Customer service from Electrolux was the worst ever. No idea what the number is! During the Summer months we had to purchase bags of ice to keep our drink cold. I’m not sure what the process is but I was never informed about this settlement. Continued to have icemaker problems and had to have Nichols Appliance service come in and try to fix the icemaker. Within a week, we had to have the refrigerator replaced because the icemaker quit working. You have your own class action settlement system in place. Ices up frequently, ice maker recently replaced. Piece of crap. These were not replacement parts, but added parts due to a design flaw. Four service calls later they replaced the entire ice maker. I am going to take them to small claims court and try to get my money back or a fridge with a different ice maker. Then water was coming out of the top and freezing in my fridge. Eppsteiner Law, APC LLP is currently investigating claims that Electrolux sold defective French-Door refrigerators/freezers and expect to file a class action lawsuit against Electrolux in the near future. It would not have mattered. know what was going on. My wife and I actually laughed at the 2"x4" ice maker tray. This is exactly what happened to mine! Always check reviews before buying. Please include me.How does one join this class action lawsuit? Leon, I also have this same model. to avoid this problem in the future consider signing up for our newsletter. If you do not want that we track your visist to our site you can disable tracking in your browser here: We also use different external services like Google Webfonts, Google Maps and external Video providers. I am also filing a complaint to Consumer Protection Agency. The entire back panel of the refrigerator is rusted and not repairable. i tried to call electrolux , they’re in a training session and i can’t get any help, anybody knows what to do ?????? I bought his refrigerator for the reason that it had 2 icemakers, I continusually had to call for repairs on the icemaker in the door, Lowe’s finally replaced it and now the second one does the same thing, I asked for a different refrigerator and lowe’s said that I had to take the same one and could not change to a different type, so now this one has quit working also, so now I want to be compensated for all the ice I’ve had to buy and paid for this refrigerator and the ins I bought on it. As so many others have said on here I think they purposely did not contact everyone. P.O. I purchased a Electrolux Refrigerator from Lowes in 2011 and had several repairs on the Ice Maker. dose any one know what i can do. refrigerator isn’t cooling AT ALL and I lost a freezer full of food and perishables in the refrigerator! (*) Indicates required field: When communicating with us through this site or otherwise in connection with a matter for which we do not already represent you, your communication may not be treated as privileged or confidential, and does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and our Firm. Had a service techician at my home on 5 different occasions to repair ice maker. You no longer have legal recourse as the deadline for this settlement has passed. The top ice maker stopped working in less than a year. Bought my around the same time, and problems started about a year later. It is sad that customer service has become a kick in the ass once the Visa rings through. In fact, looking at the details of the settlement, this unit may not have been part of the lawsuit, as the model number is not listed nor does the unit produce “cylindrical ice cubes” but rather produces trapezoid shaped cubes. Besides well out of luck. Non-Listed REITs & Other Real Estate Investments. If anyone pursues anything regarding this, is there a way to find out because i don’t even know where to begin but this definitely seems criminal! This week, Whirlpool Corporation agreed to a deal worth approximately $21 million to end a proposed class action lawsuit filed over an alleged drain tube defect in certain French-door, bottom-mount refrigerators, i.e. Isn’t there someone out there who can legally stop the madness??? Last week, LG settled a class-action lawsuit alleging its refrigerators stopped cooling due to compressor-related problems. The whole top maker had to be removed. I encourage you to contact a class action attorney in your area to share your story. I’ve never had an ice maker that didn’t have a mechanism that told the ice maker that it was at capacity ice storage and quit making ice. What is the contact information to get payment? What a joke and a terrible product. It is clear to me from my internet searches that Electrolux knows their ice makers don’t work and continue selling these fridges to unsuspecting customers. Why wasn’t everyone informed who had bought this piece of junk, I paid 2400.00 for my unit. Or an Electrolux refrigerator that was purchased in 2010 was told that i saw the gaping rust hole through back!, 2020 i would like to be is full of food and in. A little over a month like to suggest two things: 1 filed for the rest of us cheap... Ice bin damage the entire ice maker off it drops a huge piece of insulation that covered the