Like any other Glock I have and still own…no reliability issues. Someone who actually carries a weapon for a job, not just claiming it. The Glock 41 Gen4 in .45 ACP is pretty versatile. (Photo: Kasev Sundar). Truck pistol? With a light jacket and the right cant, the 10mm GLOCK is reasonably concealable. But it handles well left or right. Nevertheless, when I purchased the Glock 45, I also threw in a 1000 round case of Blazer 115gr FMJ 9mm. My latest-issue sidearm is again a 9mm, but this time it’s not the Glock 17. This “little brother” of the Glock 22 shares many of the same parts as the Glock 22 . Glock Reviews You Need To Read The beauty of the MOS configuration is a combination of simplicity and monetary savings. Magazine: 15 rds. It is 100% reliable, soft shooting for a handgun of this power, easy to carry in a conventional belt holster and simple to operate and maintain. Your email address will not be published. removing the casing…. And at 5’10″/155# I don’t have any folds or overhangs to hide it. First it has a 4.5# trigger installed which helped. Agreed! or…… you could line up the built in sights and shoot like you know what youre doing and have a real reason for it and not some 12 year old dumb fuck make believing reality is the same as playing caĺl of duty. MSRP: $799. 2020: This original review of the GLOCK 23 .40 S&W pistol is about a 3rd generation model. I generally find them just okay for the job. These barrels come in threaded and standard design, and all are finished in durable, non-reflective black nitride. I can actually conceal the G20 in a Blackhawk Sportster paddle holster at 3:00 since it presses into my spare tire, but forget about sitting down. Libturd idiots are the only ones who erase history and fail to remember that our future is determined by the outcome of history because every educated common sensed smart feloow in America pass or present knows that history has a way of repeating it self and its better to be prepared just in case armed with suppior fire powet than to be armed with a broom lmao!!! Looking for a Glock 40 for yourself? same difference you retard. This will be worn on my thigh while packing and will be for Yogi bear and similarly nasty beasties I may encounter on the trail. Accurate, no. ‘revolvers are for hunting and for show, completely useless for anything else, but a semi… phwooooar…’ now when the first thing taught to me about a semi is anything other than ‘reload, then pull the trigger’ (aka how to resolve a revolver malfunction) its not fucking reliable or superior. The Glock 19 9mm features a 15-round magazine while the Glock 23 .40 caliber pistol carries 13 rounds in the magazine. The Glock G40 Gen4 is the first review gun of any kind that the author has decided to buy for his own personal use. This site is about exchanging information and learning about new firearms and gear, not about whatever issues you have with…everyone. Due to its large weight, the Glock 40 is not ideal for point shooting or speed shooting at close distances. Glock 40 MOS: A Review. June 28, 2019 by TJ Ramsey Leave a Comment. The gun still doesn’t point naturally for me, but man, the G40 MOS’ grip feels good. By the way- in Wisconsin there is a minimum barrel length of 5.5″ for legal handgun hunting. The .40 S&W is not just a flash in the pan as some writers called it when it first came out in the late ’80’s. to field strip a glock you ensure no load on trigger (pull it AFTER you make sure nothing in chamber and mag removed) then with one hand holding weapon push slide back a little with same hand, thumb and forefinger of same hand on slide release, then with other hand slide back and remove er… the thing… that slides back….. (ffs ive turned americunt and forgotten my words) you MUST ‘dry fire’ a glock to release load on trigger is released before you can strip. Regardless — despite the disadvantages associated with the large size, recoil, and muzzle blast of the Glock 40 — those same features can actually help shooters looking to improve certain fundamentals of pistol marksmanship. Glock 43X Review Pros The Grip. Remember, I was firing with iron sights and not an optic. As for “mutual defense agreements”, they don’t ever seem to “mandate” or even “suggest” or “speculate” what IS or ISN’T “defense” from or by another member of that “agreement” and it doesn’t take much common sense on the part of an “enemy” to realize that if they only declare war on ONE party to that “agreement” a “mutual defense agreement” predicated on both of them being attacked and by the same enemy at the same time declaring war on them both will never come into play. Oh for the love of Cooper, WHY does it need to be an auto at all? I love this thing. I finally got my hands on the much heralded GLOCK G40 MOS, the six-inch, optics-ready 10mm juggernaught.I shot its older, littler brother the G20 as my first entry in my truck pistol series – and found it wanting. I currently carry at G29 as a woods gun. it kills and nothing else). Some have 9mm conversion barrels. Using the Canik TP9 Elite Combat, we tested the Vortex Viper, US Optics DRS 2.0 Enhanced, and the Riton Optics X3 Tactix PRD. This is an ETS Glock 40-round magazine in CLEAR for Glock 17, 19, 26 and 34 pistols in 9mm. I saw plenty dead bodies of innicent people murdered by these illegal imigrants that made it all the way from the border to Alabama!!!! Did you consider other reticles on the RMR series? The Hornady 180gr XTP round shot a 2½” group and Hornady 175gr Critical Duty round scored a 2¾” group. (Photo: Kasev Sundar). There’s something seriously wrong with you…. The 10mm Auto Glock 40, which is of course the subject of this story, was introduced early in … The dot size on the RMR obliterated the 5½-inch target at the 25 yard line. I keep trying GLOCKs in the hopes that I may one day find one I can shoot well. I second this. I wonder if the Glock 40 is that reliable? I recruited two friends and a pile of various different factory Gen 4 and Gen 5 magazines as well as an assortment of Magpul GL-9 magazine… But my accuracy from the kneel was perfectly acceptable with either, and the Glock has twice the rounds at half the cost, and it accepts an optic and a light. Get offers and news, Need Help?service@guns.comCall (866)582-4867, PO Box 1131 13800 Nicollet Blvd Burnsville, MN 55337 ©2019 I have been contemplating getting one of these as well. I’ve done 4″ K-frame IWB and OWB. Backpacking through Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. I don’t like the way GLOCKs look and this one is no different. The same principle applies here. Mo betta round. It has the polymer adjustable sights which are nice, I haven’t figured out which if any optics I want on it. a 9.0 MOA Amber Dot (RM05) Ugly, reliable, and powerful. Might be better for hunting. If you want the short review of the Glock 45, I can sum it up in one sentence; “It shoots like a Glock.” I have carried Glocks professionally for fifteen years in both uniformed and off-duty capacity. If you have used a Glock 17 or the newer Gen 4, or if you would like more knowledge of them, please leave a comment below. However I saw the huge black brick like 40 new and gave it a shot. The GLOCK 45’s best quality, perhaps, is that it wasn’t inherently designed for the concealed carry market. From 10yds standing you’re punching the same hole over and over. Review: Pint-Sized FN 503 After 1,000 Rounds. The real difference is in magazine capacity. Review: The Glock 40 By Adam Millard author of Guns and Camo August 29, 2015. i’ve been reading reviews and watching from the shadows for a few months now and you all have been VERY informative. I have a recently produced G21 and G19 that have triggers that are every bit as good as the complete trigger replacements I have in a couple of my earlier guns other than the feel of the trigger pad itself. A Glock doesn’t misfire like that. ive done revolver dry fire drills for years…. Accordingly, my recommendation to anyone interested in a Glock 40 is that I would only encourage you to one if you are an experienced shooter with a strong understanding in the basic fundamentals of pistol marksmanship. Short, crisp, very solid and right there. However I love the 10 mm round and started reading horror stories about the FNX mag releasing having known issues. Additionally, I can corroborate Glock’s claim that the Glock 40 can be used for hunting. First time owning or shooting a 10mm but not my first Glock. The gun includes backstraps and the optics mount, which is great. (empty) Of course an AK is awesome in a truck, HOWEVER, he stipulated his truck gun had to also do double duty as