... Is nonanoic acid ionic or covalent? NO2- is the nitrite ion. As for covalent or Ionic, Oleic acid is entirely comprised of covalent bonds. What is the name of this molecule? Note, hydrogen can not lose its only electron as then it would be a subatomic particle and the charge density would be too high, so it forms a covalent bond. The prefix mono- is not used for the first element. Polyatomic ions are covalent units (molecules) where the total number of protons \(\neq\) to the total number of electrons and they were introduced in section Lets look at the 4 oxyanions of bromine. [CDATA[*/{"annotations":null,"assetRoot":null,"branding":null,"clientUrl":"https://cdn.hypothes.is/hypothesis/1.38.0/build/boot.js","oauthEnabled":null,"onLayoutChange":null,"openLoginForm":null,"openSidebar":null,"query":null,"services":null,"showHighlights":"always","sidebarAppUrl":"https://hypothes.is/app.html","subFrameIdentifier":"010467613778616003","pluginClasses":{}}/*]]>*/, /**/, /*