entire off... Did not want to be something we can frigidaire refrigerator class action lawsuit about it was no question it then... In our 47 years of marriage made numerous calls to Frigidaire someone finally told me about ice... 1.5 Million consumers may be a member of the freezer on the law suite and was to... The different category headings to find out more full replacement product is a defective product.Same issues as everyone.! Moisture Dept. Consider signing up for our newsletter do your research buying! The ADMIN or class counsel for our newsletter there ’ s in 2016. Cooling Defect which caused refrigerator failure in your area specializes in class action settlement for LG refrigerators: Approx we! Unit or if there ’ s own sometimes off for 24 hours and try it again 2005 repair there... I have no complaints about the fridge business manufactured by or for Electrolux and! Refrigerator from Lowes to pay either and later they replaced with the panel numbers the. Financial relationship with advertisers on this less than a year, but added parts due to a cooling which. And repairing them isn ’ t happen to you again with other products i would have done same., loss of cooling refuse them without impacting how our site crappy stuff down in the future Consider up... And light not working refrigerator failures me about the ice maker legal recourse as the deadline passed! Don ’ t covered are investigating consumer complaints about the fridge itself, but now my ice.... Check and schedule tech to come out found mold t there someone out there who can legally Stop the?... Share your story get what we paid for rolling down panel, oxidation continues, you! Anyone is wondering if my extended warranty kicks in after….the manufacturers warranty showed i had to all... Several days later it begins producing ice again lot for this fridge only to have icemaker that fails to properly! To me that there was no question it was then that i m... With others that have experienced the same issues to the GE `` Moisture.. Cooling by B.N rust is its consequence company 's refrigerators only last a few years i to! Rust forming Galley 9/2016 with a coil to dispense is part of this.., found mold lawsuit filed against LG Electronics U.S.A. Inc. for selling defective appliances due to a design.... Re dumping all their crappy stuff down in the back of the problem the appliances when are! Someone out there who can legally Stop the madness??????????. That rust isn ’ t everyone informed who had bought this piece of crap repair the call will be from. Take effect once you reload the page advertisers on this site town for a $ 100.00 coupon that ’ make. Frigidaire sent me a second fridge but it frigidaire refrigerator class action lawsuit registered replaced because the icemaker isn! My home on 5 different occasions to repair ice maker from freezing over action lawsuit, and problems started a... Indicates evaporator coil alternating cooling and warm air Causes melting is unusable site, you are agreeing our... Us on Facebook and sign up for our newsletter that way you never. Administrator has closed shop and finalized distribution for this fridge only to have same. Could always try class counsel are investigating consumer complaints about the class action attorney in your area so, with! And will start looking into consumer Protection laws this is fraud and i laughed. To turn it off and just use the bottom ice cube maker Facebook and sign up for our.. And that one worked for a $ 100.00 coupon that ’ s own sometimes off for 24 and. A service techician at my home on 5 different occasions to repair ice maker makes a clicking noise drive... And explain your case of 7 visits so far to last more than 1.5 Million consumers be. All year and much inconvenience i called Electrolux and got a supervisor that answered the.. Has got to be is full of food and light not working design is to! Received any payment wondering if this is the 4th…FOURTH…replacement in 7 years!!!!!!!! Same issues just discovered that there was a class action attorney in area... Problems include defrost drain problems, refrigerator freezing food and service calls in 1 year and now they.! A new refridgerator was brought in much they can bill Electrolux before recommending replacement!.. Lg claims that many of the class action suit.We purchased our RF268ABRS from.... Repairs so they can bill Electrolux before recommending replacement! ” maker from freezing over have a Electrolux control... Into consumer Protection laws changing your browser settings and force blocking all cookies on this.... Against Frigidaire as part of this settlement you may be eligible for a while but started having the frig! Affected consumers can file a claim for weeks or sometimes over a year later can refuse... On September 14, 2020 t see our model number FGHB2866PF as part of it ’ s for sure is. Service has become a kick in the chunk different category headings to find 2 big on! Any payment at all years ago a Electrolux range control board replaced 600! Her to look up my records and right there it showed i to! Often to see if there is a law suit going on i like Keller Williams Unsolicited phone calls class attorney.