his concealed carry gun – so that pretty much puts the AK – even a pistol – out of the running. While no trigger pull to take down is a nice option, it would mean a (probably) serious redesign of the trigger mechanism, and since Glock only makes one gun (just in different bore dimensions and grips), it would mean redoing the heart of the guns that put them on top of the industry and have been making since the 80s. Can the moderator delete the posts from notaguntard? It was originally written in 2010. I hope every supposed supporter of “Constitutional rights” that can’t handle freedom of speech from someone talking about guns either grows up or wises up to how stupidly ironic their intolerance for words on a computer screen are and doesn’t have anyone relying on him or her for “protection” if so much of a thin-skinned pussy they “hope someone else bans” someone they can’t stand but won’t shut up about who needs to be banned because of what they say or how they say it. searching for likewise saved to bookmarks. The big G40 is one of the guns on my future shopping list. until then youre just another retard with a bloody stupid justification for regarding a life taker as a toy (it doesnt cut steak, paint walls, open beer bottles, babysit your child. long slide powerhouse into the same cheap, bursting-at-the-seams plastic case they use for all their handguns. Today, the Glock Model 27 is the top choice for a back-up or off-duty for police officers and police departments that issue the full-sized Glock 22, which is in .40 … A review of one of the most innovative and best-performing handguns — the Glock 40. The Glock G40 Gen4 is the first review gun of any kind that the author has decided to buy for his own personal use. Just purchased a Leupold Deltapoint Pro with the 2.5 MOA. ©COPYRIGHT 2021, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Indeed, given the similarity between the various Glock models, much of this review (except the kB! Maybe after you put that one in the dirt between you you’ll have time for another one or two. The firearms farrago included a pack of base plates. The instructor and all of the other students had brought different Glock 9mm handguns to the course — I was the only individual who used a 10mm Auto handgun. The thing about not having a “standing army” capable of kicking ass wherever and whenever needed that relies on the “people” for nothing but “funding” for the necessary resources to operate and “do business” as a “company” in the “business” of “killing people and breaking things” is that if you don’t have enough volunteers in PEACE TIME to have that force you sure as hell have trouble “recruiting” any “volunteers” to do it with war guaranteed if they DO volunteer but only POSSIBLE if they DON’T. It can serve nicely for hunting Class 2 game, protection in the field against two and four legged predators, and home defense. The Glock 23 is a great all-around handgun that represents a good balance of power and weight. In both the law enforcement and civilian market, the Glock is king of the .40 heap. It has quickly become my favorite pistol to shoot right now and I will be taking this to the deer stand next season. Throughout the course, I, along with the other students taking the course, practiced several shooting techniques and exercises such as speed shooting from the holster, shooting on the move (moving forward, backward, and side-to-side), firing controlled pairs at center-mass and controlled pairs followed by head shots, distance shooting with snap-caps, firing at multiple targets, remedial actions using both arms and one arm, etc. yeah ya really need 15 rounds in a handgun for hunting in case that dear motherfucker gets up in your grill with an uzi. Recently picked up the G40. I think that I know what you mean…I have a 2nd generation 17L that has a 6.02″ barrel and that pistol actually makes me look like a good shot. putting the casing back…. I plan to bring these boys along to the party but I’ve been trying to do as much research as possible on the G40, originally i was looking at the G20 but i wanted a 6″ barrel for ballistics and with the longer sight picture it seems like a waste to go that route for basically the same firearm. who are told what direction to fire in… but fucking useless for anything else other than showing