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Solid Wall Insulaiton

Insulating Traditional Solid Wall Properties

AeroTherm is fast gathering pace in the European insulation industry and is of particular interest in the UK for the insulating traditional solid wall properties.

These solid wall or listed properties often used permeable materials, including lime mortar. The fabric of these buildings are considered breathable, as they allow moisture to continually evaporate. It is important that the existing breathing performance is taken into consideration when applying additional insulation, so as not to trap moisture and avoid causing damp problems and associated decay of the building fabric.

Aero-Therm works by instantaneously reflecting any radiated thermal heat. Manufactured from a combination of vacuum filled, reflective glass nano-spheres and “Aerogel”, currently one of the best thermal insulator known to mankind, it allows impressive heat retention to be achieved with only a 1mm layer.

Aero-Therm is applied using conventional plastering techniques or with the use of a low pressure spray unit. It cures through evaporation of water and remains a breathable substance. It has a dried weight of only 300g/m2 making it a very light addition to existing surfaces. After application, Aero-Therm can be painted or papered over to produce a decorative final finish which keeps the original fabric of the building breathable and visually unchanged.

In addition, the unique properties of Aero-Therm means it is warm to touch, which reduces cold spots and eliminates the conditions where condensation and possible subsequent mould growth occurs.

Aero-Therm – An internal 1mm thin breathable insulation layer which provides the only practicable insulation to your traditional solid wall property