Advantages No. 5

#AeroThermAdvantages No. 5 - Many solid wall buildings have been designed to “breathe”, meaning that 

moisture is exchanged readily with the indoor and outdoor environment through permeable materials, such as lime mortar. When new insulation is introduced to improve the energy performance of the building, it is important that the existing breathing performance is taken into consideration, so as not to trap moisture and avoid causing damp problems and associated decay of the building fabric.

Many widely used synthetic building products have poor breathability and are not suitable for its intended use. Aero-Therm has been designed to address many of the practical problems involved in the retrofit of poorly insulated properties and the sufficient transfer of moisture has been taken into consideration. Aero-Therm therefore ensures that the building fabric can perform as was it intended and provide the simple solution to insulate the ‘hard to treat’ property.