off youre either gangster….. or ex military (in either case brainless), Nice Review. Hey notaguntard, I bet you get hard when you see a picture of Hilary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi. Of all of those, I’d stick with the Double Tap flat point round for hunting, purely for penetration. I reviewed and thought about the G40, before investing the $$$ in the pistol. This is a model I've carried all these years now. If you wanted to add a reflex optic to your Glock, you need a model like this. Operation: Double-action Learn how to converse if you can figure out what that means. I know they are totally different guns but what are your thoughts on these two head to head? any other questions for the sole person here who carries a firearm FOR HIS FUCKING JOB EVERY DAY rather than because its cool and legal? I’m not a 10mm fan boy and I doubt the G40 will see anymore than hunting trips and the range but so far I’m pleased. (and no im not going to buy any RDS when it comes with adjustable rear sights). Glock 40 chambered in 10mm Auto. The gun for this review was provided by the Kentucky Gun Company.. Sincerly, Glock 48 Review The new Glock 48 has been specifically designed to be the “Canadian Glock 19,” but the end result is an interesting handgun that should be of great interest to Americans as well. WHY? GLOCK nailed this one. The trigger reset is exceptional. RMR on MOS, I was ready to shoot. It’s every bit of that but it’s a smooth pull with very little grit and none of the stacking or squishyness I’ve come to expect from GLOCKs. I dry fire for practice with Glocks and other guns. . It gets rained on alot so I’ve swapped some of the internals with more corrosion resistant parts and use Corrosion X grease I get from GSA. Rude dude. The Deltpoint has had some reliability issues including being repaired at least once along with other issues on the 10mm so it has been removed for this season. When it comes to size, Glock 27 is classified as the sub compact 40 caliber handgun. I actually handles nicer than my 80s Delta Elite, though probably not as accurate… I don’t know yet. You’re going to want that extra shot open carry might get you over concealed. You’ve got anger issues dude. LOVE the 10mm round! The Nitro 10 wins so far because it is concealable. It’s a lot easier to aim precisely when you have more than three feet of distance between your sights. If you have invested in such a high-tech piece of weaponry, it is worth really thinking about the holster you are going to use to carry it. How good are those “agencies” at fulfilling their “mandates” if there are really 40,000+ “gun-related deaths” in the U.S. every year? Gah, what is it with the whole “I don’t want to pull the trigger to disassemble” idea? They have stated “Police Do Not Have a Constitutional Duty to Protect Someone”. And having 15 rounds of 10mm on hand while hunting is pretty good. That’s a lot of sight radius. GLOCK 23 Gen 3 .40S&W Pistol Review. The best of the bunch: a 2″ group using HPR’s 180gr JHP. I am not sure when but something has changed with their triggers. The three models are the 9mm Glock 26, the .357 SIG Glock 33, and the subject of this piece, the .40-caliber Glock 27. But yeah, they absolutely have that “mandate” to “protect” anybody and everybody from any and all manner of “threats” and “harm” and “danger” and probably even discomfort according to the entitlement complexes some paranoid fucktards who must spend an awful lot of time thinking about who is going to protect them and why they have to if they’re going to be “safe” once they’ve decided NOT to take any responsibility for their own safety because of that whole “agencies with a mandate” thing and how much easier and cheaper and “safer” it is than trying to take back or even just assert their own “rights” to BE HEAVILY-ARMED PARANOID FUCKTARDS instead of UNARMED PARANOID CHICKENSHIT FUCKTARDS WHO WILL TALK SHIT TO STRANGERS ON THE INTERNET BUT WON’T STAND UP TO THE AGENCIES THEY HAVE TO DEAL WITH TO ASSERT, EXERCISE OR GOD FORBID TRY TO TAKE BACK THEIR RIGHT TO BE ARMED PERIOD MUCH LESS HEAVILY ARMED. Glock 30 SF – A shortened G30 frame creates a smaller grip profile on the Glock 30 SF (short frame) model. i got a real insight into americas complete disconnection from reality. Upon learning the history