Test Results

Internationally Approved Test Certification

AeroTherm was developed in the Czech Republic, a country leading the world in the development of reflective technologies. A range of tests have been undertaken by internationally approved and UKAS recognised construction test houses. BRE in the UK have written a report to provide assurances that the product testing that has been undertaken is appropriate for the UK market (please contact us to receive a copy of the report).



Two identical test buildings, built to current energy performance regulations, were constructed to provide comparison between a room applied with AeroTherm and one without. The test results received showed that:

  • the building treated with AeroTherm warmed up 27% faster than the untreated building
  • after turning off the heating, a 3°C drop took almost twice as long in the AeroTherm treated building
  • the AeroTherm treated building showed a more balanced temperature throughout, reducing the difference in the temperature from floor to ceiling range by 3°C
  • over the duration of the test, the building treated with AeroTherm achieved average daily energy savings of 18%. 


The latest co-heating test results published in August 2015 confirm that with AeroTherm you can reduce the power of your heating system by 35% (with underfloor heating) and 26% (with conventional heating). 

  • with radiant floor heating, the building treated with Aero-Therm over the evaluated 5 day period used 9.8kWh compared with 17.9kWh for the untreated building (an energy saving of 45%)
  • with a convectional radiator, the building treated with Aero-Therm over the evaluated 5 day period used 12.3kWh compared with 20.0kWh for the untreated building (an energy saving of 39%). 

Please contact us to receive a copy of the certificates.

Product Certification

A Declaration of Performance has been written for the product to provide its CE mark.  This confirms that the product meets appropriate fire safety regulations, along with safe levels of VOCs and no harmful chemicals or toxins.  The Declaration of Performance was also reviewed by BRE in their report dated September 2015.  The Declaration of Performance document and the BRE report are  available on request.


Providing the recommended methods of storage are followed and the product is installed correctly by an approved installer, Aero-Therm benefits from a manufacturer’s backed warranty for a period of 15 years. Full details are contained within our Terms and Conditions.