Key Facts

AeroTherm incorporates advanced materials into a high performance insulation

AeroTherm uses exciting new technologies introduced into the construction industry by Scientific Institutions to create a thermal reflecting coating which re-thinks how the whole concept of heat and energy can be conserved within a building. By focusing on the available radiant energy to absorb and reflect heat back into the room, it is able to quickly achieve a thermal balance which prevents heat loss and makes living conditions far more comfortable. Here are the key facts;

lower energy bills

Lower energy bills

up to 35% savings - the equivalent of savings achieved by conventional EWI/IWI but at half the cost

AeroTherm faster heat up times

Faster heat
up times

27% faster when warming to ambient room temperature

AeroTherm longer cool down times

Longer cool down times

nearly twice as long to cool 3 degrees after the heating has been turned off

thermometer AeroTherm

Lower thermostat settings

wall to wall warmth with less cold spots means you can still feel comfortable with the thermostat set a lower temperature
a lower powered heating system can be installed

AeroTherm more balanced temperature

More balanced temperature

reduced floor to ceiling temperature differences
reduced floor to ceiling temperature differences

AeroTherm reduced heating system

Reduced heating system

a lower powered heating system can be installed
a lower powered heating system can be installed

All these advantages mean you can reduce your heating requirements by 35% (with underfloor heating) and 26% (with conventional heating). BRE have written a report to confirm that AeroTherm has sufficient tests and certifications to enable the product to be sold into the UK market. 

Please contact us if you would like a copy of the BRE report.

Technical Facts

  • Composition: hollow glass microspheres, Aerogel, Binder
  • Application thickness: 0.8 to 1.0mm
  • Thermal conductivity (EN 12667): 0.047 W/mK
  • Fire rating (EN 13501-1): A2 – s1 – d0
  • Heat resistance after application: -40°C to +150°C
  • Weight at 1mm in dry state: 0.184 kg/m2
  • Diffusion equivalent air layer thickness (EN ISO 7783-2): 0.19m
  • Specific Thermal Capacity at 220C: 1.213(J/g.°C)
  • Emissivity at 20oC: 0.93

test results and certifications.