behind the 10mm Auto, I decided to purchase a Glock 40 pistol. Its better than being a paranoid chickenshit fucktard who would never lift a finger to defend their self nor their family much less their country!!! It is a night and day difference between the factory trigger on an older G17 and G21 and these two newer versions. Especially since they work well with a coat on. They cover the entire gripping surface, including the … GLOCK’s website lauds the G40 MOS as “the ultimate choice in semi-automatic gaming pistol.” When RF handed me case I looked at the box and thought, “Well, they sure aren’t wasting money on packaging.” Gaston’s mob stuffs the 28 oz. I could definitely see this as a truck gun, or for backwoods self defense. Close, but not quite perfection. The added texture, magazine catch, spring, and back strap are all great and why the Gen 4 models really took off. On the cross draw, I have a couple of rigs for some of my longer revolvers and you are right, that might be the ticket here for when I’m in the truck. Glock 30 SF – A shortened G30 frame creates a smaller grip profile on the Glock 30 SF (short frame) model. None of them are inconspicuous on my hip. A long-slide Glock typically has a barrel length between 5.25 and six inches. Why I Chose the Glock 27. You’re going to want it as handy and close and as quick as you can get it because apparently you’re not a good enough shooter to be “lethal” with anything “less”. I have stock triggers in all and they are very crisp and light compared to older models. I chose the G27 for several reasons. I had my first opportunity to shoot the G40 at the 2015 SHOT Show, so I was looking forward to shooting it again for this review. AM not qualified to explain the engineering on how these work so well, but will say the G40 is a sweet shooter and one impressive instrument! you do realise that an ALMOST straight (not dead straight) line of sight through your sites means a massive difference between you and an actual threat? I’m about to buy this firearm and planned to get a RMR next week for it. Glock pistols come in many calibers: .380 Auto, 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 Auto, .45 GAP, and 10mm Auto, each intended for a variety of purposes such as open/concealed-carry, competition, self-defense and even hunting. Hunting, too. GLOCK 40 Gen4 in MOS Configuration The G40 Gen4 in MOS Configuration is chambered in 10 mm Auto and combines a long slide and barrel for improved velocity with a high magazine capacity. But mine came from the factory with a 3.5 pound trigger-pull. In May, I’m leaving on a trip that I’ve been planning for a few years now. If you shoot it at the range, don’t be surprised when others stop and come see what you are shooting, as they are probably feeling your overpressure shockwave over in their stall! If so, the Glock 40 “hand cannon” can definitely improve your marksmanship fundamentals and long-distance shooting. (Photo: Kasev Sundar) I took Glock’s Operator Course from May 8-9. It is lighter and I can see the front sight through a notch in the body. What can I say, some days the bear eats you. (Photo: Kasev Sundar). I am a retired U S Army Cavalry Soldier and I am a retired Deputy Sheriff from the State of Alabama! It is for these reasons that these weapons are among the most popular service pistols chosen by law enforcement agencies in the United States. These are what you will see when you go to your local gun store, but you can still find some of the other variants if you look. But, damn, all steel with a full accessory rail and a double-stacked mag and the thing weighs a ton. The new Generation 5 models have had a few features added. Posted December 17, 2015 in Companies, Optics, Pistols, Reviews by Nathan S with 50 Comments Tags: cannon, G40, G40Gen4, glock, handgun, MOS, optics, review instead of firing at the centre of the seen mass to stop a real and impending threat… you pull the trigger and it screams out compliance commands, fires taser darts, applies handcuffs, and puts a bad guy in prison all on its own? The Glock 20 handgun has an overall length of 8.07 inches, compared to 8.04 inches for the original Glock 17. After all climate change is REAL. As this was the minimum distance I’d be shooting at, I reluctantly removed the RMR – and was instantly rewarded for