. The ultra-thin reflective coating creates warm walls, eliminates cold spots, reduces mould and provides wall to wall ‘thermal comfort’. No regular insulation method offers this performance at such low thickness.

AeroTherm is applied to your home’s walls in a similar process to plastering, leaving a surface that’s smooth and ready toAeroTherm container
decorate with paint or wallpaper. No other effective insulation method offers such a quick and simple application.

AeroTherm is widely used in homes across Europe.

Aerotherm in 1 minute

A quick overview of Aerotherm is provided in the video below.

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AeroTherm immediately transforms cold walls into warm walls and cosy rooms. To see it for yourself please request a free sample
tile and do the “fridge test”. Further details are provided in the video below.

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