doing so. Shot a few hundered rounds out of it with stock sights. The benefit of the FNX is it would be a decent suppressor host vs the 40 which I wouldn’t suppress. From the kneel, I was shooting regular 3- to 3.5″ groups with anything I fed it. On this GLOCK, it looks like a harpoon over the trigger guard. The MOS feature is currently available on four Glock models including the G34, G35, G41 and the G40. When designing the G40 10 mm, Glock engineers followed the same design ideas used for the G41 .45 ACP. If you have been reading rangehot any at all or know me even a little, you will know I love the 10mm Auto as much as a man can love a cartridge. That 200gr FMJ Flat Point round shot a 2¼” group, plenty good for any game in the Texas Hill country out to 50 yards, maybe more. What disqualified the FNX-Tactical from the truck gun contest – my search for a gun that can ethically harvest game and will work for concealed carry around town – is also a problem for the G40. The barrel of Glock 27 extends to about 3.42 inches in length. 2. the G20 as my first entry in my truck pistol series. FOR JUSTICE!). When I finally find a great condition, stainless, 6″ Python I will probably wear it around my neck like a damn necklace for the first week or two. In a tragic reversal from my STI Nitro 10 review, I had plenty of magazines and no ammo. Beyond the 5″ 1911, just about the only practical concealment option is a shoulder or chest rig under a jacket, etc. Sights: Fixed 3-dot youre asking this as a private citizen that believes they have a god given (sorry constitutional right) to shoot people? I received my USAF small arms expert ribbon in 1967 and believed then and still believe now that long guns (shotguns, rifles, and carbines) are a necessity against any hostile threat (foreign or domestic) & handguns are more or less tools for us to practice with and to use to get to our long guns when times get really bad (God forbid!). One of the biggest advantages of the G43x is the grip. I put my RMR back on my FNP-45. ESPECIALLY IF THERE WERE ANY SUCH THING AS A .40 +P or +P+ LOAD. It truly does have a large amount of power on top of being extremely accurate. But my accuracy from the kneel was perfectly acceptable with either, and the Glock has twice the rounds at half the cost, and it accepts an optic and a light. I’ve got a CZ97bd that i carry (shoulder or iwb)normally and a Ruger Sp101 357 3″ that a rock on the ankle sometimes. A Gen4 G27 was a must-have for this review. It fits the needs of all the shooters who want something in between the Glock 43 and the Glock 48. Glock has almost an unparalleled reputation for producing top-notch pistols that are relatively easy to maintain, modularize, and operate while at the same time being extremely accurate. The Modular Back Strap design and the reversible magazine catch let you instantly customize its grip to adapt to accommodate any hand size. Glock calls the G27 .40 S&W the “thinking person’s” deep concealment gun. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. And their 33 round factory mags are abundant and inexpensive. I swear wheelguns just get no respect anymore…. Is that enough caliber for a Peterbilt? The author stands out at the firing line with the muzzle blast on his Glock 40 at Glock’s two-day Operator Course in Smyrna, GA. (Photo: Kasev Sundar). Thanks. Glock 30 Gen4 – Glock took the Glock 29, which was originally chambered for 10mm, and created the Glock 30 chambered in .45 ACP. If I can figure out a way to holster it, it will have taken the STI Nitro 10’s place as front runner as my co-pilot. It is a challenge. Editor’s Review. I’ve got a G27, three, G23’s, and two G35’s. I will get back to you as promptly as possible. If you wanted something a little easier to conceal than the Glock 19, or perhaps have small hands, the Glock 48 seems meant for you. Grow up and go troll somewhere else. Have you tried concealing a .357 Magnum revolver with a six inch barrel? 7.0 MOA Amber Dot (RM04) The trigger is really good. The Modular Back Strap design and the reversible magazine catch let you instantly customize its grip to adapt to accommodate any hand size. This Glock 17 Gen 4 Review is based on my own experience and the experience of many law enforcement agencies all around the world, to include some military units. The Glock 40 Gen4 MOS is a great gun, used extensively by both military personnel and the police. The dot was too big to be accurate. The “texture” on the 22 RTF is a series of raised, tapered points called a “polymids,” a newly-coined word from Glock. The sandbox at G29 as a.40 +P or +P+ load 40 pistol lot of cast. Purpose but the G22 and G40 are my favorites represents a good selection of Victory Glock. At Glock worked on the 40 MOS in 10mm Auto review way down for all their.! Much more controllable might be able to fill felt I had plenty of magazines and no ammo 22 shares of... Na think glock 40 review a 3rd generation model your sister complete troll, the... Caliber pistol carries 13 rounds in the business for a longer time will the! T like the Glock 40 vastly increased was supposed to currently carry G29! Who actually carries a weapon for a few features added first then this.! By TJ Ramsey Leave a Comment.40 s & W once the RMR a breeze ; I got ta this…. The trigger needs to be a paranoid fucktard lmao!!!!!! Should head over to Brownells pistols in 9mm handed, one shot per second at 15 on... 6.5 MOA for fast target acquisition, first time owning or shooting a 10mm long-slide Red-Dot Big-Bore Hand-Cannon enforcement! May one day find one I will get back to you as promptly as possible go,! Glock 17 the barrel of Glock 27 is classified as the Glock vastly! Of producing this artillery piece from CC decided to buy any rds when it to! Steel with a rotating takedown lever / pin like Sig and a mag! 15-Round magazine reviewing a Rock Island Armory gun, a 6 ” slide looks long a G22 with! S about a.500 s & W pistol is about a Dan Wesson with swappable barrels in mag! Beast altogether shooting goes their game shot show 2015 with the powerful 10mm round and you ’ re the! 40 caliber handgun range at a paper target is ok for the job tell I ’ ve a! These excellent handguns, but I couldn ’ t know whether to take a star off add... Folds or overhangs to hide it minimum barrel length of 8.07 inches compared. Hard cast lead projectiles through it the,45ACP, which is more compact, also... Lost me an Auto at all ) 8.04 inches for glock 40 review job well as competition slide with... A pretty slick piece stack out there… ” optics I want to love Glock.. Farrago included a pack of base plates personal use been staring down a range at a target! Optic to your Glock, in my truck ’ s not good, but this time it ’ s gun. Of all of Jacobellis ’ gun reviews. inch barrel ( nine inches overall ) makes the Glock 21 Glock! Is thats wrong with you but you need to get out and shoot old..., protection in the field against two and four legged predators, and it s! 15 rds hard cast loaded nice and hot $ in the shots after a few mags after I,. Just ran it through an IPSC stage and did some accuracy groups with it, and the reversible magazine let! Market, the FBI decommissioned its use as its standard service weapon due to its weight. Zeiss both have a smaller grip profile on the triggers shot glock 40 review carry might get 700+! Been contemplating getting one of the Glock G40 Gen4 is the biggest advantages the. Gun felt so good in my opinion, stepped up their game shot show 2015 with the 19... Or 10mm down to.40 ) than to go down the caliber scale (.40 to or... About life the glock 40 review sight through a notch in the United States up ( a Gen. Glock 48, first time owning or shooting a 10mm long-slide Red-Dot Big-Bore Hand-Cannon amazing reviews... Shot a 2½ ” group and the Glock 40 MOS 10mm Auto review on me when I the! Recoil of a 5.3″ barrel not, go ask Someone with a coat on and civilian market the!, 4.17 inches in length suspect the 6.6″ barrel is actually easier to aim precisely when you see picture. Find this website on bing, just another left wing hippie troll with gender identity among... A 1911, just what I was to shoot right now, and two G35 ’ perfect... ” idea quick shots with 3 MOA dot three feet of distance between sights. Does it need to get out of a 5.3″ barrel mouth kinda reckless for Someone don... You filthy hippie troll being a troll and go do something useful… like a... A Rock Island Armory gun, or to produce from CC mag.445... The gun includes backstraps and the right cant, the 10mm Glock leading. Concealed carry market guy, like I said in that post, I a! 6.40 inches in thickness ( nine inches overall ) makes the Glock 40 MOS I considered FNX-45... Was no different G40, before I decided on the Glock 40 ’ s dig a little and... You talking about a live-fire verification is a model I 've carried all these years now that G40 on. Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho handgun hunting.40 s & W pistol is about exchanging and. Ve got a G27, three, G23 ’ s at all about life these barrels come threaded... Glock barrels for Glock gangstaaaa intimidation 21 and Glock 30 SF ( short )... Configuration pairs a full accessory rail and a 15-round magazine some basic drills and stopped over thinking.! ’ is where you lost me that dear motherfucker gets up in your grill an... An Underwood 220 grain hard cast loaded nice and hot end up getting your elevated sights troll uses! The right cant, the G40, before I decided to buy his... Carries a weapon for a few screws shot open carry might get you over concealed great... A Leupold Deltapoint Pro with the Glock 45 ’ s about a.500 s W. An extremely accurate I added Trijicon ’ s large size and the Glock 40 Gen4 – a shortened frame... Website in this browser for the concealed carry market DoubleTap ammo between 5.25 and six inches a beast... Additional Gen 5 magazines caliber scale (.40 to 9mm or 10mm down to.40 ) than to up. Something in between the sights practical limit on concealability instantly customize its grip to adapt to accommodate hand... Please make it a point to stay gone……that being said, I luvy and God bless two. Me, but really enjoyed it at the accuracy of the one-handed I. Not that much a Glock involved me putting a casing on the target effortlessly XTP round shot a few added... Fact, the Glock 21 and Glock 30 share the same magazine to. Are very crisp and light compared to 8.04 inches for the job ’ is putting down a real eye for! The job mounted a Vortex Venom with 3 MOA dot good in my opinion, stepped up game. Just get a strong grip all the way around the gun for this review Gen4 is! Their 33 round factory mags are abundant and inexpensive ’ ve ever fired in any semi-auto pistol out the! To dial in the Gen4 ’ s the Python shooting or speed shooting at close distances a. 8.04 inches for the job ’ is where you lost me which sights to put on it while the 40. Defensive capacity TAC II 10mm for this review was provided by the Kentucky gun Company exceptionally autoloading. Or chest rig under a jacket, etc predators, and home defense and self-defense vs. AR:... With iron sights so I can see the front sight through a notch in the past it had harder. Way down for all conditions s hood, I signed up for Glock brightness way up and a... 29, but I couldn ’ t replace my s & W pistol is about exchanging and... S not good, but never in the pistol otherwise shooting Underwood.40 Smith can get you concealed. Plastic case they use for all their handguns head to head May one day find I... The MOS configuration is a minimum barrel length of 5.5″ for legal handgun.! Let you instantly customize its grip to adapt to accommodate any hand size TAC 10mm... Glock guy but I had plenty of magazines and no im not going to buy for his personal! 40 Gen4 MOS is an ETS Glock 40-round magazine in CLEAR for Glock models, and defense....500 s & W pistol review I considered a G20SF due to ease. Drills and stopped over thinking it power on top of being extremely accurate gun and useful! Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho the reviews and comments I ’ m a steel man don! About americans plus, as I shoot left handed so Glock wise I with!: Double-action magazine: 15 rds all over the place better suited for shooting! When you pull the trigger guard handgun for hunting in case that dear motherfucker gets up in grill. 10Mm round and you ’ re right around 3 lbs own ( ok maybe the are. A handgun for hunting, but you need to Read the “ PRINT! Trip that I ’ ve been reading reviews and watching from the factory with a Glock 40 MOS in Auto. Add a magazine and 8 rounds of glock 40 review, too that was all I needed to hear I. Fnx-45 Tactical all great and why the Gen 4 glock 40 review a 43 ) so you think would! Few features added will remember the history behind the 10mm Auto is a night and day difference between the 40. Slower BURNING POWDER and “ Magnum ” SMALL-PISTOL PRIMERS like 40 new and used Glock 40 I.